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Not a natural runner…

I have a big run plan set for 2022 , lots of events in the diary culminating in the big marathon I seem to have been training forever for due to covid and foot fractures. I am quite excited but I am by no means a natural runner . I twist and turn between love and hate over and over. If I could transcript my thoughts during a run I think they would read strikingly similar to this .

WAKE UP : Wow brand new day , have a run scheduled best get it done first thing so it’s out of the way and I can’t make excuses up to myself not to run.

GET READY : arrrgghh where the hell are my fave leggings ? The ones with the deep pocket for my phone and aren’t too tight on the tummy ??? My god sports bras and sizeable boobs are hard work . I’m going to struggle to get the bra off once it’s on ….hmmm maybe that guy was right when he said I was the wrong shape to be a runner …right I am good to go , wonder how cold it is and if I need a little jacket, ah no I’ll work harder if I’m a bit chilly will soon warm up!

30 MINS LATER : Sat in full run gear sat on the sofa staring at the wall, daydreaming .

30 MINS AFTER THAT : Still sat staring at the wall daydreaming .

OUT THE DOOR : Ooo should take a pic is a run still a run without photographic evidence ?? Man I look a bit rough , why did I choose such an unglamorous hobby ?

FIRST MILE : I effing hate running , hate it !! I could be on the sofa eating crisps right now .

My trainers feel a bit strange maybe I should just go home.

Knew I should have brought my jacket maybe should call it a day and head back.

Arrgghh wrong playlist ,I need Missy Elliott right now this is total bs !!

What is even the point of running , it’s just getting from A to B just a bit faster.

My bra strap is rubbing that’s not good maybe I should get a new sports bra and hold off running until after that?

I honestly just don’t think it’s meant to be today ,let’s just stop and go home

Think I’m going to give up running anyway,stick to yoga!


Isn’t running the most amazing thing , I feel so great right now! I just bloody love running , maybe I’ll do more than one marathon ….oooo maybe next year I could run like half a dozen , maybe I’ll do an ultra!!!

END OF RUN : Yes!!! Check out this running high , I feel amazing . I’m going to do some strength work this afternoon , probably a yoga session, maybe even a HIIT class as I feel so strong and amazing and unstoppable .Just sit of the sofa and drink my water then back to it.

30 MINS LATER : Sat on the sofa in (now pretty gross) running gear ….staring at the wall , mustering up the energy to run a bath.

You see what I mean , not at all a born runner but I try !!

I’ll never be speedy (I blame the pesky boobs) but I’ll be there ,giving it a go !!

Here’s to a no covid cancelling , injury free run year!!!

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Lockdown musings no.4 – is this the opposite of cosmic ordering???

Hey friends , how are we all doing ? Fed up of the company of our family yet? Bored of the constant feeding people? Ready to touch other humans again?

My latest lockdown blog is going to begin with an apology.

I think me and my grand plans may have triggered this whole thing , everyone is blaming the old bat muncher (not a weird euphemism ) over in Wuhan but maybe it was me and my list of all the things I was going to do this year as I turned 40,

Maybe I got too cocky pals ? See once upon a time I wrote a list…a boyfriend list…you can read all about that here ( https://kellyandthekidsblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/09/the-boyfriend-list/) in brief I wrote a list and it came right true. Now I wasn’t about to get all Noel Edmonds on the cosmic ordering front but I called that a result!!!

So just before my 40th birthday in December I wrote a list again . This time it was of all the things I wanted to do in my year of being 40. The idea was to stop myself having a grump about getting older and instead have positive things to look forward to doing.

I was quite motivated and excited . Then a global pandemic came and wiped out most my list in one fell swoop (where does that phrase even come from ?does anyone know ?)*

Anti cosmic ordering? The universe saying “hey you I sent you that handsome chap from the last list, stop being so bloody greedy”

Obviously I feel I have to say I am not so egocentric I’m going to have a moan about this when there are half a million people dead. I’m merely trying to use my attempt at motivation getting ruined to amuse myself , if you can’t entertain yourself when you’re stuck in I really don’t know when you can.

So here’s the grand list of all the exciting things I was going to do this year!!

Not overly ambitious I’m sure you can see , just some lovely things to do to celebrate 40.

Let’s look at the top one first . Run A Marathon.

I’ve always said I wanted to run a marathon one day . I was due to in the Spring. I’d actually worked hard at it too. Joined the gym to get stronger , was out running every other day. I even ran Christmas morning . The marathon though was postponed until the autumn and has not been cancelled yet but I assume it will be . Hope so anyway because lockdown diets and marathon training don’t really mix and I’m definitely not in marathon shape.

Visit a new country combined with learn a new language ….

Again I was on board with the language learning was Duolingo -ing every night , my Italian was coming along beautifully for my lovely Italian mini break.

Needless to say , when lockdown happened and Italy was looking pretty badly hit ( before we realised how bad things were going to get here) My pal Duo and I split up. Well I’ll be honest with you people I ghosted him! I know how terribly bad etiquette that is but I just lost all interest. He’d send me little messages asking if I had 10 mins to spare to practice my Italian. I ignored him, He even sent a few messages saying he was missing me and I still didn’t respond. In fact I deleted the app, out of guilt ( sorry for anyone who has never used Duolingo and are just assuming I’ve finally lost it , it’s a language app with a cute little motivational character) So that was that .

Both finish the book and read some classics …

Erm….I bought shed loads of books? Does that count?

Visit somewhere peaceful

I had plans , I was off to a Scottish Island all on my own . I was going to absorb so much peace and tranquillity when I got home I’d be like one of those monks that can meditate for weeks on end .

Strangely I have found lockdown pretty zen inducing in many ways , but my house isn’t quite the same as picturesque scenery and idyllic landscapes

I think I’ll just have to postpone the majority of my list until next year.

I also am going to restart 40 in December I think , the list was for 40 and I’m not willing to annoy the universe again !!! So 40 I shall stay until this list is ticked off ! Fair enough right?