Blogtober -Day 10 – World Mental Health Day

I am taking part in blogtober and attempting to blog every day this month. Today’s Blogtober post is for World Mental Health Day. As will many posts you see written today I’m going to guess. It’s probably easy to roll your eyes at all these posts from people telling you what a struggle living with poor mental health is . Or just scroll past more advice telling you to seek help if you feel desperate. It’s probably going to have you sighing at posts such as mine here having to concede that sometimes the exercise and diet advice we receive can help.

I don’t think anyone sharing their story today though is looking to do anything but help. Hoping something in their misery or pain or suffering may resonate with another person. That it might make that person feel less alone .

That the positive stories people tell of being so close to the brink of not being able to take life anymore then still being here , fighting , embracing life could help someone .

The posts telling you that you matter , that the world needs you in it (it does) may just be the one thing a desperate person just needs to contemplate right now .

My mental health is very much a up and down thing. When I’m well it’s great and I am able to do and be so much. I have to accept though that periods of being well probably won’t last forever …that another stumble will come ..that that stumble may turn into a fall. We’ve managed to get back on our feet after every fall so far though. It’s horrific sometimes but we did it . Let’s keep trying to get back up. Even if we have to crawl a bit first , even if we have to let someone else lend a hand to help us up , even if we need carrying for a little while.

It’s so worth it .

I for one when my mental health is poor don’t want rambling nonsense ,my head is busy enough with 4 million thoughts whizzing about. So I’ll just leave links to some of my mental health blog posts below in case they are of any use to anyone .

Wishing everyone a calm , peaceful day and to the people bravely sharing their stories today a huge thank you.

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an A-Z of self care

Celebrating little wins

Being kinder to yourself

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6 thoughts on “Blogtober -Day 10 – World Mental Health Day

  1. You need to take care of your mental health just like you would your physical health and I truly believe that they are connected. I think it’s great that yo are talking about this issues because it must help you and I’m sure it will help others too.

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  2. What you said! I am similar with really efficient positive periods and then deep lows but not as deep as they used to be so I get back up a bit quicker these days and take things more lightly. Brilliant post but then yours always are #StayClassyMama

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  3. Well done for highlighting such an important issue that so many people out there can identify with. It’s a topic that can never be talked about enough #stayclassymama


  4. My mental health was not great before I had my kids but having them sorted me out (no more time to worry about little things!) Seriously though, mental health needs to be talked about and respected in the same way as physical health so sharing stories and experiences is bound to help others. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama


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