The one where…. My child ruins Friends for me 

One thing I love about the teens getting older is being able to introduce them to TV shows and movies and books that I used to love when I was their ages. It’s so nice now they’re older to make the tv snacks, get on the sofa and watch something together.

Some of my shows and movies are more successful than others. Dawson’s Creek was ridiculed and heckled throughout, much to my dismay.

Friends though. Friends was welcomed with open arms. We went through every series. We began recording the actual programmes we would have ordinarily watched on tv as they just wanted to watch ‘one more episode’ of Friends.

I was smug.

Told you it was good eh?

“hey! How you doing? ” became the eldests greeting as he got in of an evening. .. to his brother! To himself even! Inappropriate yet really quite funny.

” I’m FINE! “a la Ross when Rachel and Joey are together became code for anything that was clearly anything but.

Smelly cat was sung out loud.

” could I BE wearing anymore clothes ” became the answer to my insistence they wrap up warm to go to the football.

All was good.

I was cool mum.

I am the best.

Then it happened.

We’re rewatching some Friends more recently (yes they loved it THAT much) we’re at a later series, close to the end and my 15yo youngest son spoils it all.

Youngest son : Mum I’m surprised you wanted Ross and Rachel to end up together.

Me: Why? You know I’m a sucker for a love story!

Youngest son : love? Is it though? That whole relationship is just toxic. Ross is too  controlling.

I am stunned into silence at this point.

That’s OK though because he’s going to elaborate.. .

Elaborate he does. .

How unsupportive Ross is when Rachel lands her dream job.

The suffocating manner in which  he behaves about Mark. Becoming a stalky control freak creepfest.

How he never takes responsibility for cheating, using the “we were on a break” excuse.

I couldn’t disagree with any of it.

I mean Ross was never my favourite – he’s a sexist idiot. Remember the fuss he made about Ben playing with a doll? How he mocked and sacked the male nanny? ?

So the lesson learned here is this-beware of sharing your old favourites with your children, they they might just spoil it.


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11 thoughts on “The one where…. My child ruins Friends for me 

  1. Ok. So he totally broke Friends but….how amazing that your 15 year old son is such a sensitive and well rounded lad that he can recognise it as negative behaviour and will go forth and treat his future partners in a better way?! You’ve got to be super proud, you have bought up a wonderful young man there ☺ even if he is a Hull fan 😉

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    1. Hmmmm yeah he’s forgiven for now… But he’s banned from all my favourite things forever now!!
      The Hull thing will end in tears… Always does.. We never learn!! X


  2. Wow what a lovely boy your son sounds for noticing that behaviour! I dont think i really gave that a thought bless him. I need to make sure my boys dont watch “murder she wrote’, ‘Baywatch’ ‘charmed’ and any other naff shows I used to love during my young years. Nicky x #Blogstravaganza

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  3. Noooo … I will be committing your hard learned lesson to memory and will never share Friends with my girls! I couldn’t bare it if they tore it to shreds. The horror!

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