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Best FREE cold/rainy day attractions in Manchester…

Today’s #Blogtober17 prompt is Weather.

Part of the lazy side of me was going to rehash one of my old summer posts but re reading them it just made me a bit sad that we just didn’t seem to have much of a summer this year.

SO as it’s half term week and it’s a bit cold and rainy I thought instead I could tell you of our favourite places to go on Manchester of a rainy day and even better , they’re all free!!!

The National Football Museum

We’ve lived here almost a decade now and safe to say , in Manchester , as Hull City fans we’re in the minority!!! However as football fans we’re part of the gang!!! The National Football Museum is a football geeks dream! Youngest son would move in if he could. At 15 he has the most obscure knowledge of football facts ,I always say if they ever bring back Fantasy Football they’ve Statto’s replacement right there…anyway I digress as per. The football museum is great , the trophy cabinets are spectacular. Regardless what team you support you’ll find something of interest.This pic ,taken the first time we ever visited is the eldest listening to the radio commentary of THAT Dean Windass goal (the blurry hand of youngest son makes it look like he’s doing some rude hand gesture at the nutter behind him but I assure you this is not the case).

You can have a perfect time at the museum without any added extras but for an added charge you can also take part in some great interactive football games. This interests eldest girl as she has little interest in football history but does very much love beating her brothers at football.

Overall a great attraction for a football fan. My boys are taking their grandad for his first visit this week!!!

Imperial War Museum North

Just a short tram ride from Manchester City Centre itself .The Imperial War museum is up near Media City and the Lowry Theatre. The building itself is stunning .Once you get inside the interior is pretty breathtaking too.

The first time we all visited small girl was only about 6 and I was a bit worried it might all be a bit scary for her but I was wrong. The museum is so interactive the little ones can easily entertain themselves with displays and push buttons to their hearts content. In subsequent visits though, now everyone is that little bit older the highlight for us all has been The Big Picture Show element. Throughout the day films are shown on huge screens in a lovely big space in the museum. The lights go off and the most immersive film experience takes place ,complete with bangs and flashes (really little or easily worried children you may want to taketo a different part of the museum for this bit) and retold accounts of war experience are played alongside pictures giving a really in depth experience of what people went through. The theme of the film changes throughout the day too so you could see a couple of different ones.

Also…stop for a cuppa in the coffee shop for a gorgeous view of the Quays.

Heaton park

I know I know I said rainy /cold day activities. I’m not crazy I promise but this place is somewhere we have visited no matter what the weather!!

Another one a tram ride from Manchester city centre (plenty other public transport options and you can of course drive but small girl just loves the tram)

We started visiting here when small girl was a toddler . There’s a little farm , a boating lake and a great play park and she would pick Heaton Park as a place to go whenever she was given the option. Now as a 9 yr old , well there’s a little farm , a boating lake and a great play park so she still loves the place.

A great place to visit and go for a walk on a crisp day to blow away the cobwebs , and with a choice of places to go sit with a hot chocolate to warm up and nibble on a cake it covers all bases.

The Museum of Science and Industry

Last but by no means least.

Our absolute favourite place to visit in Manchester. The 17 yr old still loves it as much as the 9 year old!!

We love MOSI!!!

There’s just so much to see here . Some permanent features such as a whole building full of planes and cars and other vehicles  or a textile exhibition.

The Experiment! Department , well we’ve lost hours in there playing various games and doing puzzles. It’s so hands on and great for enquiring minds to soak up knowledge without even realising it.

The fab thing about MOSI is that you can have a different experience each time you go (and we have been A LOT) There are always new and changing exhibitions to run along side your old favourites!

It really comes into its own during school holidays where there’s so much for the kids to do. Shows to watch and take part in , craft activities and workshops.
Look what we did earlier this year? Learned about sewers and made slime?!

I know it looks as though small girl is channelling her inner Deirdre Barlow here but honestly she was having fun!!!

