Valentine’s Day…. TV’s best couples

I’m a Valentine’s Day Grinch , everyone knows this . However to enter into the season of love and romance I have to concede that there are people out there in the world who make my chilly little heart melt ,who I am hugely emotionally invested in and almost….just very nearly make me believe in this love stuff!! Yep! People off the telly?

Can I share???

Amy and Rory  (Doctor Who)

Oh….talk about devotion! The boy who waited. Our boy Rory is so hopelessly in love with Amy whilst feeling that he’s not really worthy. He’s insecure of Amy and The Doctor’s relationship , believing The Doctor is way more worthy a man for Amy than he is. Except Amy does love him absolutely wholeheartedly and when it comes to the crunch chooses Rory over The Doctor. I should think so too after Rory -the last centurion-the boy who waited sat waiting for Amy for 1894 years outside the Pandorica. I have seen the Pond’s final episode dozens of time , but this last scene still has me crying my little eyes out 

Barney and Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

Oh HIMYM you teased us …. you led us right up the garden path with this one. Robin and Barney the pair of commitment phobes  , fell for one another and hard. We emotionally invested and for what?? For the scriptwriters to totally turn on this couple is what!! I loved this pairing…still not quite over it! 

Monica and Chandler Bing

Do you remember the London episode when this pair first did the deed?? We were so shocked ! (Or I certainly was!) Them attempting to keep their relationship secret was hilarious 

“Do THEY know that we know that THEY know”

The proposal is another one of my little weepfests despite having seen that episode so many times! 

Joey and Pacey

Yes I was rooting for Dawson at the off too. Honestly me mistaking the articulate,arty intelligent type for grumpy, spoilt egotists is a trait I have carried through with me waaaaayyy longer than the Dawson years!!! Even then though I could see Pacey was the better bet!!

Dr Mark Greene and Susan Lewis

Ok ok ok I know these were never a real proper couple, but my goodness they should’ve been !!! That train platform declaration was a total heart wrencher!!!

I know he ended up happy ever after with Riversong (well premature death aside!)They were just the sweetest though!

Why on earth is ER not on Netflix??

Shane and Angel

These pair??? 

Cheese fest but that’s what Australian soaps are for right! I resisted Scott and Charlene !!

The tearaway turned good -tick

Walking down the aisle after being paralysed-tick

Stunningly pretty pairing – tick

Tragic end- tick
My sister I just wanted to be Angel for a few years back then!!

So there are some of my fave TV couples,see I DO have a heart!!! My current  total fave couple at present is Randall and Beth from This is Us but I’m only 10 episodes or so in and scared of jinxing them.

Who are your favourite TV couple???

Anyone out of the ordinary??

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34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day…. TV’s best couples

  1. This was a great post! I really loved Kat and Alfie as a tv couple! Yes I’m an Eastenders fan lol. Thanks for sharing a not so traditional Valentine’s Day post! x

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  2. Monica & Chandler for sure, they are so the epitomy of me and my hubby – and yes I am definitely the Monica in the relationship haha. Also loved watching the sparks between Crichton & Aeryn Sun on Farscape, and Castle & Beckett in Castle. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Out of your list, Chandler and Monica and Rory and Amy are my favorite TV couples:) I watch Doctor Who with my 11 year old son and they haven’t had a romance on that show yet to match Rory and Amy. And I always loved Chandler and Monica over Ross and Rachel, which isn’t the norm but I always thought their relationship was so much more solid. #GlobalBlogging

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  4. Oh yes! LOVE this! Barney and Robyn are so cute – having dipped in and out of HIMYM, I finally watching them all in order on Netflix at the moment (I’m on season 8 of 9) and I’m loving watching this develop. Aaaw. And Monica and Chandler are sooo cute together. Great post! #blogcrush

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ok, confession here. I don’t know who these people are… well except the Dawson’s creek pair and Friends! Ekk! We are all about Netflix these days, so if I could think of a good Netflix pair it would be Hayley and Elijah from the Originals LOL. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx


  6. #thesatsesh I blooming love this…I’m not sure who may fav is? Chandler,
    Dawson, ohhh Angel! It’s like you’ve read my mind and my childhood is all in one post. This made me smile and I totally appreciated the fun aspect of Valentine’s Day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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