20 minute challenge – Why I’m loving Doctor Who this series

I was challenged to do the 20 mins challenge by herding cats who wrote about friends .

The rules:

1. In 20 minutes you are to create your post, including writing, checking, proofreading, editing and adding any images.
2. Mention the person who gave you the challenge and include a link to their website.
3. After 20 minutes you must publish what you have created.
4. You are free to write about any topic you choose.
5. Once you have done, you must choose three of your blogging friends to do the challenge, include links to their website.
6. Let your challenge nominees know via Twitter.

Apologies for typos , errors and most of all waffling! 20 mins really isn’t long !!

I was thinking about Doctor Who and been attempting to blog about it but I just am too in love to put it into words the time pressure may help

I am a lover of Doctor Who as you all know. I have to confess to being very much a ‘New Who’ person. I’ve not seen any of the classic Who but it is very much on my list of things to do.

I initially started watching because when it was re launched I had a little boy and I thought it would be something nice we could do together( little boy is now 18 and I was right -it was and is )Also I have the biggest crush on Billie Piper so this was not a solely selfless endeavour.

I loved it immediately,which surprised me as I’m not a sci fi person at all.

I fell in love with Tennant’s incarnation (who didn’t?)

I only have to think of “Rose Tyler…” and him never getting to finish that sentence and I well up.

I adored Matt Smith’s quirky Doctor and for me ,up till recently , Capaldi’s moody angry take on the character was my favourite.

Now though , we have Jodie’s Doctor.

If I fell in love with Tennant’s version well bloody hell Jodie has me absolutely besottedly smitten. Cupid you got me here.

I just love this new series …I can’t put my finger on quite why I am so crazy ,passionately … already rewatched most episodes obsessed though.

There are a few reasons I can guess at..

Female Doctor

Yep!! I genuinely didn’t believe the BBC would do it. When Jodie took down her hood and revealed herself I cried . Cried my eyes out , my youngest daughter screamed . We just looked at each other in absolute amazement. She was here , finally SHE was here.

Yorkshire Doctor

Again , big deal for me . She’s not quite Hull (pretty sure they’re waiting for me for that!) but she’s Yorkshire. I read that people were complaining they had to put on subtitles to understand her accent which made me giggle ….come on we are bombarded with southern accents all the time .

New show head

Chris Chibnal of Broadchurch took over the writing of the show along with the new Doctor. He’s had some help along the way . The stunning Rosa episode for example – former children’s laurieutte Malorie Blackman co wrote. It’s the little touches in the writing I’m loving though. The flippant blink and you’ll miss them remarks. The humour .

Fab companions

I snorted in derision at the mention of Bradley Walsh. I am able to admit that. I am also able to admit that I was an idiot. Graham is a wonderful character. Ryan too , though I feel we’ve still a lot to learn about him.

Yaz is my absolute favourite ,again we’ve still a lot to learn about her but she has already won me over. The Doctor and Yaz – 2 Yorkshire lasses travelling through space and time having a laugh I’m on board with this .

So.maybe this is why I’m loving this series so much. Maybe sometimes you throw a load of magical ingredients together and you create something wonderful (probably like being the first person to invent chips!!)

I am so in love with this series and I’m already crossing fingers that Jodie doesn’t do an Ecclestone on us and leave after this series .

I just looovveee her way too much !!!

I challenge

liberty on the lighter side

Kate on Thin Ice

parenting phils

To give it the 20 min challenge a try!!!


11 thoughts on “20 minute challenge – Why I’m loving Doctor Who this series

  1. Kelly I have shunned Sci-Fi all my life – which I put down to being dragged to the cinema as a child to watch Star Wars with my sister for her birthday. I am surrounded by Dr Who fans but absolutely loathe it with a passion! My family has tried everything to convert me as did my sister before them but to no avail. Well done on the challenge! #TweensTeensBeyond

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  2. Well Kelly, I have to say I was dying to read this and get your take on the new Dr. I have to say I rather loathed Dr Who growing up and was never a fan. I did watch the new one with Jodie Whittaker and was keen to see how she and Bradley Walsh played out as their characters. I think Jodie Whittaker is amazing, brilliantly cast – I had no problem with mixing her up with any of the previous characters she has played. A natural choice and lovely to have a lady Dr. I have only seen a couple and need to catch up but I found it harder to detach Bradley Walsh from The Chase and Law and Order. I need to sit with it. As I say, I need a catch up. I love that you are such a fan. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond

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