Also it’s currently Manchester Science Festival so no doubt there’ll be some extra special activities taking place . Click on the link in the title to have a look. I’m sure we’ll have paid a visit before half term is out.

So there’s our fave things to do in Manchester should it be raining…in Manchester? Surely not right? They won’t break the bank either!!
I’ve not been coerced or bribed (unfort) to include these places they genuinely are just our faves !

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Villains and Superheroes – Be my superhero, it’s easy

Todays Blogtober theme is Villains and Superheroes. I have struggled with this one so I decided to make it personal. It’s actually just a list of things people do that annoy me and then one things people do that endear themselves to me in essence but was really quite cathartic to write in hindsight!!!

I am lucky enough to have some real life superheroes in my life . My sister (obvs) , my friends , the woman who brings me my Nandos. Good people, people who enhance my life just by existing.

There are also villains who hang around like bad smells attempting to make my life hard. I am going to add that everyone on this list owns a penis. I’m sure of course that is purely incidental.

Anyway , I think really it’s up to you whether you are a superhero or a villain in another person’s life. Here’s a cheat sheet for mine

Villains :

Don’t let me in front of them in the supermarket when they’ve a trolley full and I have one single item.

Ask me to repeat myself on the phone – if I am talking to you on the phone it is because I absolutely have no other choice. I bloody hate it , makes me anxious and yes I am aware I have a dodgy accent but telling me you can’t understand me makes me wish the phone would self destruct.

Eat off my plate – this includes people I have given birth to. If I’m eating out and you fancy trying some of my food….simply don’t. At a push I can resentfully pop some of my food onto your plate but once your nasty little fork has been on MY plate ,my dinner is ruined.

Put plates in the washing up bowl with food remnants on *shudder*

Buy the Daily Mail……or the Sun actually.

Ask me to explain the offside rule if I show an interest in football unless you do exactly the same to a man.

Call me love /babe /sweetheart /darling. This isn’t endearing or friendly or affectionate. It’s over familiar and it creeps me out.

Superheroes :

Know the difference between your and you’re and to /too/two ( important fact : should I make this mistake it is a typo , my phone’s fault and I’ll probably correct myself if I notice as I just can’t leave it!) so I’m a pedant I can’t help it, it’s a character flaw!

Never make me talk about my feelings! They know this will turn me mute.

Do not ever ponder out loud whether you can have too many books. You can’t.

Give advice such as “pour yourself a GnT , eat chips and watch crap TV ” in response to my whining about having a bad day (thanks HSG!)

Are thoughtful….my favourite character trait in any human!! Remember the little details , recommend me books and shows , text me with random anecdotes from years back. Because I try to do this too but then always panic I come across a bit stalky , have been through your bins kinda girl!!

See? See how easy it is to be my superhero!!! I’m really quite low maintenance….though looking at the villains list possibly also a bit irritable. Ah I’m an aquired taste …..

What Superhero / Villain traits can people bring into your life?Quirkier the better please so I feel less of a freak!!!

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My weird crushes (part 2)

I know what you’re thinking – part 2?? How can I possibly read part 2 when I haven’t even read part 1 yet ? Well never fear my gorgeous readers …part 1 is right here . 

Thing with me is , I have a fair few crushes . Way too many for a 37 year old woman probably. It’s ok though they’re mostly famous people not the postman or anything. I’ve been meaning to write part 2 for a while now and sure given my recent crush frenzy (Greg Davis anyone? Just me?) there’ll probably be a part 3 soon enough….sorry!

I have an unusual taste in men I’d say , so unusual crushes I always find quite easy as most people find all my crushes unusual. Soooo here we go…

1) Toadfish (from Neighbours)

Earlier in the year I suffered a bit of a Neighbours regression. I’d not seen it in years but then Dee , remember her?, came back from the dead and I found  myself hooked. Then I found myself surprisingly crushing all over our boy Toadie!!! I think you’ll agree he has matured pretty well? Grown into his little face rather nicely . He’s got a baby and everything now and who doesn’t like a crush on a cute dad!! I’m absolutely certain it is the character I have a crush on and not the actor. Toadie is a likeable guy , funny , sweet. I did stop watching Neighbours again after that storyline concluded ,but I should probably pop by and check he’s ok!

