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What I learnt about people , through Twitter

Yesterday was a crazy day for me in the world of Twitter.

I like Twitter. I know it gets a bit of a kicking but I think it’s my fave social media. Maybe I just follow a shedload of cool people but it’s a happy , intelligent ,informative ,funny place my little Twitter world.

Things I usually tweet about :

The kids

Eating crisps in bed

How much I fancy and love Andy Murray

Doctor Who


Bake Off

What I’m eating


Domestic abuse

My Co-parenting woes

It can be pretty deep or totally light hearted and silly and I love it for that .

The day before yesterday I tweeted about a situation my eldest daughter had been in at school

Not going to go on about this incident because I think it’s clear for everyone to see it’s utter bullshit , never should have happened. She went to her talk and she still fancies doing an engineering apprenticeship after school.

The response to this tweet though was crazy. I mean I tweet some utter shite and my lovely Twitter pals over there indulge me often but I’m only a teeny blogger Doctor Who type girl. I don’t have a million followers and generally a handful of people like my tweets .

This tweet had tens of thousands of responses . Given the subject matter I was grateful, but still I’m not used to this stuff . However , I did learn an awful lot about people in the following 24 hours . They mainly fell into 3 groups :

The “there’s something she’s not telling us here” brigade

So there were a fair few men who thought I was trying to mislead the world with my tweet. That I was holding back on the ‘real’ story.

Firstly Dave or whatever you’re called probably @ladzbantz or something similar. Noone really reads my tweets and the folk who do tend to take them at face value, because that’s what they are . That’s how I use social media – to regale folk with my mostly mundane anecdotes. I didn’t for one second expect one of my witterings to be seen by thousands of people. I don’t carefully construct each tweet just on the off chance Dave from Walsall happens to come across it on his lunch. If any of my tweets were going to go nuts to be honest I’d have preferred it to be one about how they need to bring back Spiras as at least then I might have had half a chance at getting my own my way.

Secondly…what the hell could I be concealing from this story. Ooo sorry I neglected to mention throughout proceedings my daughter had a t -shirt on saying Down With Engineering on it !! Oh and she has engineers suck tattooed on her forehead.??

I’m afraid it really was as simple as I told it .

The #neverhappened crew

These are a weird bunch and there are loads of them.

They go to the effort of retweeting my tweet just so they can put #neverhappened in front of it !!

Some go that extra mile of course . One went to all the effort to retweet my tweet preceding it with “in the history of things that didn’t happen . This one didn’t happen the most” Ahhhhh clever work there Simon I see what you did lad , crack on !!

Again I’m bemused in two different ways here .

Firstly – why would you feel obliged to comment on something that wasn’t aimed at or intended for you (I get social media but I only expected my usual Twitter folk to see it as usual!)Why wouldn’t you do what I do as I scroll Facebook occasionally and read a status and think ‘Well that’s a lie ‘ and carry on with my day.

If I were going to be making something up it’d be something spectacular like I was going to be the next Doctor !! I don’t understand the need to comment on something that doesn’t concern you .

The second bit is a bit more sinister.

It’s the silencing thing. The silencing of women speaking out about inequality and sexism. These men will tell me what I know to have happened, didn’t. Classic gaslighting tactics .

One lovely fella went to the effort of telling me “this simply didn’t happen , if anything it’d be boys being forced into childcare talks”

Ah thanks for your input there Brian. Apologies for popping onto your timeline. You get back to flicking through the Sun bemoaning the fact you no longer get tits with your tea break . I assume this guy finds childcare a task unsuitable for boys ? If he’s concerned about young men being forced into childcare . Surely that’s not because looking after children is ‘womens work’ .

There’s something about highlighting how far we still have to go in search of equality that frightens the living daylights out of some men . Very much a feeling of ‘bloody hell we gave you the vote , hush now ‘

I was told this is what happens when the Trump bashers and Brexit haters takeover . They make up this kind of feminazi nonsense . Well blow me down with a feather Lee from Scunthorpe you have me perfectly right. Cancel Derren Brown everyone Lee here is a mind reader ! I actually AM anti Trump and didn’t vote Brexit AND am a feminist ….yeah it’s definitely me who shouldn’t be trusted .

I’m not going to be hushed by a load of guys on the internet. Telling me something I know to have happened didn’t happen isn’t going to intimidate me or cause me sleepless nights worrying about why a guy off the internet doesn’t believe me .

It’s dark though that this is some men’s immediate response . It’s almost as it they are worried about their place in the world should equality happen.

Then , though , then we get the biggest group of people . 95% of them I’d say and so you know what Twitter taught me about people as far as they are concerned? That people are awesome!!

The how can we help bunch of absolute gems

I have had offers from businesses to go into school to talk , offers for teen girl to go and look around workplaces. So many encouraging words , being put in touch with inspirational women who are happy to chat to my daughter about being a woman in a male dominated industry. I’ve had lovely messages from lovely women offering their support and am just overwhelmed one tiny little ranty tweet could elicit a response such as this . I feel empowered on my daughter’s behalf and she’s as amazed as I am.

Something else I learned from these amazing women excelling in an industry that shunned them for a long time?? Well the likes of Dave , Brian and Lee aren’t going to like it but women are in there smashing it and encouraging other women to go and join them.

The future looks bright.

*apologies to any Dave , Brians and Lees