7 highlights of a family trip to York

Just to say this not an ad or sponsored post. We paid for everything ourselves I just wanted to share some fun activities with you

Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on social media knows I love Yorkshire. I’ve lived away 10 years plus but I do miss home , Hull specifically obviously, but Yorkshire on the whole too.

So myself and 3 offspring ,poor glorious first born was busy working, found ourselves on actual Yorkshire Day heading for my favourite place in the world – York.

We only had a couple days (KNEW I should have added an extra night !) but we packed a fair bit in.

Can I share the highlights?

1) A trip down the river

There are a few ways to get onto the river and explore the scenery.

There are the cruise type boats which hold a fair few people and have variations on the river cruise theme afternoon tea cruises , floodlit cruises . I’ve been on cruise boats a few times and it’s a lovely way to see the river and had the additional bonus of commentary pointing out places of interest.

This time though we decided to hire our own little boat .

We appointed teen boy the younger as driver ? Sailor ? Captain?….he was in charge anyway and did a stirling job . Manoeuvring by the much bigger boats would have panicked me but he was cool as a cucumber. We did find hiring our own boat a lot more fun that the bigger cruisers and had a great time.

2) The Shambles

Small girl is a Harry Potter nut at the minute. Glorious first born has managed to pass down his love for Potter so she was desperate to see the ‘real’ Diagon Alley . What you and I would know as The Shambles.

We visited a Harry Potter themed shop. The Shop That Must Not Be Named . It was so popular you had to queue to get in but it was magical!!!

There is pretty much nothing you can’t buy in there but we stuck with a set of Harry Potter top trumps cards and a pin badge for each of with our house on.

Glorious first born’s souvenir

3) Street Performers

There are so many talented folk on the streets of York. Musicians , puppeteers , singers. Even a sword swallower that teen girl and I were way too squeamish to watch.

Our highlight here though was a fab escapologist . He was engaging and funny , roping in the audience to help and just a fab entertainer. When anyone asks small girl if she had a fun trip she tells them about him!!

4 ) Sol Ast pop up bar

We love Dean’s park next to the Minster anyway. Anywhere I can sit and look at the stunning York Minster is good by me . As we went to go sit in the sun on the evening of our first day though we saw this pop up bar. Gorgeous tipis complete with outdoor day beds and cushions to sit on and get cosy. We had some delicious burgers and mum even sneaked a little cocktail in the sun. I highly recommend the Minster Martini.This is only open this month though so you’ll have to be quick.

5) Dean’s Park

The park by the Minster which holds the pop up bar is also really lovely itself. We’d walked miles and miles on our first day ,so on day 2 we took some games and just hung out in the sunshine in the park.

When you play Harry Potter Top Trumps and get the Dumbledore card

6) A walk on the walls

Bad planning on mums part meant we didn’t get to the walls till just before we came home and tired legs were a bit of a prob , so we didn’t get a long stroll. I have done it myself many times though and there’s not a nicer way to take in the beauty of York.

7) York Youth Hostel

Last but by no means least. This was the most amazing place to stay. I’ve dithered about going away staying in Youth Hostels before , having a whole crew of children it can often be tricky to find rooms away to fit us all in. Ones that don’t cost the earth anyway.

I took the leap and booked the Youth Hostel , a bit concerned how it would be , but I honestly couldn’t fault the place. The staff were helpful and friendly , the room was clean and cosy and there was a nice bar area with a pool table and nice outdoor space. I honestly couldn’t have chosen a place more suited to us . There was a 15/20 min walk from the train station but when you can walk directly along the river it seems much shorter . I’m planning on a trip back to York , childless (see extra point below) and found YHA so nice I’ll probably stay there again on my own!!

Bonding moment alert , teaching your little sister pool

We had the best time in York ,it’s often tricky to find activities that both the teens and the 10 year old will like can be tricky . I also sometimes doubt myself taking everyone away on my own . This is silly I’ve been a single mum 10 years plus!!! However we had the best time and lots of fun.

One Extra Point

Something I didn’t get to do this time that I really want to is visit the pop up Shakespearean theatre Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre. It’s only around for the summer showing a selection of plays and has me written all over it .

You guys know how I love a little solo trip so will hopefully get back to York in a few weeks on my own to see a play here.

Musings Of A Tired Mummy

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