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Villains and Superheroes – Be my superhero, it’s easy

Todays Blogtober theme is Villains and Superheroes. I have struggled with this one so I decided to make it personal. It’s actually just a list of things people do that annoy me and then one things people do that endear themselves to me in essence but was really quite cathartic to write in hindsight!!!

I am lucky enough to have some real life superheroes in my life . My sister (obvs) , my friends , the woman who brings me my Nandos. Good people, people who enhance my life just by existing.

There are also villains who hang around like bad smells attempting to make my life hard. I am going to add that everyone on this list owns a penis. I’m sure of course that is purely incidental.

Anyway , I think really it’s up to you whether you are a superhero or a villain in another person’s life. Here’s a cheat sheet for mine

Villains :

Don’t let me in front of them in the supermarket when they’ve a trolley full and I have one single item.

Ask me to repeat myself on the phone – if I am talking to you on the phone it is because I absolutely have no other choice. I bloody hate it , makes me anxious and yes I am aware I have a dodgy accent but telling me you can’t understand me makes me wish the phone would self destruct.

Eat off my plate – this includes people I have given birth to. If I’m eating out and you fancy trying some of my food….simply don’t. At a push I can resentfully pop some of my food onto your plate but once your nasty little fork has been on MY plate ,my dinner is ruined.

Put plates in the washing up bowl with food remnants on *shudder*

Buy the Daily Mail……or the Sun actually.

Ask me to explain the offside rule if I show an interest in football unless you do exactly the same to a man.

Call me love /babe /sweetheart /darling. This isn’t endearing or friendly or affectionate. It’s over familiar and it creeps me out.

Superheroes :

Know the difference between your and you’re and to /too/two ( important fact : should I make this mistake it is a typo , my phone’s fault and I’ll probably correct myself if I notice as I just can’t leave it!) so I’m a pedant I can’t help it, it’s a character flaw!

Never make me talk about my feelings! They know this will turn me mute.

Do not ever ponder out loud whether you can have too many books. You can’t.

Give advice such as “pour yourself a GnT , eat chips and watch crap TV ” in response to my whining about having a bad day (thanks HSG!)

Are thoughtful….my favourite character trait in any human!! Remember the little details , recommend me books and shows , text me with random anecdotes from years back. Because I try to do this too but then always panic I come across a bit stalky , have been through your bins kinda girl!!

See? See how easy it is to be my superhero!!! I’m really quite low maintenance….though looking at the villains list possibly also a bit irritable. Ah I’m an aquired taste …..

What Superhero / Villain traits can people bring into your life?Quirkier the better please so I feel less of a freak!!!

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