Things I learned from my sickbed….

We’ve been ill for weeks small girl and I.

You’ve probably heard me whinging about it all over social media.

We’ve had this flu like bug that’s been around and it has been grim. It’s a particularly yukky bug which wipes you out , makes you feel like crap and just when you think you’re getting better…zap! Back to square one…

Anyway during this fortnight of coughing and snot and fevers and aches and pains I believe I actually have learnt a thing or two ,ever looking for the silver linings…

YouTube is a handy nurse

Yes small girl was bored not being in school and her favourite pastime of cooking and baking was out as let’s face it who wants to eat food prepared by Slimer?!

So YouTube came into its own. She was kept quiet watching her nutty videos and even more amazing I discovered some of her youtubers voices are really soothing. I mean most of them are crazily annoying but when we’ve slouched on the sofa under a duvet as she’s watching them one or two of their voices did have me dozing off!!!

Feeding a cold just makes it more hungry

What’s the phrase feed a cold and starve a fever?? Something like that anyway. Turns out when small girl is ill , no-one tells her appetite. She ate ….and ate….and ate. You know the children’s story The Very Hungry Caterpillar? That was small girl.

I was forcing down soup and veg and super spicy curry to try and shift the cold,but it was a real effort. Small girl was behaving as though she was on Man V Food…. and she definitely emerged victorious!!

She has a great taste in books

We read together every night at bedtime but while ill we snuggled and read together some more. We’re almost finished The Person Controller by David Baddie. It is such a great book. We read Animalcolm not long back and really loved that too! So much I have got us tickets for the theatre show for her birthday (sssshhh don’t tell) She likes a funny book with great characters and an enthralling story and it seems I do too!

Eucalyptus is our bff

Olbas oil in the bath , Vicks on our feet ,oil on the radiator. Even our next door neighbours must be breathing better!

The elder 3 are very nearly great carers

They did try to look after us ,they really did. They were on hand with water and asking how we were and teen girl was basically small girl’s hot chocolate servant.

I’d highly recommend the teens as a nursing staff……well….as long as you don’t mind folk taking the piss out of the fact your voice has gone missing , repeating your ‘I don’t get ill ‘ boast to you and that you can cope with people hushing your coughing and referring to you not as mum but as Wheezy,from Toy Story then it’s all fun and games!!!

Being well rocks!!

Obvious one this but nothing like being wiped out for a few weeks to make you promise yourself you’ll be so grateful when you recover!! How I’ll eat superfoods to boost this immune system of mine , I’ll probably go for a run or two – healthy body always good right??
Let’s not kid ourselves though , the perfect end of illness treat is eating all the junk you had no desire for whilst sick and lying on the sofa watching crap TV. You’ve gotta conserve your energy after all!!

I’m just hoping we’re done with bugs,coughs and colds for a little while now!! January was not fun , let’s do better February please!


22 thoughts on “Things I learned from my sickbed….

  1. I’m with you there I have been ill for the last week and a bit now and it’s awful. My little one has a cold to but just carries on. I just want to curl up on the sofa and sleep ha. It’s hard when your ill and have a little one, so true xx #honeybeelinky

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      1. Sounds like what we’ve had here!!Small girl has gone back to school today so fingers crossed on the mend here , hope you are soon too x


  2. Ah, so sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly lovely. I always end up thinking when I’m full of cold how much I take breathing for granted!! Here’s to a better February for you both. xx #FamilyFun

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  3. Love this! Some great tips and tricks and it’s nice to see someone appreciate being well. Your kids sound like fantastic little nurses and very caring. I’m chronically ill and use my blog to inspire people with disabilities to see that they can still be great parents. It’s hard work but with a good plan, a good support network and a positive attitude it normally all works out! And the odd PJ day isn’t a bad thing! #honeybeelinky

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    1. Oh yes this was just a bout of the flu ,but enough to floor me and certainly enough to make me appreciate wellness!! Your blog sounds a very positive place ,I’ll look forward to reading more about it x

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  4. Oh it’s awful feeling ill but great support from your biggies! I feel like I’ve been a little ill since my daughter was born 3 months ago. Always congested, it’s awful but one thing after another. Well done for getting out the other side! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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