10 things that drive me (probably irrationally)nuts …

I’m not an angry person , I very very rarely lose my temper.

I get angry about the big stuff.

Misogyny , poverty , people unnecessarily suffering. Bigotry and stupidity and hatred. Yes I can get worked up into a frenzy about those things , you guys know you’ve read the rants.

There are things though , daft little things , seemingly nothing things that really get to me because …well I’m a bit odd.

People yelling across the house at one another

Aaarrgghh , on this one I have turned into my mother . I use the line “if you want to talk to someone go into the same room as them” way more than I should , but obviously noone can hear me saying that because they’re yelling at each other from separate rooms of the house . Therefore I have to yell to tell everyone to stop yelling and move …..total headache.

That they’ve changed the HP sauce recipe

My comfort food when my world is a bit tough is (please don’t judge me I’m sure you’ve all got your own little food quirks) boiled rice with HP sauce. Its a combo I discovered accidentally as a kid but it’s delicious. It makes me feel better. It gives me comfort. Except they’ve changed the bloody recipe , it’s only a little tweak but I can tell the difference. My comfort food is spoilt and to make it worse I always forget so make it anyway and end up disappointed!!

Facebook pass it on and you’ll be a millionaire and live forever posts

I’m not going to am I ?? I’m 38 , bloody hell I was always the person who put at end to chain letters as a kid I’m not going to go back now.

Train company logic

We get to the train to school and back. During rush hour Northern Rail think 2 carriages will suffice. It will not , if I wanted to spend 10 minutes with my nose stuck in some guys armpit I’d seek it out as a pastime. Come 2pm though when only 3 people are on the train there are more carriages than The Hogwarts Express. No sense .

People who say Asdas , Primart or Mataland.

Please just don’t go to these shops and double please don’t talk about them unless you can manage to get the name right.

Boob tax

Ok so there may not be an official boob tax , but can you get a decent , pretty bra if you have big boobs without having to sell a kidney?You can not . The boobs came with the kids for goodness sakes and they cost enough to run! Give the boobs a break or I’ll stop wearing bra’s altogether and THEN you’ll all be sorry!!!

Getting my order wrong in restaurants

Eating out is a big treat for me . Food is my friend . However I have a few little quirks , and so when I ask for this dish but without mushrooms ,that’s what I want . When you’ve taken my order , written it down AND read it back to me then still fetch it with all the slimy little fungus mushrooms I’d previously expressed I most certainly didn’t want ….it actually makes me want to cry!!

Family tickets

Specifically 2 adults 2 children family tickets . Or even the more progressive 1 adult 3 children family tickets. Its still only 4 people. We have 5 . Just give us single parents with the tribe of kids a thought otherwise I have to stress myself with mental maths working out which combo of tickets will be the cheapest. The only other solution would be to choose which child had annoyed me the most that day and leave them peering through the theme park gates ,giving them a little wave from the top of the log flume and pushing an overpriced hot dog to them through the gates like those mums who protested Jamie Olivers school dinners.

Chatty call centre folk

I hate hate hate phone calls as it is . When they’re necessary though and I mean seriously necessary like the internet not working on my phone and I can’t get on social media serious. I bite the bullet and do it. All I want is my problem fixed . I don’t really care Wayne from O2 that it’s your birthday today or wanna fill you in on how my weekend is going. Just please fix my problem and say bye . Please , I’m sure you’re a great guy and just being friendly but I don’t use my phone for talking.

Misuse of :




I know I know I know , people dont like a grammar pedant. It just bothers me . Partly because it really bloody irritates me but also because it makes me judgy girl and she’s rubbish. Communication with my daughter’s father are tough enough as it is but one little “I won’t bring her home TO late ” has me cursing my vagina ever had that kind of person near it!

Disclaimer – any similar crime committed by me is a typo. Almost certainly. Probably.

So there we are the little things that drive me super nuts . Can’t tell you how therapeutic it was to write that!

Sooooo over to you , what daft little things get under your skin??

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50 thoughts on “10 things that drive me (probably irrationally)nuts …

  1. Don’t get me started on manufacturers changing recipes! And what about the times when you do your head in trying to navigate a website, so you ring the company in question, make your selection, join the queue, and, you’ve guessed it, you get an automated message:
    “Answers to most questions can be found on our website…” Grr!

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  2. The shouting from room to room drives me mad! I also hate it when people can’t say shop/names/places correctly. These places and names are well known, how can you get them wrong!