2) Little Cook

YES !!! That so is Little Cook!!! Hot eh???

Parents who have only become parents quite recently ,you’ve been spared the messed up programme that was Big Cook Little Cook. It was about 2 guys ,one was average size but one was inexplicably tiny and rode around on a wooden spoon. They owned a cafe for fairytale characters goodness knows how it stayed open as they only ever had one customer a day and they seemed to pay their bill with a cute little thank you note and a bizarre gift! YouTube it if you’ve not seen it . …second thoughts don’t – just remembered someone totally filthed it up . Anyway I digress this guy here was Little Cook , I certainly did not fancy him then BUT he’s a stand up comedian now and I caught him on a panel show and thought hey up….Little Cook ,or Dan Wright as he is also known is handsome!!!! (PS in a related old kids characters that are now stand up comedians , Archie the inventor is hilarious!!!)

3) Jurgen Klopp

Aaawww just look at his little face , he’s so unbearably sweet ! I love his post match interviews and his beautiful accent and his adorable smile . I am a sucker for a charmer and this guys just oozes charm out of every pore *swoons forever*

4) Alex Brooker

Now this one I don’t think is soooo unusual. I know at least one other person who feels the same. 

Funny though ,  that’s always so very attractive isn’t it? Possibly the most attractive quality in a person! Well our guy Alex here is funny. I love The Last Leg .It’s unusual that a programme can be really funny but also deal with serious current events too. I once wasted hours just watching Adam Hills rants on YouTube. Not only is he funny Alex Brooker but in a huge tick on the Kelly crush box , he absolutely rocks the male eyeliner look too ….soooo love that!

5) Matthew Wright

YES!! That’s me with the guy himself!! I love glorious first born’s absolutely cringed out face whilst I’m all blushy and grinning like a Cheshire cat!!!

I like The Wright Stuff , I like chatter , I like current affairs , I like listening to other people’s opinions . This show has the lot so when it came on tour to Manchester I dragged the eldest along with me and off we trotted. I’ve been crushing over Matthew for a very long time , he’s intelligent … that’s another one on the Kelly crush ticklist too and passionate and though noone else gets it I find him hugely attractive. 


Your turn , who do you find attractive that other people dont really get???

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3 Little Buttons

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Me, Being Mummy

Advice to my 15 year old self….

Todays Blogtober theme is teenagers.

I have 3 of them , so I’ve loads of material . Anyone who reads my blog knows I’ve loads of posts on there about being the mum of teenagers.

The idea of Blogtober for me though was to challenge myself to write new things. So I’ve decided to today leave my teens alone and think about when I was a teenager and what advice I’d give 15 year old me.

15 year old me was an odd teen she got her kicks from cycling to the library getting out a pile of books then coming home hopping into bed (no matter what time of day )then just read! Here’s what I’d tell her.

Kelly ,

You enjoy your own company . You always will .This is a great thing . If you can be happy alone that’s a gift. Life is going to throw 10 tonnes of shit at you but it’s going to be ok because you have a strength and a resilience that you’ve not had to draw on yet but it’s there . I promise that in the darkest of times there’ll always be a chink of light. You’ll get through.

One thing you could do to help yourself though is stop caring so much whether people like you or not. People pleasing is your thing and you’ll get to your late thirties before you realise that other people’s negative opinions just don’t matter. Save yourself 20 years of trying to change people’s negative views, if they don’t like you as you are screw them .Plenty do.

One last thing , you’ll not believe me when I tell you but your pain in the arse little sister will grow up to be your very best friend. Together you are quite the force to be reckoned with.

Oh….and we should probably talk about how you never ever ever want kids…. actually no let’s leave that!

