10 signs the end of the school year is nigh…

It’s the last half term of the school year, the summer hols are a stones throw away and don’t we know it. Here are some signs that you’re coming to the end of the school year.

1) EVERYONE (including you) is tired and grumpy.

No one wants to get up in a morning, no one wants to talk about their day. There’s a distinct feeling of ‘let’s just get these last few weeks out the way and go back to being human.

2) You let the kids go to school as though they’re extras from Oliver!
Remember September when everyone looked sooo sparkly and smart and lovely. Cut to final half term. Shirts are greying, ink stains are ignored, trousers are definitely a bit short. Am I going to spend cash on a new blazer that likely won’t fit by September though? Am I hell as like!

3) School keep asking for stuff.
Summer fete brick a brac (that the kids then buy and bring back home), cakes, spare uniform you no longer need, your purse, your soul. OK just feels like the last two…

4) Back to School displays are already in the shops!
Give us a break could you! Let us forget that at some point we’re going to have to do the dreaded school uniform shop.

5) You’re bombarded with ‘work’
I’m using the word work in it’s loosest term here. The younger the kids are the worse this is. EVERYTHING your little darling has ever scrawled their initial on is coming to your house. You may think you’re getting a toilet roll – but you dare roll your eyes at the sheer mountain of junk this child has in their arms and you will be accused of not loving their work… and therefore not loving them… and therefore being the worst parent ever.. Just smile at the toilet roll for goodness sakes!!

6) You daren’t spend a single penny.
School hols cost a bloody fortune. Even if you’re not taking them on holiday or don’t have a rota of fun days out planned. Why do kids insist on eating 20 meals a day in holiday time?? So be prepared. Use this time to save for the summer holidays, by not leaving the house… Or eating.

7) As a parent you begin to go out of your mind.
This, I admit, could just be me. I start to become nagging, whingy, irritable mum . I’m done with organised, I’m done with motivation. I’m just ready to spend time with my children with the pressure off… Which leads to..

8) You view the summer hols through rose tinted spectacles.
I love the summer holidays, honestly I do. The freedom to do what we want for over a month is fantastic (yes, yes also the kids go on hols with grandma which helps) but at this time of year, when you’re school weary you make great plans for amazing days out and family trips and you know you’ll have so much fun. Which you will, but don’t beat yourself up if you’ve declared pj day twice by week two.

9) Teacher gifts drive you nuts.
Smallest girl is a craft fan. I suggested she made gifts in reception class and it has stuck. Every year now she wants to make personalised gifts, which is lovely and thoughtful… and time consuming and expensive and hard work and “PLEASE can we just buy a box of Quality Street?”

10) You despair that these children insist on getting too old too quick
Whether it’s last day of pre-school or last day of actual school… ever. The end of the school year makes you realise that these people, these children that came out of your actual body are growing up and getting more and more independent. It’s tough it really is.

Fellow parents, I wish you a summer full of memory making, not having to sell a kidney to fund the ice cream run, minimal sibling bickering and at least a bit of sun!

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34 thoughts on “10 signs the end of the school year is nigh…

  1. Ah great lighthearted list that I can so relate to as a parent and a teacher – we are all sooooooo tired and my son does go to school looking like something out of a Dickens novel sometimes (don’t tho k he’s used a hairbrush for a while)! #fortheloveofBLOG x

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  2. This is a BRILLIANT post. I really do love your blog, Kelly – you have such a great mix of funny posts and heartfelt ones and your equally brilliant at writing both!

    The bit about sending your kids to school like an extra from Oliver really made me chuckle. My daughter’s school shoes are really falling apart but I am DETERMINED to make them last until the end of term! Hehe #blogcrush

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  3. Haha! So funny! The extras from Oliver! bit is definitely us, I was so particular at the start of the academic year but by the end it’s not ‘which sweatshirt is clean?’ but rather ‘which is the least grubby?’ Brilliant as always #BlogCrush

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  4. It was my eldest boys last day of pressure school so I’m totally feeling your last point a lot today. I’m both excited for and dreading the holidays in equal measure!xx #blogcrush

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  5. I love this list -all so true!! We are all exhausted and literally on countdown to the holidays. My girls also look a little crazy too – their shoes are hanging off there feet and their summer dresses are looking a little too short!!! #familyfun

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  6. Oh this will be this time next year as my youngest starts school in September! I can’t say I enjoy the summer holidays already as I always found it hard to entertain my little ones when the big kids were off now I’ll be pulling my hair out trying to entertain my big ones! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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  7. When did this making teacher a little god thing come about: this gift thing for bloody doing their job?. No teacher ever bought me anything for sending such amazing kids in to light up their teaching lives!! Lol #DreamTeam

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  8. so happy this is over for me now, however I was THAT teacher the year before last who loved the end of term presents and asked for all the stuff to be brought into school for your kids to spend your money on, #sorrynotsorry and hopefully I’ll be doing it all again next year #tweensteensbeyond

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  9. I love number 2. My younger son currently looks like a street urchin everyday thanks to a combination of a mud kitchen and white t-shirts. At this stage in the term I don’t care though I’m not buying new ones!

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