Things that are bringing me joy currently…


Things have been a bit stressful here recently.

Between moving house , dealing with real life human versions of JK Rowling’s dementors and basically just existing as a human are coming together to ensure I have that permanent shoulder pain , you know cos you’ve spent all day tensed up ??! I need a massage (except I don’t like being touched !) I almost wrote a big old moany post but I thought no. Let’s turn this around . Look for the gratitude , the happy moments.

So here are some things that are bringing joy into my life at the moment (goes without saying the kids and my friends and family do right?)


I’ve dabbled with yoga in the past but never stuck with it but I’m in for the long haul this time.

The shoulder pain mentioned above disappears after yoga , so effective is it for releasing tension. I’m learning to breathe too. I know I know I’m fast approaching 40 I should know how to breathe by now ,but concentrating on breathing and focussing on it is helping me in other areas of my life. I’ve talked about suffering from anxiety a bit in my blog and the uncontrollable breathing I feel for days before a flair up or even during an anxiety attack is really crippling for me . Well suppose it would be for anyone ! Breathing pretty necessary. By taking control of my breathing , concentrating on it though I feel I have more power than the anxiety and it helps.


We’re all watching aren’t we ? If you’re not then treat yourself . You’ve a series and a half to catch up on and I promise you’ll not regret it *

It is ,in my opinion, one of the best pieces of writing around.Pheobe Wallace Bridge is an absolute genius (did you know she wrote Killing Eve too !!talk about talent!) It’s so so moving whilst at the same time being so raw your emotions surprise you. I look forwards to Mondays currently!

David Tennant podcast

Ok we all know I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Tennant ….ok ok a LOT of a thing . This series of podcasts though are just great. There are some huge names in there and my uber crush feels absolutely justified the man is witty and charming and ….

Ok I digress . Who fans I recommend the Jodie Whitaker episode for a double crush.


This one is as much as a surprise to me as it is you. I’ve ran on and off for years and years and years . Thing is I’m actually quite lazy so talk myself out of doing it . This is such a shame because afterwards (and recently even DURING) I really love it.

Where we’ve moved to is on the edge of a pretty view which has absolutely improved my running motivation. The sunshine helps too. Long may it last .

Art Therapy

Stop rolling your eyes !! I know it sounds all touchy feely and out there but I’m really enjoying it at the moment. I’d share some of my art with you but you’ve most of you kids who could provide you with superior art but that’s the thing. It doesn’t matter even if you can’t draw or paint !! I wrote about the benefits for me here and I stand by them!

So that’s where I am right now , having all these things bring joy to my life and for that I’m grateful!!

Always helps during stressful times to stop and smell the roses eh??

*Should you regret it ,then sorry I’ve no hope for your soul!!

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9 thoughts on “Things that are bringing me joy currently…

  1. That’s so impressive Kelly, you actually have a list of activities there. That is so motivating. I totally agree with the breathing, you just can’t underestimate it. I have a friend who is an osteopath and he gave me tips on how to breathe properly. He said most people don’t do it properly at all, that we all think we should breathe from our lungs but it should really come from our stomachs. I am a big believer in getting it right as I tend to suffer from anxiety too. I’ve started back running recently too and have signed myself up for a 10k Sunday week. I don’t care how long it takes me I am just looking forward to taking part!! #globalblogging

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  2. Yoga is my favorite activity. I do yoga and meditation every morning and sometimes twice a day for both physical and mental health benefits. The meditation really helps with anxiety for me and the yoga has helped with some lower back pain I’ve been feeling lately. #GlobalBlogging


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