Lots of love , Kelly xxx

I also called upon my friends to ask what advice they’d give their 15 year old selves and there are some real words of wisdom here…..some I could do to take on board now!!

Emma : You are beautiful and unique, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.Be kind to yourself as well as others , you never know what they are going through

Colin: Travel as much as you can and never stop reading,because reading means learning about life.

Pam from pam’s bake and baby blog

Be nice to your mum,she loves you.One day you will understand she wasn’t intentionally trying to ruin your life.

Laura : Enjoy it! When you’re older you’ll realise this was one of the best stages of your life.Just wish I’d been richer at that point so I didn’t need to club with a friend to buy my pulse and could have afforded a whole bottle!

Andrea : Worry less , live more…oh..and you’re not fat you’re curvaceous and in 20 years you’ll wish you had this body still.

Sarah : Don’t be in a rush to grow up.

Adele : That first swear word that you say in anger will stay with you forever.Think before you say it.

Louise : Study! It does pay off. Your parents are always right.Stay away from carbs….oh and your parents DO know you’re pissed!

Thanks so much you wise lot!!!
What advice would you give yourself at 15 years old??

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The things I don’t say…

I’m rubbish at verbalising my feelings. Truly rubbish . I consider myself to be a reasonably articulate woman but it ends with the feelings stuff. I could talk to you from now till the end of time about the little things , chips , Beyonce , rugby , reality TV , Doctor Foster. I can even be emotive when talking – I have on numerous occasions tried to explain a certain moment in Doctor Who to none watchers and shed tears!! I can speak passionately about feminism , domestic abuse , mental health. My deep feelings though , they are just impossible to articulate. That’s why I write this blog I suppose , I find it easier to write down how I feel , still not really easy but words , honest heartfelt words, flow better.

I’m doing Blogtober ( a month long challenge to write every day based on a prompt) Today’s prompt was Secrets. I thought , why not write down some of those  feelings and thoughts I have that will never come out of my mouth. Not necessarily secret but things I never said that I have thought and people who have made a difference and I never got to tell them. Not that they’ll read this but some will (probably because I’ll tag them on FB)

*Possible slush alert klaxon*

My sister : My favourite human being on the planet . I do not know how I would get through this life nonsense without you. I admire you in so many ways and I wish I could be a bit more like you . On the shittest of shitty days I know that when I speak to you on the phone I’ll laugh , you get me like noone else and I love that I constantly honk laugh at your house cos it means I’m genuinely bloody happy!! I’m sorry I don’t get home enough but THAT I can rectify! I love you so so so much like properly love you ….Life would be unbearably grim without you in it , so stop using Doctor Google to diagnose yourself with life threatening illnesses please!!

The kids grandparents: You are the most amazing grandparents children could ever wish for. I appreciate how much you do for them , I love that you have the closest of relationships particularly as I have no parents to give them grandparents. I know that you love them as much as I do and thats powerful.You rock.

The school mum crew

Oh my , you lot!!! How did I ever get my child to school with everything she needs without you ??? I love that I don’t have to pretend I am winning at life round you , that I don’t have to don the Supermum cape and pretend to have parenting cracked when we all know I’m just winging it! You 3 are some of the strongest women I know with the most remarkable stories to tell and yet you just wave off what you’ve overcome as though it’s nothing. It’s not nothing , It’s bloody amazing and I’m really quite fond of you!!!

The women who ran The Freedom Programme I went to – You changed my life and saved my sanity . I couldn’t even say Thank you at the time as I didn’t even realise.Thank you so much.


Friends I’ve lost touch with

I’m the worst , I promise I’ll do better to keep in touch but we are all so bloody busy. Maybe we can have huge 50th bday parties to rival our 18ths once we all have more time on our hands. I do think of you honestly but isn’t life just quite hectic??

D – The woman who spotted a show off in a shy girls body and did great things to give that shy girl a channel for her repressed extrovert! That was huge.

