10 (realistic) things I want to do before I turn 40

I shared how disappointing a 40 before 40 list I’d found had been. I just know in less than a year I can’t climb Mount Everest or eat at the world’s most expensive restaurant. These ideas just weren’t for me (or most people I’d wager)

So 2019 ,my last year in my 30’s (I’m a December baby so I do have the whole year) these are the ticks off the checklist I need to make .

1) Go to a dance class

I’ve wanted dance lessons since I was tiny and it just never happened. That didn’t deter me though. I terrorised my family growing up by constantly dancing around the house. Why walk from room to room when you can twirl or leap ? ( NOW I know where small girl gets it from )

Still at 39 I can be mostly found all jazz hands and West End show chorus lining when I’m alone behind closed curtains! I mean every year that Strictly is on I tweet how I really want to learn the Charleston. This can be that year!

2) Go self hosted with the blog

Yeah ,yeah I know I’ve said that every year for 3 years now. If I’m changing this blogs focus a little though , less about the kids more about being a 39 year old woman whose kids are zooming towards adulthood . Surely there’s no better time to take the plunge ! Let’s say by this year’s BlogOn I’ll have done it . …don’t look at me like that I WILL!!

3) Do something physically challenging

I always said the year after I turned 40 I wanted to run a marathon. A sentiment I echo every year when I watch the London Marathon on the TV. Whether I have that in me remains to be seen. Walking I can do though , I walk loads maybe I get stretch myself with that. A long distance or a hilly challenge. I’ll let you know when I find ‘my ‘ challenge.

4)Write a heartfelt letter

Write a few actually . Letters rock. I love receiving them (though I very rarely do! Where’s my “aaaawww”??) I equally love writing them. Something about pretty paper with matching envelopes and a favourite pen . I also struggle with verbally expressing my feelings. I am getting better ,but still struggle so letters work for me . Maybe I could do one a month .

5) Take the kids back to York , we had a great time last year

We did have a lovely mini break in York last year. We did it on the cheap and cheerful and maybe we can explore some other places for all of us to visit. Children’s social lives permitting.

6) A super secret Harry Potter mission that is under teen boy the elder and my cloak of invisibility for now

All I’ll say is …it involves small girl getting a letter from Hogwarts and a super surprise birthday trip to the Harry Potter studio tour.

Cant take credit for that really , was teen boy the elder’s idea I’m just jumping on the bandwagon.

7) Go to a big sporting event

This one was meant to originally be , go to Wembley. I’ve never been . Those pesky children have but I have not . The thing is though I want to go to Wembley to see a match that means something to me . As Hull City just got knocked out the FA Cup this kind of falls to my rugby team Hull FC (yeah I know that sounds like a should be football !!) to regain the Challenge Cup. This is by no means a long shot. This cup has been ours 2 from past 3 years. However if we don’t make it a big sporting event will suffice , we do live in Manchester there HAS to be something!

8) Go home more

I know I’ve lived here a decade this ‘should’ be home only Hull (only if you come from there I suspect) has a magical draw to it . Not to mention my sister and her crew and I miss them so much. Hull is where the heart is and we will make a concerted effort to sync diaries (5 teens between us could be tricky) and get together more.

9) Return to Edinburgh Fringe festival

Not only the site of the best date ever (BEST!) but also where I found myself when I holidayed there solo on my first trip.

If you’re me there’s something intoxicating about spending a few days absolutely enveloped in shows and culture and fun. Edinburgh Fringe is as if someone has organised something purely for me ,put all my favourite things in one very beautiful place and led me to it .

Wonder what this year’s will bring ..

10) Write more of the book.

Yes this is another one I trot out year after year. I read a great piece earlier in the year though about getting up an hour earlier every day and prioritising writing time. When I flick through what I’ve already written (and there is kind of a book there) obviously some of it is absolute horse poo , but some bits are good. Let’s work on them.

If nothing else and this time next year I’m still saying the same I think that idea of getting up early and writing would be a great start to a day and beneficial to my mental health and that can never be a bad thing.

I think my list is a little more realistic that these grandiose ones don’t you ? and this one is full of things that’ll make feel feel accomplished and happy . Much better plan.

Did you have anything in particular you wanted to do before you turned a certain age ? Did you do them ?

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18 thoughts on “10 (realistic) things I want to do before I turn 40

  1. Sometimes I read people’s lists and I think wow, they are ambitious – and right to be too. Everyone should aim for the skies. But when I read more realistic lists like yours I find them heart-warmimg. Sometimes it’s the simpler things that are the most fulfilling. I hope you achieve everything on your list x #GlobalBlogging

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wrote a bucket list of things to do before 40. 2 years down and 2 years to go and I have managed some of them! Good luck and I look forward toy uor book. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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