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I Should be so Lucky!

I Should be so Lucky was a prompt from last year’s Blogtober, the challenge to write each day in October.

It was, I think, a given that of course I would write about my lifelong love for Ms Minogue and a tale of how what started as a really awful day turned into possibly the happiest evening of my life!

I was a neighbours fan as a kid. My sister and I used to love it, Home and Away too. In fact we loved that Australian drama so much in school hols sometimes we’d treat outselves and watch both the lunchtime and teatime showings. I digress, apologies. The wedding, the greatest wedding of all time can’t even imagine how many times I’ve seen that. I think back in the day I had it videoed. 7 year old me fell in love and it has been a love ever lasting.

Especially for You was the first record I ever bought. I know you’re really meant to make up something cool but I can’t do that to our Kyles. By the time I Should be so Lucky came along our love was sealed. 7 year old me was eager to share this love with her family. My dad told me Pah.. Kylie.. she won’t last two minutes! Now I’m not saying I’m one to like being proven right, but my dad died 25 years ago and I still wish I could tell him she’s still very much around now dad. Told you!!!

Now as a grown woman it’s actually cool to be into Kylie, everyone loved her rocking Glastonbury! Everyone looks at her in the same way as I do (like the loveheart eyes emoji if you’re wondering)

I’m a woman who hasn’t really had an awful lot of adventures. I had babies and a few of them in my early 20’s so I didn’t really get to do all the partying and holidaying and festivalling (I’m working up to all that now the kids are older) I’ve not been to an awful lot of gigs. Then a new Kylie tour was announced for 2018!! She was coming to Manchester and I was a grown up now I could buy tickets to see her if I liked! I was rabid excited, asked around see who wanted to come with me (big fat no one) That’s OK, no accounting for taste. I am Kelly, Queen of the solo date I’ll go on my own… Eeek only a year to wait for it to come around.

It came around, there was weeks left to go… I had my Kylie playlist pretty much on repeat 24/7. Then the biggest mental health crash of my life came about. It was always going to happen, always a case of when than if. I couldn’t go to Kylie, no way. I couldn’t go into a big crowded place, I couldn’t have fun. No way not a chance. Kylie day came round and I just sat, sad and miserable.

My mental health is a fragile thing but it’s always dependable in the way it always gets better. It got better, much better. Things that had laid dormant and raw for years and now been processed and dealt with, trauma quietened. It happened again. A big glittery announcement, a new Kylie tour and this time it was her greatest hits. Her. Greatest. Hits. The 8 year old in me briefly wondered if we could get our hair permed again for the concert (hey we rocked the perm in 1988 what’s stopping us? ) That idea briefly cast aside tickets to see her in Edinburgh… at the actual castle no less were bought and… yeah.. just a year to wait..

Kylie day came around! It didn’t start well. I overslept, I couldn’t find my make up bag and I left my bank card in Manchester Piccadilly. Was I just doomed? Were things always going to stop me seeing her? I was late but I made it, tummy butterflies the whole journey. A bit grumpy about the disastrous morning but it was Kylie day, put the playlist on and cheer up. It was a gorgeous day I had a lovely summery dress on (a very glittery Kylie esque one to change into for the gig!!!) Walking through Edinburgh super super excited, the sun was shining it was Kylie day!! There was all of a sudden a bit of a chill in the air though, I felt really cold. A glance down to discover said lovely dress had burst open flashing the whole of Edinburgh my undies!! Oh give me a break, can anything else go wrong. My chivalrous companion got me a drink sat me down and staved off a breakdown as he hurried off to get safety pins and save my blushes and I held my dress together like an absolute loon. Thinking back now I just smile at how badly my day was going at the time I just felt doomed.

It goes without saying Kylie was phenomenal. Pretty sure our eyes met in a really meaningful way once or twice and I don’t think I’ve ever felt the joy that was tens of thousands of people singing Kylie and just loving their lives in that moment. I kept catching the person I was with sneaking glances at me in the way you do when you take the kids to see something you know they’re going to love so you can’t take your eyes off their excited happy faces! Only I was a 39 year old woman but probably excitable as a kid. So it turned out I wasn’t doomed to never see Kylie. The woman I had spent a good 30 years in love with. The opposite of doomed in fact. I’m not really a everything happens for a reason kind of a person. However being there, On a Night Like This blasting out as the sun set over the gorgeous Edinburgh Castle. That did feel like the most perfect of moments that ever could have been.

