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Into the Groove Blogtober20-day 4

It’s October and I’m very excited to be taking part in Blogtober 2020 which involves blogging everyday through October using prompts.

Today’s prompt is Into the Groove , so I’m talking about how I’m trying to get ‘into the groove’ and motivated through October (not sooo tenuous right?) I’ve been missing in action lately on the blog front. I am just feeling thoroughly uninspired at the mo. My phone notes are usually full of blog post ideas I’ve had , usually so full I’ll never get around to writing many of them but I’m scared not to note these ideas as they pop into my head , because what if they were brilliant ?! y notes are currently empty , my many notebooks lay unwritten in, my brain is just not feeling very creative.

Autumn is usually my absolute favourite season. I love the pretty cosiness of it all . I like cold days with the sun shining , I like multicoloured leaves , I like fluffy jumpers and stews.

With everything else going on currently though it’s feeling a bit tricky to embrace all the things I love about Autumn and run with them, there’s so much uncertainty in the world at the minute I’m untrusting of even Autumns cosy little months coming along. There are so many what ifs . Will the kids stay in school and college without event ? Will teen boy the younger be allowed home from uni? Will we find ourselves thoroughly locked down again? Are we going to find ourselves restricted to just one exercise a day again?

Everything feels up in the air and unsettled right now. I have anxiety and uncertainty doesn’t suit me at all. I like yes and no and dislike maybe. Whilst everything was all shut and we were all stuck home I was perfectly happy , when and if life goes back to the normal of before I’ll deal with that but we appear to be in halfway kind of place currently and it doesn’t sit well with me .

What do I do when I feel a little out of control and I need to focus my anxious energies ?

I make a plan!

There are two things that focus my mind when all around me seems unsure. Firstly , this blog. Though it has been woefully neglected of late just knowing it’s here ready for me to pour my thoughts and worries and hopes and dreams and rants into whenever I need it is fantastic . Writing down my thoughts has always been hugely therapeutic to me , also a bit of creativity makes me happy .

Secondly , running . Another thing that focusses my mind . I wrote Running and mental health all about how running helps me .

So the plan just needs to make time for these two things and also give me a bit of a challenge , I do like to test myself.

I am , for the third year in a row, taking part in Blogtober . A blog challenge which means posting a blog post everyday in October . The brilliant Mandi at has put together some fab song based prompts and I’m excited to give this brain a good old kick start and get back to the blogging that I love. I have never yet managed to blog every single day of October , but maybe this is the year!

On the running front I’ve two new challenges for this month.

Manchester Marathon has now been postponed until next autumn . I have been very anti ‘virtual’ races in the past. I love the atmosphere of run day and as an annoyingly competitive person the chance to attempt to try and catch someone up who isn’t too far away are what helps me finish most races!! However the plan calls for challenging my little running self so I am going to do the virtual Manchester Marathon , which means running the 26.2 miles through October (not all at the same time thankfully , I’m not there yet!)

I’m also in October , with This Girl Runs , challenging myself to run and walk 100k in the month of October. That sounds quite a lot when you type it ??!!Eeeeek what have I gotten myself into ?I don’t know but am already much chirpier just having some fun things to focus on what with everything else going on !!

Let’s see how I get on !!!

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