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Do all families have their little ‘quirks’?..or are we a bit …odd?

You know when you have family in jokes or things that make you all giggle that other people, if you sat and thought about it, would probably find a bit odd? You do know what I mean don’t you? We’re not really totally nutty? There are certainly little traditions and quirks go on here that when I reflect are a little out of the ordinary. I’ll tell you a few then you can reassure me with some of your own?? Deal?? 

We communicate via TV and movie quotes 

I’ve noticed this one for a while. For example, upon entering the house rather than shout “hello” a cry of “hello family”  goes out you know in the manner of the odd shop guy from Frozen?? That’s whether it’s me or the teens or the little one! 

Being dragged outside  when you’d rather stay in will lead to “I don’t wanna go” being cried a la David Tennants Doctor! 

A new recent addition after I won parenting by watching all series of Friends with the teens is the call of “I’m fine! ” In a Ross manner when you’re anything but (toe stubbing incidents and the like) this goes well with announcing it’s fajitas for tea. 

Football predictions league 

This is one of youngest boys things. He has a book fit for purpose and everything.

 The rules are very strict. Score and scorer predictions for the weekend must be in for 7pm Friday . 

Mum must do hers first as there are suspicions she copies other people’s answers (how the hell am I meant to know who’s likely to score for West Brom?) 

Only youngest boy may touch and mark the book. 

The lad can’t get it together to get his socks into the wash basket but he can do this week in week out? I’m currently bottom of the league if you’re interested.. . 

The good sofa spot

It seems the only place worth sitting in the living room is the right hand corner of the big sofa. Wars have been fought over it(or feels like) deals are struck, negotiations the UN peace ambassador would be proud of take place over than spot. I, personally don’t become embroiled in such nonsense. I prefer the left corner of the small sofa and no one wants this spot. Rumour has it it’s moulded to the exact shape of my bum (I started that rumour) 

Stupid names

I love this one, the teens at 14,15 and 17 do not bat an eyelid at the stupid silly names I’ve been calling them since babyhood. I’m not entirely sure if I’m allowed to communicate with them at all in public… but at home I call out “Lukey Snooks” and the answer will be “yes mum?”. It’s not just them either, their poor auntie will never be known as anything other as La La. 

Football snacks 

Big football matches mean mums special football snacks. We’ve actually branched out recently and ‘football snacks’ are now really dragged out for any sporting events worthy of note. Football snacks must include (but are not limited to) 

Nachos (no sour cream or guacamole) 

Bbq chicken wings 

Sausage rolls

Potato wedges

Garlic bread 

Onion rings

Mmmm… Actually that’s not weird, that’s sounds yummy… any sport on tonight? ? 

Mothers day talent shows

This is a cute one! ! The kids, even the elder ones still do me a talent show every single mother’s day. It’s always a surprise (insert shocked look here! ) Small girl will dance or do a gymnastics display, 2 of the teens will play guitar and the other do a stand up routine!! Aren’t they sweet really? ? 

So there’s our little family quirks. .. Now tell us yours PLEASE SAY YOU HAVE SOME! ! 

Don’t worry I don’t expect anyone to outdo the football score prediction league for weirdness!! 

I also think, should the time ever come where another human grown man is integrated into this family, they’d have to be as nuts as the rest of us! 

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3 Little Buttons

Mission Mindfulness


Don’t I always say books are good for the soul… 

My name is Kelly and I’m a book addict.

Books are my ‘thing’.

Reading books, talking about books, watching adaptations of books (mainly to slate them I’ll give you),recommending books, just gazing lovingly at my bookcases, maybe one day even writing one!

Reading is my ultimate comfort.

Even the crappest of crappy, yukky days can be perked up with a duvet, a perfect cup of tea and a good book. You’ll always find a book in my bag. There are always a couple of books in my bed (yes not beside my bed or on my bedside table but actually in my bed, by my pillow)

You can imagine then how rough the last couple of weeks have been as I’ve been unable to read!
I’ve been all agitated and restless and unable to concentrate. It’s not been my usual kind of anxiety that’s been at play either (it’s branching out *sarcastic yay*) I wrote here about one of the worst things for me when a bout of anxiety strikes is not being able to read and that’s where I’ve been of late!

