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Life is not a rollercoaster Ronan…

It’s a fu***ng see saw .

Up and down and up and down.

Not a teeny bit of an up followed by an ever so slight nudge down though .

It’s all or nothing , at least that’s how it feels at the moment.

Sorry , you know me and my analogies!! I’ve been pondering this one a while.

So when the man himself Ronan Keating sang to us “life is a rollercoaster you just gotta ride it ” well I see his point , you do “just gotta ride it ” not getting off any time soon. It’s just a rollercoaster is fluid and you can see what’s coming up ahead. Brace yourself for that huge dip before it happens. Hold on tight and you’re climbing up up up with the sounds of the cranking machinery in your ear.

My life doesn’t feel much like that at the moment.

Definitely more of a seesaw .

My new house is finally coming together , it’s been a long old trek . Emotionally exhausting and hard work. It’s all coming together though. I’m back running , that’s doing wonders for my mental health . There’s much talk of plans for the future within our family. Youngest boys uni plans , teen girls post school plans ,small girls high school plans. Our plans as a family. So I was there . I was up on the seesaw of life . At the very top , looking around savouring the view. Till whatever weight was keeping the other side down disappeared leaving me back to to earth with a huge bump. No warning , no bracing for the drop. Just suddenly I’m on the floor .

Makes me think of good old Alanis and her ironic lyrics !

Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face

My sister and I , despite being pretty cynical types always agree about the latter bit of this statement. No matter what , no matter what turns up to stick a spanner in the works of your life , things generally turn out ok . Something turns up and everything is fine.

I don’t want to be someone who can’t appreciate the happy because they’re waiting on something spoiling it . I don’t want to be high on the seesaw unable to appreciate the view because I know at any minute it could be spoilt.

I’m aware I’m rambling a little , but this was the purpose of my blog from the off. Get the thoughts out my head onto the page and work them out from there.

Do you guys ever feel the same ? That when things look like they’re just chugging along nicely , things finally feel like they’re coming together something unexpected will always seem to come along and spoil it ??

I think maybe I just need to stay away from the seesaw . You need two people for that to work anyway. I’m almost 40 and have a sizeable arse ,seesaws were never gonna work for me . Maybe I should just hop on Ronan’s rollercoaster after all (not a euphemism!!) hold on tight ,deal with the nausea and scream a bit and wait till it stops .

Balls….that spoils my blog title eh ??

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