Being kinder ….to yourself

It’s World Kindness Day today.

I think we’d all like to live in a kinder world. I think in such times we are living in currently kindness could possibly be the only thing that could save us from tiptoeing into a scary,bleak future.

We can all work on being kinder , being less judgemental , being more compassionate and empathetic and caring . Let’s take national kindness day to do just that.

What I’d like to focus on though is showing yourself some kindness.

Self neglect seems to be very trendy right now. Talking about how you are so busy you don’t get 5 minutes to sit down ever , competitive busyness seems very en vogue. Battle of the burnout???

Everyone has busy lives , we are dragged in many different directions and everyone seems to want a piece of us at times it seems. As far as I can see continuing like this can only end one way and that’s an absolute meltdown , physically and mentally and then what use are we to anyone ? On the manic days giving yourself 15 minutes probably feels impossible . Just try though . Be kind to yourself and let yourself have time to just sit and be and breathe and it might just be the boost you need to get you through a hectic few hours .

Show yourself kindness by being mindful about how you speak about yourself. I read once , a way to keep an eye on this is never to say anything about yourself that you wouldn’t say about your best friend . My worst thing here is calling myself thick. I’m forgetful , I’m absent minded and I’m often found in daydreamy Kellyland wth odd shoes on . I’m not stupid though , I’m a relatively intelligent woman. Would I call a friend thick ? Never – because I find that a horrid word to use . So next time you call yourself the worst mum or fat or lazy or unattractive. Stop and think , would you say that to your best friend. Likely not because these are unkind words . Be as kind to yourself as you are others.

Be kind to yourself on a bad day by getting yourself a little treat. Buy yourself flowers , get yourself a trashy mag and a fruit and nut , take yourself for a coffee where you don’t need to make it or wash it up afterwards.

Mum guilt often stops us treating ourselves but it doesn’t have to be a holiday or a spa day . Just a little treat will make a bad day seem a little less bad , or at the very least make yourself feel loved and cared about , even if it is by yourself !!

So lets be kind to others this World Kindness Day. Let’s be equally kind to ourselves .

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