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An unusual idol for an 8 year old. . 

My youngest’s absolute idol currently is Marcus Wareing the chef. She asked me to tweet him a picture of the meal she made earlier in the week but come on, I’m a blogger, I can do better than that surely. 

Dear Mr Wareing, 

You are my 8 year old daughter’s idol. You are the example in her mind of everything she wants to achieve and I just wanted you to know how happy that makes me a her mum. Also I’m a mum blogger.. . and if a blogger feels something but doesn’t blog about it? Well did she ever really feel it? ?

I must confess here and now Mr Wareing that this ignorant mum didn’t know who you were when she began to mention you. Masterchef :The professionals is one she watches on the days she’s at her daddy’s house. My little girl is a cooking show fanatic. From Bake-off to Masterchef Australia, from Delia to Jamie to the Great British Menu. She just loves them. She graduated from cbeebies to cooking shows around aged 5 and has been an avid viewer ever since. 

Of all the chefs though, you are the one she wants to be like when she grows up (it’s all about the 2 Michelin stars she tells me) That her aim in life is to be a Michelin starred chef and own her own restaurant to me is a great goal. We have a ‘dream huge’ policy in our house and she’s certainly taken that and ran with it! 

She just loves cooking. She has in recent weeks mastered the roast dinner, making this Yorkshire girl green with envy at how brilliantly her yorkshire puddings turned out. This week she cooked us steak and veg with yummy home made onion rings (which always fall apart in the pan when I try it) She invented a garlicky peppercorn sauce to go with it and asked me to tweet you the pictures as she was so happy with her presentation! ! I didn’t think I could do her enthusiasm justice over 140 characters so here we are

I’m grateful that you are her idol. I’m grateful that she recognises a skill as something to look up to. That she recognises hard work and lots of practice will be how she’ll achieve her goals. There are so many questionable role models for young girls out there I’m more than happy that when she grows up she wants to be like Marcus Wareing rather than someone prancing about half naked with a microphone or a reality TV show star with half a brain. 

Cooking is great for her to explore her creativity, it teaches her patience (which she certainly needs) and that practice is the way to get better at something. I thank you for giving a cooking crazy girl something to aim towards
Love from her, slightly redundant in the kitchen these days, mummy

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