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My weird crushes (part 2)

I know what you’re thinking – part 2?? How can I possibly read part 2 when I haven’t even read part 1 yet ? Well never fear my gorgeous readers …part 1 is right here . 

Thing with me is , I have a fair few crushes . Way too many for a 37 year old woman probably. It’s ok though they’re mostly famous people not the postman or anything. I’ve been meaning to write part 2 for a while now and sure given my recent crush frenzy (Greg Davis anyone? Just me?) there’ll probably be a part 3 soon enough….sorry!

I have an unusual taste in men I’d say , so unusual crushes I always find quite easy as most people find all my crushes unusual. Soooo here we go…

1) Toadfish (from Neighbours)

Earlier in the year I suffered a bit of a Neighbours regression. I’d not seen it in years but then Dee , remember her?, came back from the dead and I found  myself hooked. Then I found myself surprisingly crushing all over our boy Toadie!!! I think you’ll agree he has matured pretty well? Grown into his little face rather nicely . He’s got a baby and everything now and who doesn’t like a crush on a cute dad!! I’m absolutely certain it is the character I have a crush on and not the actor. Toadie is a likeable guy , funny , sweet. I did stop watching Neighbours again after that storyline concluded ,but I should probably pop by and check he’s ok!

2) Little Cook

YES !!! That so is Little Cook!!! Hot eh???

Parents who have only become parents quite recently ,you’ve been spared the messed up programme that was Big Cook Little Cook. It was about 2 guys ,one was average size but one was inexplicably tiny and rode around on a wooden spoon. They owned a cafe for fairytale characters goodness knows how it stayed open as they only ever had one customer a day and they seemed to pay their bill with a cute little thank you note and a bizarre gift! YouTube it if you’ve not seen it . …second thoughts don’t – just remembered someone totally filthed it up . Anyway I digress this guy here was Little Cook , I certainly did not fancy him then BUT he’s a stand up comedian now and I caught him on a panel show and thought hey up….Little Cook ,or Dan Wright as he is also known is handsome!!!! (PS in a related old kids characters that are now stand up comedians , Archie the inventor is hilarious!!!)

3) Jurgen Klopp

Aaawww just look at his little face , he’s so unbearably sweet ! I love his post match interviews and his beautiful accent and his adorable smile . I am a sucker for a charmer and this guys just oozes charm out of every pore *swoons forever*

4) Alex Brooker

Now this one I don’t think is soooo unusual. I know at least one other person who feels the same. 

Funny though ,  that’s always so very attractive isn’t it? Possibly the most attractive quality in a person! Well our guy Alex here is funny. I love The Last Leg .It’s unusual that a programme can be really funny but also deal with serious current events too. I once wasted hours just watching Adam Hills rants on YouTube. Not only is he funny Alex Brooker but in a huge tick on the Kelly crush box , he absolutely rocks the male eyeliner look too ….soooo love that!

5) Matthew Wright

YES!! That’s me with the guy himself!! I love glorious first born’s absolutely cringed out face whilst I’m all blushy and grinning like a Cheshire cat!!!

I like The Wright Stuff , I like chatter , I like current affairs , I like listening to other people’s opinions . This show has the lot so when it came on tour to Manchester I dragged the eldest along with me and off we trotted. I’ve been crushing over Matthew for a very long time , he’s intelligent … that’s another one on the Kelly crush ticklist too and passionate and though noone else gets it I find him hugely attractive. 


Your turn , who do you find attractive that other people dont really get???

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