A bit of a role reversal

I talk here lots about how great it is that the kids are all getting older and how much I love being a mum to teens (I know I never expected it either ) The thing is ….. I’ll whisper it …sometimes I miss them.

Sometimes I miss the noisy chaotic house , the being in demand . Our house is pretty calm these days , people come and go and I can notice a whole role reversal going on .

What was once a “What’s for tea” x4 from the second they opened their eyes , has become me asking “Who’s in for tea” because likely one or two will be out .

What was once “What are we doing today?” usually uttered around 6am every day of the summer holidays… relentlessly is now my asking “what are your plans for the day?” as a gauge to see if anyone is likely to want to do anything with me .

What was once , in the 3 under 3 days , me silently begging for just 5 minutes peace or silence or calm. Is now me asking does anyone want to watch a movie or play a board game like some kinda needy woman desperate for company .

What was once me counting down to the kids going away for a week with grandparents is now me syncing diaries to find a couple days when we are all 5 of us together .

Days out need meticulous planning with small girl spending half the time at her dad’s and the middle two having teenage social lives and the eldest’s work rota.

It’s not all bad though , the time we do all spend together is precious in its scarcity , no one is so fed up of one anothers company so we can actually have fun.

I’ve raised kids who have their own place in the world , that’s the goal right ?

They don’t reject hanging out with mum , it just needs scheduling…could be worse .

Things are evolving as they always have. That’s parenting.

The danger is looking at the past with rose tinted spectacles….would I go back to the 3 under 3 days of no sleep and no quiet and the hardest work ever. Not a chance .

Let’s face it , if I told you I hated being the first person up in a morning , getting tea and taking it back to bed with a book and enjoying an hour of quiet to start my day in the summer holidays , I’d be absolutely fibbing .

It’s just different…and that’s ok.

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9 thoughts on “A bit of a role reversal

  1. Mine are exactly the same, today I bribed them with chocolate to sit and watch a movie with me lol. I do find the summer holidays so much easier than the days when I had to constantly entertain them though!

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  2. This is so refreshing to read. Mine are still so little and I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy it because it will be over soon. They will be teenagers and I won’t get this time back. Good to know it’s still just as special when they are older. #globalblogging

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