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A blog life crisis!

Warning – This may end up being one long whinge!

Extra warning – it’s blog related so lovely friends and family who read my stuff to be supportive , I’ll not hold it against you if you give this one a miss!!

I’ve fallen out with my blog a bit recently . I do that from time to time , decide I’m going to pack it all in then usually get a grip of myself within a couple days .

It’s a bit different this time though. I love writing my blog . At almost 4 and a half years this is the one hobby I’ve not gotten bored and dropped after a couple months! I’m just having a bit of a blogging identity crisis!!

My blog is quite like me ( unsurprisingly )It’s a bit clumsy and haphazard . As such I don’t think I’m really a ‘proper’ blogger. I mean :

I’ve been saying for years I’m going to go self hosted but I don’t like change and tech scares me !!

I don’t post regularly at the same time and days each week (I know that’s a golden rule !)

I just couldn’t do that. I just and write or type when I feel I’ve something to say. I can’t schedule that . Hmmm brain I have scheduled 2pm of a Thursday for creative genius if you don’t mind . I am just being daft here of course . I know some folk have weeks worth of posts all written up and ready to go . For me however , if I’ve felt motivated enough to get writing about it I want to tell people about it right now!!

I don’t have a niche ( another golden rule)

I did at the beginning . When this blog was just about life after domestic abuse , telling my story. I do go back to that and I always will because women have told me reading those kind of posts comforts them that they are not the only one going through it . That’s not the sum total off my life experiences though. I cover mental health and my anxiety disorder. I write about parenting though as the kids are getting older I seem to be doing a lot more writing about rediscovering who I am when I’m not mum. My blog has evolved to cover whatever is on my mind at any given time and honestly the way my brain works that’s pretty diverse.

My kids are the wrong age . Most of the bloggers I see and read and am aware of have much younger children than me . I cannot get the teens to play ball and look cute !

So you see , I’m just not sure I fit there but if not there where then?

I’m certainly not a writer , punctuation and I have deep seated issues and I’ve noticed I’ve started using the terms ‘gonna ‘ and ‘wanna’ a lot. Not a writers behaviour . I just write as I speak and unfortunately I waffle a hell of a lot .

I sure as hell aren’t an influencer. My Insta is a wreck due to a rubbish camera on my phone and the fact that neither my house , wardrobe nor kids are insta compatible!! I’ve never done a review or a giveaway or a sponsored post so that’s influencer out the window !!

So I’m just unsure of my place .

I guess really I’ve never bothered about fitting in in any area of my life before . I don’t know why I feel I should here .

I certainly don’t want to stop wittering away on my blog. It’s soooo much cheaper than therapy and even if I never published another post I’d still be scribbling away in my many notebooks !! Maybe on this one I just have to do me . Not get too caught up in niches and schedules and just continue to write when I’ve something to say. Waffle first and worry about where it fits later ??

Anyone else have blog crisis’ ?? Just me and my overthinking brain??

A love letter to mum bloggers…


Dear Mummy Bloggers ,


After the vileness of THAT ridiculous article by Anna May Mangan about how we are bringing the country to its knees with our gin soaked potato waffles ( oo wonder if that could work!) in that horrific newspaper that the devil would be proud of I felt compelled to tell you all how much I bloody love you.



As a mum blogger I love my little blog. I like having a little corner of the internet that’s mine. I’m proud of my blog too. Blogging makes me brave enough to share my thoughts in public . I’m grateful to my blog for being part of a really helpful therapy.



Do you know what I like more though?


Your blogs.


I love reading your blogs , I love sharing them , I love finding a brand new blog then bingeing ( that spike in your views where you panic someone is reading everything you’ve ever written …that’s probably me!)



My favourites being those of you who bite the bullet and write really honestly about the realities of motherhood. Strangely I take it as a given that you all love your kids to pieces , I take it that we all know how lucky we are to have created actual humans who get to share our lives with . I don’t assume unless I see #blessed on your social media you’re just not that fond of them!

Reading your blogs full of love and joy and happiness is uplifting . Finding an idea for a new day out by reading reviews on your blog is really helpful.

When you share with us though , quite often in a raw manner , that sometimes you struggle. When you comment on how bloody hard this parenting lark can be. That some days it all feels impossible. That’s so very important too.



Parenting can be isolating . It’s terrifying. It’s so much harder having to deal with the constant feeling of being judged whether that’s by the woman tutting in the supermarket , your mother in law , your ex partner or a bloody national newspaper.



For an ordinary mum having one of those impossible days. Maybe she’s not seen another adult in a week. Maybe she’s exhausted and desperate and feels like this mummy gig is just too tough for her. Maybe she feels like a failure and is too worried to reach out in case everyone else agrees she’s a useless mother.

Well your blogs help save their sanity.

Maybe this tired mum comes across your blogs on an impossible day. Reads that other mums out there have had impossible days , that it’s normal , that she is not the only one. That she is not in fact a failure but a member of a massive club. A club full of women who have impossible days sometimes fish fingers and gin and all. That can feel like the biggest relief , the weight of the world falling from your shoulders. It’s a comfort to know that sometimes impossible days are followed by magical days. It’s a comfort that there are women out there who you can identify with and communicate with and that it’s ok to find it tough.



You’re not just a sanity saver though mum bloggers. You’re entertainment.


There are some supremely talented writers out there.


Blogging is not merely a load of self indulgent mums having a moan. So many topics are covered in this umbrella of the ‘mum blog’ Inspirational , moving writing covering heavy topics. Racism , mental health ,divorce, politics , feminism , abuse , grief all covered in various of your blogs I’ve read and written well. These are not just fluffy headed women half drunk on their 11am gin indulgently bleating about how shit it is to be a mum despite what the Daily Mail think. I’m unsure the writer of this particular piece has ever really read much of your work.



You’re funny too , so funny!! Your witty , intelligent writing can cheer up a miserable grey day!



So sneer all you want Daily Mail. You hate women as it is , of course you’ll feel threatened by a group of them who don’t behave as you think they should. Who build women up, who stand in solidarity with one another. Female empowerment was never really going to be your thing though. We’ve seen your poking fun at unflattering bikini shots and your misogynist headlines. To be frank some of the pieces I’ve been unlucky enough to come across from your ‘newspaper’ are nothing short of a hate crime .


Well love wins over hate.


Mum bloggers I bloody love you!!!


Kelly xxx




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