E – Our conversation changed my mindset. I came home from my trip inspired and motivated and with a certain kind of confidence that comes someone listening and feeding back and being great company and all without expectation or creepiness!(rarer than you may think)

HSG – I am forever grateful for the randomness that has made ‘ this ‘ happen , I think you would say fate…. I’m started to come around to that way of thinking. I have never known another person like you (in the best way ) I’m a better person around you as you round my spiky edges ! Now to beat The Adjustment Bureau!!!

So there we are – the things we think but do not say , that quote has been rattling round in my head since I started writing this. Is it Jerry McGuire??? The name of his mission statement??

That was quite therapeutic actually !! I highly recommend it!

*edited : The things we think AND do not say was Jerry’s mission statement….you know in case it was driving you mad too….as you were!

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Mission Mindfulness



Me too

Let me start by saying that so much has been written on this by people with way more depth of knowledge , by better ,more articulate writers but holding my thoughts on this in are starting to drive me nuts . So this is merely the 2 pence worth of a blogger with an opinion.

Everyone has seen the #metoo hashtag over social media the past couple of days. In the wake of the Weinstein allegations and Rose Macgowan’s subsequent suspension from Twitter over a tweet she sent about another actor a call for women to boycott Twitter in protest went up.

The point was raised and I agreed wholeheartedly that by reacting to women being silenced by voluntarily silencing ourselves was not quite right . That instead let’s speak out, let’s shout,lets flood Twitter with our voices telling our stories.

#metoo is women telling their stories of sexual harassment and sexual abuse in a bid to show exactly how widespread it is.

It’s also women not wanting to , some not able to talk about their experience. Not wanting to give light to their trauma but using #metoo just to stand in solidarity and say yes this has happened to me too.

I truly believe that there are very few women who have never been subject to harassment and abuse of this kind. Most of us have numerous occasions we could talk about. When I first heard about me too I immediately off the top of my head recalled half a dozen occasions. That was without even sitting down and thinking about it. Most women I know would say the same I think.

We’ve been yelled at out of cars and vans , felt shame at the “nice tits” comments and immediately yanked up our tops.

We’ve been rubbed up against on public transport , our space encroached on ,our bodies forced to make contact with an unwanted crotch.

We’ve been touched inappropriately yet felt too ashamed to cause a fuss!

We’ve been in one on one situations with creepy guys and felt so intimidated we’ve nervously laughed off inappropriate comments and behaviour, worried what the consequences of not would be.

We’ve been pushed further than we want to go sexually , pressurised , bullied to get us to do things we’re not comfortable with.

We’ve been raped.

Out in the street we should be safe walking down.

In our own bed , a place that should be full of comfort, by a man who we’re married to  who says he loves us as he abuses us.

By relatives , by friends , by co-workers.

These things , all these things have often happened repeatedly , they’ve been happening since we were teenagers.

We’ve often never spoken about them .

We feel ashamed and embarrassed.
We blame ourselves , we know others will blame us too.

We can’t articulate what’s happened or we downplay it.

So if just by saying me too that makes other women feel less alone  or shows how many of us have suffered then just those words can be strong.

I hate leaving a post on a depressing note but on this one I can’t do any other.

The thing is , I think in ten years time nothing much will have changed.

I don’t have all the answers . I wish I did.

I fear though that our daughters , our friends , our neighbours in a decades time will still be saying #metoo




Bringing up Georgia



The films I love that everyone else hates!

If you’re a regular reader of my little blog it may come as a huge shock to you that I am not a cool person (ok not a shock at all) I’ve never seen any of the cool movies that people pretend are their favourite film because they feel daft saying it’s really Love Actually!

For some reason though , films I really love ( and they’re more than likely going to be slushy and romantic ) most of the movies I adore are ones that most other people I know either look down their noses at them or just call them out as crap!! See what you guys think??