When I’m anxious I do suffer with the horrible mind racing, dizzying feeling. That I  feel as though there are a thousand (mostly random) thoughts whizzing through my tiny mind at  once. These past couple of weeks have been exactly that but in super duper fast forward mode. So many thoughts flitting into mind barely having time to settle before the next one arrives demanding attention… on repeat. It’s exhausting and unsettling.
I will apologise if my trying to explain my experience of anxiety is a bit off the wall and sounds nuts. It feels a bit nuts at the time, but I know some of you will get what I mean!

I’ve started half a dozen books and barely got a couple of pages in before my mind has wandered away from the book leaving reading and that lovely feeling of being absolutely absorbed in a book impossible.

Then I picked up Second Life by SJWatson, same author as Before I go to Sleep which I really enjoyed. It drew me in instantly and had me so hooked my anxious mind didn’t stand a chance of wandering. Not concentrating just wasn’t an option.

You’d think a jumpy, psychological thriller wouldn’t be a good book choice when you’re in the grip of an anxious period but,  for me last week, it worked.

You see being absolutely engrossed in a book and having your heart racing in your chest because of the story – that was kind of therapeutic for me. I was feeling nervy and jumpy for a good reason, not just because anxiety was being a knob. Also, I think the fact that a book has an ending is reassuring. I read this book in a day so experienced all the cleverly written tension and nervousness leading to the crescendo all these type of books need.

Then it ends.

You put the book down and all those feelings (once your heart rate calms down from the exhilaration) are done. As was my anxiety. Getting caught up in a fictional scenario seemed to have purged all the anxious feelings in a positive way!

I’ve not spoken about the book plot itself because firstly I just wanted to talk about how reading managed to drag me out of that particular period of anxiety and secondly I’d likely give too much away. What I will  say though is if you loved Gone Girl and the Girl on the Train and enjoy tense, nervy writing  give this book a go, I recommend it highly.

So here I am now, back in the bliss that is books. I’m not daft enough  to think a book that gets the adrenalin pumping will always work versus anxiety but on this  one occasion it did.

I always say books are fantastic therapy… and I this occasion I proved myself right! !

That doesn’t happen often.


Today, small girl, I miss you 

Dear Small Girl,

Today is a daddy day for you. Nothing unusual in that. You’ve split your time between the pair of us since you were teeny tiny, you don’t know any other way. So you’ve been  at your lovely daddy’s past couple days.

Usually when you’re there, the elder 3 and I take advantage and do all the things that we can’t do when you’re here.

We binge watch How I Met Your Mother instead of The Next Step.

We have curry for tea as you don’t like spicy foods.

We’ll play the Pointless board game instead of Frustration.

It’s not that we’re glad to see the back of you or anything like that. It’s just that you’ve been spending some of your time at daddy’s house forever so it’s become a routine we all slip into.

Today is a bit different though.

Today I miss you.

How silly is that? ? (very I know!) You’re at school as I write this so I’d not have the pleasure of your company regardless.

Today though, I miss that I don’t get to be the one that picks up your smiley little face up from school.

That I don’t get to tut and say how you must think I’m an octopus as you load me up with PE bags and book bags and the fleece you end up taking off everyday.

I miss that we don’t get to hold hands on our walk down to the train station chatting about our days.

I read earlier that to celebrate Winnie the Pooh’s 90th birthday he’s getting a new friend. Guess who it is going to be? A PENGUIN!! Your most favourite animal, the one you wrote me a book about such is your encyclopaedic knowledge on them! ! As soon as I read that  I just wanted to tell you all about it! I miss that I can’t.

I miss that I’m not bedtime story person tonight, that I’ll not get the call 5 minutes after I’ve turned out your light to ask “fancy a cuddle?”

I just miss you today.

I know I’ve probably not even entered your head today (and that’s ok I don’t want you missing me) You’ve been busy at school then going back to daddy’s house for a yummy dinner. You always tell me his cooking is superior! (“he uses nutmeg in the mash mummy, it gives it taste”) You’ll snuggle on the sofa with him and watch some cooking show then he’ll read you Paddington before bed.

Dividing your time between us works for you. You’re a happy, content, confident little girl. It’s only me that gets daft from time to time. I’m sure daddy feels the same when you’re here.

So here’s to tomorrow.
I can’t wait to open the car door and have you bound out full of tales of your time away.

I look forward to starting on the tortoise costume you so desperately want to make for dressing up day at school.

