New year – how have my turning 40 goals started ??

Happy New Year!!!

I’ve got to confess I was a useless blogger in 2019. It felt like a healing year for me (I’ll write about that in another post ) and I just didn’t have the energy or inclination to write and exes found my blog and didn’t like what I had to say and motivation just left me . I have missed it soooo much I actually got tummy butterflies when I opened up wordpress right now !

So back to business for Daydreams of a mum I hope!!

Just before my birthday last year I made a list of things I wanted to do in the year I turned 40 ,put a positive spin on the getting older lark . I wrote a blog about THE LIST here if you fancy a nosy. So I thought my first post of 2020 could be a little update on how all that is going!

I’ve got to say I’ve really only touched on 3 so far .

Run a marathon – the first “when I turn 40 I will” thought I ever had . I decided it years ago watching the London Marathon (from bed !!). I’m keeping up with my training schedule which for me is a surprising. I have to admit to often being someone who gives up on stuff when it’s too hard . This running ,fitness lark is hard !! I love chips and wine and sitting on my bum and these aren’t so conducive to marathon training. Tell you something though after a run I am the human embodiment of the hungry caterpillar . I just cannot stop eating and I just don’t feel full. Trying to shove a banana in there half heartedly rather a space raider sandwich but it’s all a learning curve ! It’s going to get harder over the next few weeks so if you follow me on social media and hear me whinging I’m going to quit this tell me to woman up and get on with it !!

Finishing the book has taken a little turn. THE book that I’ve been writing for ages I’m just not mega keen on anymore.Years ago Kelly started that book. I was a different woman then. I’ve had so many experiences over last few years it all just doesn’t feel so authentic to me (urgh check out pretentious thinks she can write girl!) I’ve put it to aside for now. Not ditched just paused. I do though have a new book idea that’s filling me with all the excited motivation so I’m going to adapt my list and finish the book , well that can become work really hard on this one .

I’m cracking on with learning Italian. I did plan to find a class but for now I’m using Duolingo (absolutely not an ad merely a recommendation though if they’d like to send me to Italy to try out the work I’m game ) I find it so helpful and really easy to use . Small girl is also using it as she’s going to Switzerland with guides in the summer and wants to teach herself some German before she goes !! I’ll keep you posted with my progress there .

So I guess not yet a month into being 40 that’s a pretty good start really . The goals are there waiting to be met and I’m doing my bit to make them happen rather than just talk about them !

Anyone else have any 2020 goals ??

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