I know that musicals are never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Musicals starring Madonna and you’re really pushing it but I bloody love this film. It has an amazing soundtrack “Oh What A Circus” , “High Flying Adored” and of course “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” to name just a few. It also has the not at all unattractive Antonio Banderas in!!! I mean admittedly casting Jimmy Nail seems a bit off the wall but who I to judge? I happily will spend a rainy Sunday singing along with Evita!

One Day

I kind of get this one’s criticism , as a book lover good books made into movies are always opening themselves up to criticism and it’s a very rare occasion that a movie is better than the book. This film is not that rare occasion but I like it none the less. I think the characters are well cast. Anne Hathaway I love in anything anyway and Jim Sturgess as Dexter is as vile as he’s meant to be in parts. I like movies that span over long periods of time and I do think the film captured this well, which must be much harder to do than in a book.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Don’t hate me but I’m generally not a fan of most kids movies. There are a few exceptions though and this little beauty is one!!! Its the Romeo and Juliet story ( with less tragic consequences) only the characters are garden gnomes…..and with an Elton soundtrack…come on ??That just sounds great right?? ….ok ok bit niche maybe!!

PS I love you

I think this could possibly only just qualify by the skin of its teeth. I think it’s grown on people over the years but I remember when it first came out and I’d been looking forward to it for ages it got panned everywhere,total one star wonder!!! Again a movie from a book is always tricky and I soooo loved this book by Cecelia Ahern and the film is changed an awful lot. So much so I actually should on principle hate it !! Except I can’t ! I love it ! I just think of the book and the film being two separate entities and that stops me feeling like I’m cheating on the novel.

Also , if you’re interested…Gerard Butler with an Irish accent! You.Are.Welcome.

So there we have it movies I loved that most people don’t!!!

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#Blogtober17 – Day 6 – Flowers…….Daisychains like Diamonds

I struggled with today’s theme of flowers. I know nothing about flowers! I’m not a fan of flowers as gifts and I’m certainly not a gardener.

Then I remembered a moment . The one in the picture above. The day I taught small girl how to make a daisychain. 

We have spent a lot of time at the park small girl and I . As every parent knows the park is the best activity for a sunny (or indeed a cold/rainy/snowy) day . You can take a sandwich there and call it a picnic , they can run around till they’re exhausted and sometimes they even have ducks! Best of all they are free!!

We’ve had many a special moment at the park small girl and I. She teaches me her gym routines , she runs an exercise class to keep me fit,she puts on a dance show. I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out with this cool one 

Anyway , I digress as per! One day we’d sat on the park , eating our picnic chatting away and she started picking daisies and trying to ‘magic’ them into daisychains and getting frustrated it wouldn’t work. I offered to do the magic bit for her and put together her flowers into magical jewellery! She was astounded! She spent the day wearing her daisychains as though they were diamonds and I felt like I really was magic so happy did a tiny thing make her! 
It really is the little moments that count!!

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A little bit in awe of teen girl , an instinctive feminist…

My teenage daughter , she won’t mind me saying , has previous for being a bit of a pain in the arse. I wrote this a while back about why , although it can be frustrating I don’t necessarily see it as being a solely bad thing.

I suffer great mum bias of course but as well as being kind and funny and beautiful and ridiculously cool in a way I certainly was not at 15 she just seems to ‘get it’.

I would certainly label myself as feminist and maybe some of my preaching that I often feel is falling on deaf ears to all 4 of them is filtering down after all but she’s an instinctive feminist. I think I learnt feminism. I think I saw things happening in the world I didn’t like and then looked to people more knowledgeable than myself to ask questions to and to ask what I should be reading and what I could do as an individual to help.

Eldest girl though , she just seems to know it , she feels it . I’m in awe of that.

The other day we were walking back from the shop. Chatting about the new bank notes. She mentioned there hadn’t been as much as a fanfare about the new £10 note as there had been the £5. I , said ah that’ll be because there are no men on it! We then spoke about what a struggle it had been to get Jane Austen on the note. I told her about all the vile abuse and threats that campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez had received throughout the campaign to get a woman on the note.
My daughter’s response came immediately.