This Is Me! Blogtober20 Day 1

It’s October and I’m very excited to be taking part in Blogtober 2020 which involves blogging everyday through October using prompts.

Todays prompt is This Is Me , so here are 10 facts about me !


Yeah , zero points for the woman stating the obvious. I’ve kind of forgotten myself lately though. I began my blog as a anonymous blog talking about my life after escaping an abusive relationship. My blog has evolved over the last 7 (what? how’s it been that long) years though and now my emphasis is on finding yourself once the children are growing up and remembering or discovering who you are without the mum tag.


As such I shall bemoan the disparity between those of us who are totally swindled by our December birthdays and the rest of the population forever !!! Joint birthday /Christmas celebrations , presents and cards are just such a con. I know we can’t compete with Jesus on the special birthday front but spare us a thought!


Anyone who follows me on social media will already be bored silly of me going on about it . Trust me , I am a bit fed up of it myself ! It was meant to have been done by now . I’d been training to run the Manchester Marathon in April 2020 , covid spoilt those plans and the marathon was moved to October 2020…then to April 2021 and now we’re looking at October 2021. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but feels like this is all a big con to keep me having to train and keep fit instead of sitting on my bum eating chips ….and I really love sitting on my bum eating chips!!


I have seen my favourite episodes , gotta be hundreds of times ! My decision on who the best Doctor has been changes according to my mood and which episode I’ve just seen (currently Capaldi!) There is a Who episode to suit every mood if I need to laugh or cry or feel hopeful or uplifted I have a whole spectrum to choose from. I’m very grateful I had a little boy when it made its comeback or it would have likely totally passed me by , and THEN where would I have gone for a therapeutic weep!

This year I got the dress of dreams , hands down my most favourite thing I’ve ever bought !! With a cool necklace to go with. LOOK….. *sighs with happiness *

The photographer took her job waaayyy too seriously here (she’s 12!)


Shudder …even the thought of the slimy swimmy little things has me on edge !!!

They send shivers down me swimming about , I daren’t paddle in the sea in case one touches me , I can’t go to aquariums , I have to be on high alert in Pets at Home !! just horrid!

I also have never eaten fish ( you’d think I’d be happier with them once they were dead wouldn’t you ?) No , still as offensive to me ! Happy with my chips plain thanks no need for battered fish corpse on the side !


I wrote all about my love of a date for one here Reasons everyone should have a ‘date night’…on their own! and I stand by it now (even though I’ve some pretty amazing dates with a plus one lately!) There’s just something freeing about a night out where you get to be super selfish and not taking anyone else into consideration! Also I’m a pretty good date it turns out!


Now the kids are all getting older and time in my presence is no longer the fun goals it once was I have a very odd thing called ……spare time!!! I know! I know! if you’ve small children you never think you’re going to see this ever again but it’s in your future I promise! I’m currently reading More Than A Woman by Caitlin Moran and enjoying it a lot . My favourite book of the year so far is a gorgeous book called A Love Story for Bewildered Girls by Emma Morgan.


I have 2 boys , 2 girls . Well I say boys they’re 20 and 18 and the girls are 17 and 12. I’ve been a single mum for almost 13 years and it’s been a wild ride ! Currently we’re just recalibrating after son number 2 heartlessly abandoned us for uni!


I don’t think them odd by the way , it’s everyone else who questions my taste ! Everyone has one weird crush eh ? Just all mine are – as documented

Ah so I’ve some weird crushes…

My weird crushes (part 2)

Think I need a part 3 actually , I need a safe space to chat about my recent Ed Milliband thing …


I have no middle ground , it’s so odd. I either love something to absolute death (see Doctor Who) or I really couldn’t care less . Very much all or nothing kind of attitude ! Happens with people too I either find someone fascinating and want to know everything there possibly is to know about them , I want to inhale their soul….or yeah not bothered *shrugs shoulders *

So that’s me , in a nutshell.

