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Podcasts that very nearly make you forget that you’re exercising ….


Before I begin , I must draw emphasis to the fact the title does clearly state ‘almost’ makes you forget you’re exercising . Nothing actually makes me forget I’m exercising . Mainly because I hate it I hate it I hate it !!….or at least I think I do when I’m getting to my limits and am tired. Yet the second I get to my limit ….pass my limit at times and especially when I’ve finished a run or a hard workout my first thoughts are *insert thought bubble here *

“Wow i feel SO good ”

“When can i next do that?”

“There is nothing in the world I couldn’t do right now”

“I am actually superwoman”

That’s where it grabs you .

I am currently training for a marathon. You can read here about the list of things I vowed to do when I turned 40. Run a marathon was one ….eeekk and sometimes you’ve just gotta put your money where your mouth is !!

Marathon training when you’re not really an exercise freak and chips are way more appealing than lacing up the run shoes is hard . Once upon a time I was someone who gave up too easily on things that were hard . Seems those days are gone . So here I am , someone not keen on the thought of exercise training to run a ridiculous amount of miles round Manchester.

I started by listening to music as I run which is great because there’s a rhythm to follow and a good song will even have me speed these lazy legs up. As much as running to music does motivate me , bursts of 4 mins a song just make my brain calculate how many more of these bloody songs before I can sit down?

So one day I tried a podcast and I found them so good for drawing you in and paying attention and listening (there’s no real need for me to actively listen to songs I’ve heard a thousand times ) I honestly can momentarily forget the legs are moving so enthralled into the podcast I am.

Safety advice : obviously be enthralled but aware ….roads , tree branches , dogs , other people etc are all hazardous .

I thought I could share my current faves in case you guys are looking for something to listen to whilst exercising . Or in the bath/on the train you don’t even have to exercise !! Only I do because I wrote a daft list.

Bloody marathon.

Anyway here they are :

Unfiltered with James O’Brien

A great episode that I loved was with Caitlin Moran. I love listening to anything she has to say anyway but this was a really good interview. The list of episodes though is a real who’s who of interesting people …if that’s your thing.

The Guilty Feminist

A great listen for the flawed feminists among us . Each episode beginning with I’m a feminist but…..

There are 179 episodes of this podcast at the moment so you can just have a flick through and find which ones stand out to you. A hell of lot of funny women in one place . If you’re anything like me you’ll start with the intention of just listening to one and lose yourself in this podcast.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

This is a new one I’ve just discovered. I came across it on Twitter when I saw my ultimate fantasy bff Marian Keyes was on an episode , and what an episode . It was a really touching , raw interview and I immediately got looking for who else had been on . The Lily Allen episode was another heart wrenching listen.

Mad World with Bryony Gordon

A refreshingly honest podcast where celebrities discuss their struggles and wins with mental illness . Prince Harry was the very first guest and I was really surprised with how open he was . Will Young talking about his ptsd was of interest to me and Scarlett Curtis discussing chronic illness and depression was inspirational.

Shagged Married Annoyed with Rosie and Chris Ramsey

I have saved the best for last here. My goodness if you are having a bad day and are in need of a giggle this is the one for you. Although on the exercise front I have had to stop running to laugh or guffawed in the gym like a maniac more than once. It reminds me of listening to my sis and her other half bickering and laughing ! This one though , not for anyone offended by crudity..stay away if that’s you . If it isn’t then you , my gorgeous friends , are welcome.

So there we are a genius trick to take your mind off the fact you are so fed up of exercise ….and what’s the point anyway and who’s stupid idea was a marathon anyway !!

* I listen on Spotify but sure they’re all available on the Apple thing too

Obviously this isn’t an ad , what would anyone want with me ? I’m just sharing the love !!

If I’m missing out on anymore amazing podcasts do let me know ….I’ve a lot of marathon hours to fill…..

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Shank You Very Much

Sunshine is magic!!

Really it is!

In fact sunshine is like my very own fairy godmother. Instead of changing pumpkins into coaches though it takes some of the dodgier, dull aspects of my personality and shines them up making me a little brighter than I once was.

I don’t think I’m alone in this either. Everyone is more smiley in the sun. Can I share with you though how sunshine magically transforms me into a totally new woman??

When it’s sunny…

I believe anything is possible
I’m pretty optimistic at the best of times. I can silver line the hell out of most situations – annoyingly so. Add sunshine though and DING!! (insert own fairy godmother magic wand sound here!) My dreams are bigger and they feel do able. In the sun over the weekend I pulled some of my ‘book ideas’ sat abandoned in notebooks together. I was feeling like why can’t I write a book? Rather than who would want to read my nonsense as I often do.

I become a more inventive parent
We’re quite set in our ways here. We eat the same dinners on a fortnightly loop, we tend to visit the same places on days out, we watch the same TV shows.. but – DING (you remember.. the magic wand?) and before you know it I’m scouring the Internet for summer dinner recipes and picnic ideas. I made my own flat breads and lamb kebabs today! A brand new dinner. Go me! I find new places to visits and events we might like to go to. I think summer mum me is better and certainly way more happy giddy than winter mum me!!

I become exercise girl
You know how I am. I’ll sit on my arse eating chips whilst whinging about putting on weight yet do absolutely nothing about it. I sit and think about exercise but never quite get around to doing anything other than lamenting not appreciating my size 8 days… but DING !!!
Sun’s out – running gear is out. I actually like running you know when I’m doing it. It’s just the thought that puts me off. I’m very much a fair weather exerciser, I’ve ran twice the past week and am getting back into my summer routine of walking everywhere instead of the train or bus! I mean, I still expect to lose half a stone every time I break into a sweat but even sunshine has it’s limitations I guess!

I contemplate boyfriend stuff!!
This is the weirdest one.
You know how I’m steadfastly single, I enjoy my own company have no interest in the love stuff?? Well DING!!
This cold hearted ice maiden here starts to get a bit slushy. I start to quite fancy one of those boyfriend shaped people. I start to think of would it be actually quite nice to do things in the sun with another human (not those kind of things you filthy lot!)
Don’t worry too much, I’ve not totally lost the plot. There are still very strict parameters in place for the boyfriend (happy to just see me once a month, PROMISES to not start with love stuff and isn’t needy-yes yes, still work to do I know)
The boyfriend would not be for life but just for summer. Beer gardens and snogging. Strict September expiry date. He’d be easy to find I know it! Lucky, lucky boy!!

So yes sunshine is magic.
Crack open the pimms, get your sundress on, hell even paint your toenails if you’re feeling fancy and enjoy the magic of the sun.

Let’s face it, the grey rainy days are never far away!!