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  3. lol. I hate it when people don’t write down my order and then it comes back wrong. I understand that mistakes happen and I try not to be rude to people just trying to do their jobs, but if you didn’t write it down, I’ll have something to say #familyfun

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  4. I always do rolly eyes when I see spelling mistakes in blogs. When extra words sneak in a sentence and it is just wrong. Truth of the matter is we’re normally just really busy and miss things. Grammar is a funny thing…packed trains do my head in and I’m glad i don’t commute anywhere. ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  5. Haha! Yes!! To all the above! Can I add the people who fish for attention on Social media by saying things like ‘Really had enough now’ and then proceed to reply to all gullible well wishers (aka nosey parkers) things like ‘I’ll PM you hun’ and ‘I’ll text you lovely’. WTF is that all about?! I also hate the incorrect use of grammar and pronunciation. I know someone who pronounces ‘specifically’ as ‘pacifically’. Argh!!! Thank you for joining in with the Honeybee Linky lovely, was great to read your post again! xxx

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  6. Oh lord I’m dying. People yelling across the house to each other is a biggie for me too. My biggest is the same as Me Being Mummy. I call those people FISHERS! Fishing for sympathy on social media by posting a cryptic status, only for the conversation to go ‘what’s up hun?’ ‘I’ll PM you’ – Sandra either tell us all what’s on your mind or you keep the whole freaking thing private! #honeybeelinky

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  7. The little things that annoy me are:
    1. When people walk past the pile of things that I’ve put on the stairs to go up with the next person who is walking up.
    2. When people put their dirty plates on the kitchen sink when I’ve emptied the dishwasher
    3. When my partner and kids leave their bedroom drawers open.

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  8. Arghhh so many of these on my list to. The whole misuse of apostrophes is annoyeing. I also hate the word yous (a North Eastern thing) – You can be plural!! And as for the bra issue – I’d love to pop into Asda (not Asdas) and get a bargain bra for a few quid instead of £30+ each most of the time. Family tickets rarely worked when we were 2 adults and 1 child (how selfish of us). Why not just do a percentage discount for families e.g. 20% or something?

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  9. We are a family of five so know all about the tickets thing. The facebook posts I just ignore, I don’t eat out much but I’m not a fussy eater so I don’t really have much to complain about. I live with two angry adults so I am a peacekeeper and don’t get angry at home. I did get angry the other day because I’d had a really poorly day where I’d done nothing, and I got up the next day to a real mess. Because I was out of action no-one bothered to do anything either.

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  10. The recipe to HP sauce has changed? You are kidding, surely? This is the first I have heard of this travesty. Where is the revolution? Why wasn’t I told? Oh my word, this is terrible.

    May I also ask, what is train logic? Is there such a thing? #blogcrush

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    1. They are messing with HP I’m not kidding. Taking out sugar or salt or such nonsense?? Thankfully I believe they put it back to normal!!!


  11. Hello Kelly,

    Thank you for sharing! I’ll feel the same way if my favorite sauce recipe gets changed!

    It drives me nuts when somebody would post a birthday greeting for me (with pictures and messages) on Facebook even if they are well aware that I’m not on it. This happens to me yearly. I know I should be grateful that they’ve remembered but this confuses me since they usually don’t greet me by any other means. I’ll only find out weeks after when another family member tells me that somebody greeted me on FB.


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  12. Hahaha, can totally relate (except for the boobs tax, I have the opposite probem and infact am resentlful that I feel societal pressure to wear a bra just so that my nipples don’t inadvertently stick out and offend somebody!) I have so many pet peeves, makes me feel utterly and totally peevish thinking about them! I think I should have been a head mistress or something so that I could have had a whole school to boss around.instead of my poor husband and kids. #blogcrush


  13. Haha Yes! To all of them! Haha. Well except the HP sauce one because I’m not really a fan BUT I feel exactly this way about them changing the recipe of Choc-a-lot Cake at Nandos. Boo! #blogcrush


  14. Haha! I like this one!

    Train company is infuriating! We use to live at a little station where commuters would stream on and off the train at commuting time. The station before was more well known, but hardly anyone used it! So when their delays got so bad that they would cancel some of the stations on the route from London, which stations do they cancel? Our one with hundreds of more people using of course! Which meant the ‘quicker’ train (already delayed) left almost empty, and the next proper train later was even MORE packed than usual. No sense! #BC

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  15. Haha! This is priceless. Yes, yes and yes! The shouty talk that’s so loud you would think that one person was in the house and the other across the street. Asdas, Tecos – oh gawd.. why!! The over chatty call centre bods. Love this post. Thank you for bringing all the laughs to the #dreamteam xx

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  16. I agree with all of them in particular ‘boob’ tax and family tickets, esp as we are a family of 7 and room allocation in hotels, need three rooms and think it’s ok to have them on different floors.
    The facebook posts that wind me up the most are ‘if there was a phone in heaven’ and ‘share this is you love your kids’
    The biggest thing that drives me mad though religious people having no tolerance for other people that are a different religion or race from themselves. #triumphanttales


  17. I was nodding along with most of these to be fair. I also hate dawdlers on the street or those who spread across the path, if I want to get somewhere I need to do it quickly (its the commuter ingrained in me) and I hate not being stopped in my tracks!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.


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