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Blogtober – day 8 – Make walking to school more fun in October


With thanks to Annette at 3 Little Buttons for her blogtober prompts

I am taking part in blogtober and attempting to blog every day this month. Today’s Blogtober prompt is making walking to school more fun in October. I am going to veer slightly off the point here but stay with me .

Walking to school is no more in our house. Small girl started high school in September and though sometimes we still catch the bus together , often she wants to walk with her friends or is happy for her siblings to catch the bus with her.

I have moaned about about the school run all the time I’ve been doing it . We moved house away from school so it was always a bit of a trek . a train then a walk from the station. I moaned and grumbled but really deep down a lot of the time it was quite nice (not all the time obviously we’re not the Waltons!)

With 4 children that golden one on one time can be tricky to grab hold of and me and small girl’s journey to school was it !!

If she was tired or grumbly then she did need distracting on the walk from the station to school – see I did promise I’d come back to the point. So the only way I could think of during these times to make the walk more fun was simply chat. Small girl is a chatterbox anyway so getting her talking distracted her from the walk.

When she was much younger our school run chat often centred round her funny little questions that she’d ask. My favourite to date was “what is your favourite word to write in joined up writing ?” It got me thinking more than I expected I can tell you !

We made grand plans on our school run , but at this time of the year there was soooo much we could chat about. What was she going to dress up as for Halloween , what should we do for Bonfire Night and then the big one ….Christmas!! we could happily chat about Christmas from September onwards . Food and films and panto and all the other exciting things we had coming up!

I’m sure there are other things that would work better on an autumn school run to make it fun!! For me and small girl though it was simply always about the chat!!

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So long summer….

Well summer didn’t exactly break it to us gently it was going to leave did it ? One day we were there wandering about in the sunshine could barely remember what a coat was then just like that – back to school , sun vanishes , hello Autumn!!

Autumn usually is my favourite time of year . I love the colours of the leaves and the chill in the air but this year I just really enjoyed all the warm weather we were spoilt with and I’m sad to see it go.

To cheer myself up I decided to think about what I’m looking forward to about the rest of the year…

Comfort Food

Summer was fab but I have to admit to not exactly serving Michelin starred dinners . Cold meats , salads and new potatoes were a staple . Oh and picnics (letting the kids eat sandwiches outside !)

This though is slow cooker season!! Stews and dumplings , pies and big , hearty carb heavy dinners ! Yum!

Cosy jumpers

Although I generally get the autumn/winter look wrong I bloody love a jumper !! I love even more a big jumper dress a la Tiffany in the 80’s (Ah look being fashionable has always deserted me ) jumper dress with a thick black tights assist and I’m happy as Larry -whoever he was . Wonder what he was so happy about. I’ll Google that !

Seasonal festivities

I’ve never been a Halloween fan but small girl loves it so I kind of get swept up in it and am much more willing to make an effort with it these days and dress up ,find a party to go to , do Halloween crafts .

I have to admit I do usually leave Bonfire Night to small girl’s daddy. If there’s an amazing upside to parenting separately it’s that you can pass on the stuff you don’t like doing .

I’m not going to mention the C word just yet ….but come on I’m no Grinch that’s Def something to look forward to.

Hull Fair

This is a bit of niche one I guess for those of you who aren’t from Hull.

We have a huge huge fair for a week in October.

I’ve not been to the fair since I left Hull but I am determined to get there this year. I’m pretty sure it’s a nostalgia thing from when you are little and I should probably keep it there rather than go and end up underwhelmed but any excuse to wander about eating patties and brandy snap sounds good to me!!!

Doctor Who

Actually hang on it’s a bit more exciting than that…


Aaarrggh!!!Soooooo excited !!!!

Ok , so yes Doctor Who .

The Doctor is a woman …but not only that …

She is a Yorkshire woman…not only that…

She’s Jodie Whittaker.

I can’t wait to see how this brand new era on my favourite TV show pans out.

Alongside that Doctor Who is the only show that we will all of us come and sit and watch together and watch in real time . That’s really special .

So I guess as lovely as skipping about in summer dresses bare legged and eating al fresco was . I have to admit . A big Sunday roast followed by getting into fluffy PJs and watching Doctor Who does hold a huge appeal .

* Who’s Larry and why is he so happy ??
It originates from a boxer called Larry Foley in the 1890s, before boxing was fully legalised. He won the biggest prize of about $150,000 and a newspaper article in New Zealand had the headline “Happy As Larry” and the phrase stuck.