“Well you know why that is don’t you?”

“Because those men took offence to being excluded” I offered.

“Well yes , but especially excluded from being on money . Those kind of men who behave that way see money as power and certainly don’t want replacing by women.”

This had never occurred to me . Yes I’d concluded that the men threatening to rape and kill Caroline Criado-Perez for daring to campaign for a female face to join the Queen on our currency were suffering from such fragile masculinity that they couldn’t stand to see men removed from on a bank note. To equate that with money and power being synonymous had passed me by. Not her though.

Her feminism gives me hope.

Her feminism means she rolls her eyes when comment is passed about why she can’t dress more ‘like a girl’ (” I’m a girl , I’m wearing clothes I AM dressed like a girl”)

Her feminism means when the boys at primary school refused to pass to her on the football team as she was a girl her reaction was to win player of the match rather than have a row.

Her feminism means pulling up girls at school who are telling her friends they should be on one ridiculous diet or another. Telling them they’re spreading dangerous nonsense . I’m super proud she told me she did this whist munching on a chip butty but that’s just me.

Her feminism means pink and blue kinder eggs anger her , that nothing irritates her more than being told she’s ‘ too pretty ‘ to play rugby and should be looking after that face , that has rejected gender stereotyping from being a little , little girl.
Yes she likes the last word , yes she drives her brothers mad winding them up just for fun , yes she’s overly argumentative and yes she has a temper and can strop like a toddler at times.

I’ve always thought and always said though that this girl can and will change the world one day.

I think maybe she already is.





E L Feelgood's Vintage






Me, Being Mummy





#Blogtober17 day 3 – Car. I don’t have a car ….

Ok prepare yourselves day 3 sees the first very tenuous link to the theme but I cannot promise you it will be the last. Todays theme is Car. So let me present to you :

I don’t have a car , and 5 other reasons I’m not really a proper grown up…

I don’t have a car 

I see proper grown ups tootling about in their cars. Delivering the kids from place to place without the need to get soggy at the bus stop. I can’t even be trusted to be in charge of my own feet without falling over them and hurting myself I most definitely shouldn’t be in charge of heavy machinery.

I have a crack squad to help me with school admin

The school mums. The guys who assist me in looking to the outside world as if I have this motherhood thing together. They know I’m a bit dozy / forgetful / daydreamy so generally on a day to day basis remind me what’s going on in school what I need to take / pay /remember on any given day. I think fully fledged grown ups have all this stuff written down on one of those smug family calendars.

I’m still a bad loser

I’ve never grown out of this. I can even ‘let’ my own children win board games. In fact I cannot and I will not. To give them their credit they absolutely hammer me at Scrabble anyway and I have not thrown the board in agggeeess – progress!

I don’t have to have tasted foods to know I won’t like them.

Fish , baked beans , eggs , strawberries , kiwi fruit , cauliflower , sweet potato , porridge , mushrooms , hotdogs , duck , parsnips . Just a few of the foods that I have never ever tasted . I just KNOW I won’t like them… know,like a toddler!

I’m a bit repetitive

Another one that channels the inner toddler here! My favourite books I’ll read a few times a year , my favourite movies I’ll watch on a bit of a loop. As for my favourite Doctor Who episodes well there are some I must have seen 30 times!! In fact here’s maybe not been a real grown up is a bit harsh. Maybe I’m part obsessive toddler and part stuck in ways old person.

I know what I like!

I am juvenile around my sister

We name call , we relentlessly take the piss out of one another. We do “oh look there’s your best friend” to people we hate . We certainly fall into childish sibling habits very easily and with great relish. Though to be fair she started it!

So you see not having a car is just the tip of the iceberg as far as not qualifying as a real grown up goes.

I promise to try and be way less tenuous with my links to the theme the rest of the month…..or at least the rest of the week!

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