Lockdown musings no. 2 – Things I’ve learned …

How we all holding up ?

Coping ok ?

Weeks into lockdown I’m learning a lot about myself and about my family . Can I share ?

Small girl’s YouTube habits are sooooo irritating

There seem to be a subspecies on YouTube (and forgive me sounding like a granny here ) of very young ,very attractive, married couples vlogging their entire life. She put one on the other day that was just the woman having her hair dyed! Where’s the entertainment there kid ? Another one of a woman with the worlds most annoying voice making her kids elaborate lunches . Again I’m sounding like an old lady but how on earth is she getting entertained . She can watch me make lunch if she likes!!

Oh but an exception to prove the she doesn’t half watch some crap rule are The Norris Nuts , love those guys !

I don’t mind being woken silly early by the birds singing

I’m a bit weird (long time readers are fully aware ) but I used to hate sleeping with my window open . Irrational , ridiculous thoughts of people climbing in !!! However I’ve been a big brave girl lately and sleeping with my window open . I’m started waking around 5 by the birds singing and honestly it’s the nicest way to wake up ever ! Really gentle and just so lovely I don’t even mind how early it is !!! I often then doze back off (who wants to add hours to these days ?) but the plan is to get up and run at this time as I’m still marathon training and can’t be running during the day in the sun!

My noise sensitivity is ridiculous

One of the manifestations of my PTSD is over sensitivity to noise. I know this , I deal with it .

Having everyone home all the time though has made me realise quite how it effects me . I feel so sorry for the kids , I’m constantly telling them not to shout or to be a bit quieter and really they’re not making an awful lot of noise it’s just my brain cannot cope with the incessant noise . It puts me on edge and makes me so irritable . Walks alone are my saviour currently.

Written communication is my favourite

Not so much of a surprise , I write a blog . I still write letters to people . I love chattering too though , or so I thought . I’m not really missing face to face chat . I’m not a phone call fan and video calls not for me either really. WhatsApp is my friend. Messenger is great. I do still want to communicate I just like writing down !! Obviously there are a handful of people I cannot wait to see and chat the hind legs of a donkey with , I’m not a total social recluse .

I could probably live off crisps alone

Again not a total surprise , but maybe more just an acceptance of a fact. There’s so much variety to be had and they cheer me up.

Frazzles for breakfast , hula hoops for lunch , pickled onion space raiders in a sandwich for dinner , McCoys for supper . Would work for me !!!

Unfortunately can’t really get away with it but it’s a dream…

The teens can take self isolation to the nth degree

Barely seen them except at meal times. They’re very good at this !We seem to have a room each and keeping socially distant from out own family ! Can’t moan too much , whatever keeps everyone sane I guess ! If that happens to be Disney + or Netflix between college work so be it .

So things are changing , have changed for now and though I am looking forward to a nice date , a trip to the theatre , a cocktail fuelled catch up with friends and a trip home to Hull . I’m quite ok with communicating via message, waking to the birds and chomping hula hoops like they’re going out of fashion for now .

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