I can’t wait for us to have our secret special tea we have when the elder ones are at their grandparents.

I can’t wait to carry on reading Harry Potter together.

I’ll tell you the penguin news tomorrow small girl. I’ll read your bedtime story tomorrow.

Just now, for today though,  I miss you

Love Mummy xxx

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I am not supermum today. 

I am not supermum today.
Some days I do feel like it.

When the planets align and I’ve managed to squeeze a conversation out of all 4 children before we all have to leave for school.

When we’re sat chatting around the table eating some nutritious, yummy dinner I’ve made.

When everyone is getting along and bickering is at a minimum.

Then I feel pretty supermum-esque, like I’m doing OK at this parenting lark.

Today is not one of those days.

Today I am not supermum.

Today I am barely adequate mum.

Today I am must try harder mum

Up your game mum

Get your shit together for goodness sakes mum.

In my experience a bad morning is often the catalyst to a bad day.

Today was a rubbish morning.
Getting the teens out of bed was a Herculean task.

Small girl insisted her legs wouldn’t let her get out of bed as she was too cosy.

I wasn’t patient, cajoling mum.

I was snappy, irritable mum.

Drinks were spilled at breakfast, a glass was smashed, swear words were held in.

I left small girls homework book behind and didn’t realise until we were seconds away from her going into class. The look on her face when we realised this was nothing short of withering (in my defence I had packed it last night but so keen to admire her work was she that she’d gotten it back out and left it on her bed)

However, she was clearly disappointed in my telepathy skills once we identified lack of homework book.

I’ve spent all day feeling bad and beating myself up over the fact that the last thing I said to the teens this morning wasn’t “have a great day” but something grumpy and grouchy.

I’m miserable I’ve disappointed small girl with my shit telepathy skills.

I know it’s unlikely they’ve brooded on it all day but I have. Bloody mum guilt!


Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is also a day where the elder 3 are going to their grandparents for the weekend (grandma will not sigh and tut if a glass is smashed) They are going to the big fair back home and will have great fun.
Small girl is at daddy’s (daddy does NOT forget homework books)

I’m home alone.

I’ve a feeling a night under a duvet watching rubbish tv maybe just what’s needed to give supermum an opportunity to show her face.

Today I am not rocking motherhood.

Today motherhood is rocking me.

Tomorrow though, that’s a brand new day.

I’ll iron my cape in preparation.

3 Little Buttons

The Tale of Mummyhood

The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.. 

This morning small girl returned home from daddy’s, where she’s been since Thursday, in her pj’s. This is usually a statement of intent from her. It means ‘I’m really going to whinge if you force me to brave the outside today’

She’d brought some new books with her. I know the excitement of new books myself, nothing makes me happier than a book buying binge (I know I know! !) I got her eager excitement though as a fellow bookworm.

I was pottering about a bit later, putting away laundry and other equally thrilling tasks. I went into the girls room to see small girl laid on her bed under a blanket with her book. Obviously needy mum here had to gatecrash and ask if I could join her, thankfully she said yes.
Off I went to get my book then hopped into the other end of her bed, I revealed the forbidden in bedrooms chocolate I’d brought along and snuggled down. She was reading her book, me mine. Conversation was minimal, which is unusual for miss chatterbox, but she was happily engrossed in the book.

After a little while she offered to lend me the last book she’d finished :The Royal Bake Off. I started reading that, her intermittently asking where I was up to or who was my favourite character or which part I found funniest. It was really lovely!

We paused to chat about which other new books she’d bought and I realised with absolute delight that that she had chosen The Enchanted Wood, one of my all time favourite childhood book series (though in my day the girl child was called Fanny not Franny and I don’t feel scarred by the experience) I asked if she’d read me some which she did and it was the most sweet thing. My little 8 year old reading me the book I used to adore at a similar age. It was nostalgic and comfy and so relaxing (I am a fan of being read to at the best of times-Mr Perfect if you’re reading this take note)

That’s when she said it : “this is the best way to spend a Saturday morning”

I agree

I try and fill weekends with stuff, if we’re not swimming or at the park or at cheap Saturday  am cinema we’re baking or crafting. There are board game afternoons and movie nights.

Peace and cosiness and books though? That topped any other activity as small girls favourite.

Like mother like daughter eh?