Love Doctor Who and books

Hate fish !

hmmm could have saved myself a few hundred words there eh ?

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Into the Groove Blogtober20-day 4

It’s October and I’m very excited to be taking part in Blogtober 2020 which involves blogging everyday through October using prompts.

Today’s prompt is Into the Groove , so I’m talking about how I’m trying to get ‘into the groove’ and motivated through October (not sooo tenuous right?) I’ve been missing in action lately on the blog front. I am just feeling thoroughly uninspired at the mo. My phone notes are usually full of blog post ideas I’ve had , usually so full I’ll never get around to writing many of them but I’m scared not to note these ideas as they pop into my head , because what if they were brilliant ?! y notes are currently empty , my many notebooks lay unwritten in, my brain is just not feeling very creative.

Autumn is usually my absolute favourite season. I love the pretty cosiness of it all . I like cold days with the sun shining , I like multicoloured leaves , I like fluffy jumpers and stews.

With everything else going on currently though it’s feeling a bit tricky to embrace all the things I love about Autumn and run with them, there’s so much uncertainty in the world at the minute I’m untrusting of even Autumns cosy little months coming along. There are so many what ifs . Will the kids stay in school and college without event ? Will teen boy the younger be allowed home from uni? Will we find ourselves thoroughly locked down again? Are we going to find ourselves restricted to just one exercise a day again?

Everything feels up in the air and unsettled right now. I have anxiety and uncertainty doesn’t suit me at all. I like yes and no and dislike maybe. Whilst everything was all shut and we were all stuck home I was perfectly happy , when and if life goes back to the normal of before I’ll deal with that but we appear to be in halfway kind of place currently and it doesn’t sit well with me .

What do I do when I feel a little out of control and I need to focus my anxious energies ?

I make a plan!

There are two things that focus my mind when all around me seems unsure. Firstly , this blog. Though it has been woefully neglected of late just knowing it’s here ready for me to pour my thoughts and worries and hopes and dreams and rants into whenever I need it is fantastic . Writing down my thoughts has always been hugely therapeutic to me , also a bit of creativity makes me happy .

Secondly , running . Another thing that focusses my mind . I wrote Running and mental health all about how running helps me .

So the plan just needs to make time for these two things and also give me a bit of a challenge , I do like to test myself.

I am , for the third year in a row, taking part in Blogtober . A blog challenge which means posting a blog post everyday in October . The brilliant Mandi at https://bigfamilyorganisedchaos.com/ has put together some fab song based prompts and I’m excited to give this brain a good old kick start and get back to the blogging that I love. I have never yet managed to blog every single day of October , but maybe this is the year!

On the running front I’ve two new challenges for this month.

Manchester Marathon has now been postponed until next autumn . I have been very anti ‘virtual’ races in the past. I love the atmosphere of run day and as an annoyingly competitive person the chance to attempt to try and catch someone up who isn’t too far away are what helps me finish most races!! However the plan calls for challenging my little running self so I am going to do the virtual Manchester Marathon , which means running the 26.2 miles through October (not all at the same time thankfully , I’m not there yet!)

I’m also in October , with This Girl Runs , challenging myself to run and walk 100k in the month of October. That sounds quite a lot when you type it ??!!Eeeeek what have I gotten myself into ?I don’t know but am already much chirpier just having some fun things to focus on what with everything else going on !!

Let’s see how I get on !!!

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Blogtober – Day 4 – 5 things that make you smile

With thanks to Annette at 3 Little Buttons for her blogtober prompts

I am taking part in blogtober and attempting to blog every day this month. Today’s Blogtober prompt is 5 things that make you smile in honour of national smile day! I am a big smiler , I love to see other people smiling too and how lovely is the feeling of making someone else smile ?

Going ‘home’

I’ve been away from Hull for more than a decade now but I get this feeling when I go back. As soon as the train passes through Brough I get excited , I’m nearly home. I always tell people this and they probably think me nuts but when I step down from the platform from the train and see the Welcome to Hull sign I grin like a Cheshire cat!

Also my sister is there and she is the person who makes me smile more than any other person in the world. Although that’s more of a giggle , hysterical laughing and guffawing than a simple smile. Honking my nephew calls my Hull laugh!! Really my family are hilarious! I think so anyway, you might not think so they are an acquired taste but they definitely,definitely make me smile . A lot .

The kids being nice to each other

Or generally just getting along. The girls having an early night so as they can lay in bed and gossip.and chat . The boys ‘mental away days’ following Stockport County to bizarre places .

I came upstairs the other night to find teen boy the younger teaching small girl how to change a duvet cover. ..please teach me next?

When the big 3 were little it was a kind of bickerfest . With me gritting my teeth , remembering my sister and I used to be the same and now she is my fave person. I’d just hope that when they got older they’d get along and be friends and (for the most part) now they are.

Receiving sweet texts

I’m almost 40 ….yet you can see me grinning at my phone like a loon from time to time when the exceptionally handsome man in my life has his charming pants on.

It’s a bit nuts having a teenage like crush at my age but as I never bothered with them as an actual teen I’m allowed this one ? Owed a bit of lovehearts for eyes syndrome ?

Also , it’s so much fun and makes me the smiliest !!

Finding the perfect gift

I always claim to have 2 skills in life :

I make an amazing pie and I am good at finding presents .

If you like you can down grade my pie making abilities but present finding is something I love.

You know when you’re in a shop or just browsing online and you see something you just know someone else will love , and how that will make them smile ?? Amazing feeling !

A good Sunday Roast

You knew food of some kind was going to make this list right?

Can anything beat a really good roast though? When the roast potatoes (the most important part of any Sunday roast and what I will judge you on if I come to your house for dinner) have a crunch but are perfectly fluffy inside. When your Yorkshire Puddings rise perfectly , your veg is cooked to perfection and your gravy the perfect thickness……now THAT is worth a smile !!

Awwww now I’m hungry….smiling though.

Hope there is lots for you to smile about this #nationalsmileday

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Blogtober – day 3 -Share a poem for poetry day

With thanks to Annette at 3 Little Buttons for her blogtober prompts

I am taking part in blogtober and attempting to blog every day this month. Today’s Blogtober prompt is share a poem.

I really should have tried to write a poem. That really would have been a creative challenge for me I don’t think I’ve written poems since school , which is a shame really as I do love poetry. I shall write a poem ..it’s on the to do list and now I’ve told you guys I have to do it.

For now let me share a poem with you from the super talented Holly McNish about parenthood , and timely again for a woman trying to work out who she is when not mum …about precisely that , how we lose our own identity for a while.

Hope you enjoy


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Blogtober – Day 2 – Bucket list

With thanks to Annette at 3 Little Buttons for her blogtober prompts

I am taking part in blogtober and attempting to blog every day this month. Today’s Blogtober prompt is Bucket List.

This is a timely one for me as I’m going through a transformative phase with the blog . Sort of going from parenting blog to …what do I do now they’re growing up and who am I when I’m not mum blog.

Maybe need a snappier title.

I wrote this week about approaching 40 and how I’m looking forward to it. I know there are many lists out there of things to do before you’re 40. I started reading them LAST birthday and wrote all about how I didnt think I was capable so I’m not going to go on about all the stuff I have roughly 10 weeks to do .

I have a different kind of a plan for 40.

40 is when it all begins for me right?

The kids are older . I have this weird thing called free time now . I need to start using it to discover the answer to the old Who Am I? conundrum.

So instead of a bucket list of things to do before 40 , I have a few things I want to do WHEN I am 40 , after I’ve turned 40 . Less time pressure and more focus on a bit of good old self discovery.

I’ll share a few :

Run a marathon

This was something eldest and I discussed years ago . One day we’d love to run a marathon,just to say we had. I think in my head back then it had to be London , but tricky to get a place so currently in my head it’ll be Manchester next April. If the body complies or not is a whole other thing.

Give something back

When I left the abusive relationship I was lost and scared and supremely overwhelmed. I talk often on my blog about The Freedom Programme and how doing that course saved me . Next year and for the foreseeable really I’d like to give more women the chance to do this so maybe raising money for the womens centre where I did it could help that , and I guess I could combine that with the marathon running.

Finish the book

Been writing a book all my life I think!

One is coming together nicely but I do need to dedicate time to it to try and pull it all together and I suppose see if it’s even any good or not . Some of this free time I talk of definitely needs to be sent the books way.

Visit new places

I’ve been nowhere . Seen nothing . I had babies in my 20’s and grand plans were on the back burner a while . Doing some exploring in my 40’s has been in The Plan for a while now and I am really excited about this one .

Learn something new

I absolutely bloody adored school. I loved learning . I’d very much like to go back to college and learn something new. Conversational French for the European adventures maybe ,an actual writing class to pull along this book?! I don’t know yet but think the brain could do with a new challenge!

So there we are some of the things on my when I’m 40 bucketlist ! Can’t wait to get cracking!!

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So now where do I fit ?

Soooooo here I am , back blogging and I cannot tell you what a relief it is . Sounds a bit nuts but I need this . It’s such a huge aid to good mental health and creativity (in the loosest sense of the world )is good for well-being right?

I wrote earlier in the week about my extended break and how I came to realise the days of the parenting blog were behind me . I’m sure there’ll be the very occasional post mentioning the kids because how could there not be? If I’m writing about my life they’re going to feature but they’re no longer the focus. It’s not fair on them to share their business and to be quite frank they’re pretty low on material these days , busy working or getting an education!! Not the comedy gold they once were!

So in this big old blogging world I now have a slight identity crisis . Where do I fit ?

Can I still (virtually) hang out with the parent bloggers?? I hope so , those guys are the best . They are where are the giggles and the wine is ! I think I’m going to have to just wildly hang on to their coat tails as I simply don’t fit anywhere else.

I can’t be a lifestyle blogger ! Have you seen the state of my Instagram?? Lifestyle bloggers have pics of themselves in their huge , gorge pristine kitchens draped over their fridges like Kim K . Yesterday I posted a pen lid I found in my cleavage ! (I’m here by the way should that kind of ground breaking content float your boat) Lifestyle bloggers are groomed and have beautiful clothes . I’ve currently my hair tied up because I stupidly thought it had another day in it before it needed washing and am sporting a Harry Potter nightshirt with mismatched pj bottoms. If I did an OOTD it’d read like a jumble sale . Yeah I just wouldn’t fit in there.

Travel bloggers – maybe I could join them. I’m 40 this year and now the kids are getting older I’ve plans to have some adventures. See places I never have (I’ve seen nowhere . I went to Kos once that’s the extent of my travels) . I am going to fix that though and I do have plans . Maybe one day I can join those guys , but not yet. I don’t think the jetsetters chatting of their trips to Tibet would welcome me discussing my trip to Aldi and debating which of the two Aldis in my vicinity is the better one (it’s the smaller one , they changed everything around in the bigger one and confused me) So maybe not travel bloggers just yet.

Oooo FOOD , maybe I can be a food blogger. Write about what you know , that’s what they say eh ? I know food. Food is one of my favourite things ever. I could definitely do this . Except , I’m a bit fussy and stuck in my ways. I’m one of those annoying people who go to the same places and order the same thing every time. I’m also the holder of many food ‘quirks’ shall we say . I cannot abide sharing platters -do.not eat off the same plate as me , do not let plates with something on I don’t like touch mine and no actually nearly 40 I may be but if my meal arrives with something on the side I don’t like I cannot pick it off .Dinner is ruined , I bid you good day !!!

Yeah food is off and I can’t do a cooking or craft blog because all the cooking and crafting talent in this house comes from the kids.

I could be an interior blogger , all chalky paint and feature walls .

*Looks around the house * yeah nah let’s leave that one .

Ok well I guess I’ve never had a niche with my blog . Even though I’d say it would be predominantly parenting based I have a tendency to go off on a tangent. I get distracted easily. I’ve never been a blogger to write certain times on certain days (even though I know that’s what we’re supposed to do ) I write when an idea hits that I just need to get from my head to the screen . Sometimes it’s parenting related , sometimes feminist ,sometimes mental health and often domestic abuse.

If I have a theme at all from now it’s going to be – woman fast approaching 40 who has spent half her life child rearing and is now ready to do some of the things she missed by having children so young whilst being so grateful for her amazing little family who are all starting to stretch their wings without her .

Not a very ‘gram -able hashtag that though is it ?!!

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Ah poor , neglected blog…..


I have been a bad blogger of late !!

My posts have been sporadic and I feel like I’ve kind of lost my voice somewhere along the way. This isn’t the first time that the dreaded bloggers block has hit so I know it’ll pass but sitting and just writing seems to have become tricky for me .

I do have a lot going on at the minute. Moving house , trying to keep my mental health in a reasonable condition whilst in a stressful situations , continuing to Grab that wheel and get stuff done! Writing just seems to have taken a back seat. Which is a shame really as blogging and those amazing folk who read and comment on my blog do wonders for the old mental health so it really shouldn’t be the first thing to drop.

I’ve mentioned before how I had some blogging unpleasantness after my blog was found by someone who didn’t like me telling my story and though that hasn’t silenced me , I am a bit more cautious . I censor myself more than usual. I read too much into my own waffle and cut and edit way more aggressively than I ever had.

That has to stop.

The reason my blog is therapeutic to write is because I never have censored myself. I tell my stories , I talk about my experiences . I sit with a notebook or a keyboard , open my mind and let the words fall out. it’s the only way I can , or know how to write. So this sanitized , over thought version of my writing is never going to work for me , or you guys either really I don’t think. When I get comments it’s usually from women telling me they feel less alone for me discussing my experiences , or that they know what I’m talking about …they’ve been there too. Whether I’m discussing mental health or parenting or domestic abuse I like that my words connect with people. They’re the kind of blogs I love reading you see. One’s that touch me , make me feel , that i can identify with.

So how do I pull myself back to the girl who writes from the heart , overshares a lot and gets way more out of writing my blog when it feels free??

I’ve some ideas…

Firstly I need to actively make time for the blog. Set aside a block of time each week to look at my blog , reply to comments , join my beloved linkys , actually write . I need to then stick to that plan. I’ve always been a bit haphazard with writing and focus generally does me the world of the good.

I’m going to worry less about negative voices and focus on the positives. You want to hush me then chances are you were never someone reading my blog just because you like reading my stuff. Some of you DO like reading my stuff though , you’ve told me and everything so I’m going to focus on that.

I’m going to write about things I feel so passionate about that getting the words from brain to screen is no real hardship. They usually do , the posts that people seem to like. They’re the ones I’ve just brain dumped in 30 mins. Those posts that feel like hard work ?That feel like wading through treacle to get down? Well maybe those stories don’t need to be told after all.

So there we have it . The plan to get my blog back to how i like it . What makes it feel like mine.

A little bit waffly ,  scattered with rogue punctuation , chatty , raw , passionate , emotive.

Wish me luck!! xxx

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Has blogging cured my social anxiety?


I’m not sure social anxiety is ever truly cured , not if you’ve always been quite a nervous person. I can’t remember the last time I got the fear though , the people fear.

I can’t remember last time the thought of the self checkouts being shut brought me out in a cold sweat because I’d have to deal with a real life person.

I can’t remember the last time I did the thing where you meet someone new and you get yourself so worked up that you open your mouth to speak thinking to yourself “don’t say something stupid ,don’t say something stupid” only to open your mouth and pure gibberish exits, making the anxiety even worse.

I’ve embraced group situations recently , even groups of strangers . I’ve socialised more.

There is of course the fact I’ve some great people in my life who make socialising fun and who believe in me so much it rubs off on me this has eased the social anxiety.

I do think though that blogging might have been the biggest factor.

It’s not as nuts as it sounds , honestly. Humour me ?

I think the main factor is with blogging I am communicating via the written word. Always my favourite. Some of my raw , honest blog posts would never have been given life if I had to say them out loud. I’m getting better but I don’t find vocalising emotions easy.

So communicating via my method of choice brings with it a freedom.

I can tell my stories without needing to speak out loud . I don’t have to make eye contact , I don’t have to scan peoples expressions to see if they’re bored yet , I don’t have to panic noone can understand my accent.

Written down I can express myself in a way more relaxed manner , that has to be a very good start.

Also when I’m blogging I’m generally talking about something I am passionate about , a little knowlegable about or have strong opinions about. This is really helpful. It means follow up questions aren’t terrifying , I can back up what I’m saying with knowledge or anecdotes.

For a socially anxious person , or me at least , being asked or put on the spot with questions or conversations you don’t have a clue about is just terrifying and horrible and the phrase “wish the ground would open up and swallow me ” really comes into it’s own.

The blogging community helps too. All the little groups of people I never would have known ordinarily. People who have been through similar life experiences as I have. People who are honest and open about the challenges parenthood , and indeed life, throw at you. People whose lives have been really different to mine , but we have this blogging thing in common and a sense of familiarity.

Best of all these blog friends and I , well we again communicate via the written word. Social media is great for that . I think Twitter is my chatty place the most but there I can be chatty girl who doesn’t get her words muddled (too much) I can be semi articulate and free to think myself mildly amusing because the restraints that always held me back ( I blush when people talk to me…like a 5 years old , it’s excruciating) are removed. I suppose as well in this arena if people think you’re a bit of a twat well they’ll just unfollow you or not engage with you , quite direct and effective .

I just realised as well ,as I’m writing I’m using the present tense .

“I blush”

“I muddle my words”

Except , and this is the whole point of the post I guess (ah come off it Kelly when have you ever kept to the point?)

I think maybe spending time blogging , building up relationships with people online. Feeling connections with people . Being free to be my chatty , geeky self well that’s had a knock on effect to my actual real life too. Dislike that phrase ‘real life’ makes me feel like I’ve made up all my online buddies. Can’t think of an alternative though. Anyway spending time building relationships via my comfy method has given me the confidence to then take that out into my world. In all the years I’ve tweeted with folk they’ve always been so lovely and positive (except that spat I had with the Male Rights Activists but they’d not be on my Christmas card list anyway so no great loss) that I feel I am able to be braver and put myself out there with people.

My blog started life as an anonymous one , but people’s reactions to it gave me the confidence to then share it with people I do know.

Putting myself out there , being just me – the girl who loves Doctor Who , Andy Murray and chips. The girl who goes to the cinema and the theatre and for dinner alone through choice because she loves it , the bookworm and the dozy human who can often be found with her clothes on inside out. Well my blogger pals , my lovely twitter folk who I’ll likely never meet all made me feel good about just being her. It’s transferred into my day to day life that confidence.

I went to a group workshop last week ( old Kelly’s idea of hell) and I spoke and I contributed and I got to know a group of strangers because I spoke to them without worrying everyone was going to think I was an idiot…and if they did well I didn’t really mind they were strangers.

I can strike up conversations with people I don’t know without palpitations.

I sometimes even CHOOSE the tills with people at them!

The blushy girl is all but gone ( unless she’s talking to that handsome guy she hangs around with sometimes!)

Blogging has most certainly helped!!

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BlogCrush week 102 – January 25th 2019

Happy weekend everyone.

wow well I managed to escape blue Monday but this week for me has been so rubbish

How are we finding January ? Is it just me or does it seem to go on for about a decade ??

I loved the blogcrush linky waaaaayy before I was part of the team. I love the idea of sharing someone elses fab work as well as your own !!

If it’s your first time here WELCOME!!!!! Have a read through the rules then add your posts!!

The Rules

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Lucy At Home UK Gentle Parenting Blogger - Blogcrush Week 89

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My featured post this week is this by chicken ruby

Lucy’s pick was here

My own post this week is one about #smearforsmear and how sexual violence can change how we feel

Have a fantastic week everyone and keep warm , I hear about is on the way….brrrrrrrr

Kelly xxx