What a mini break from blogging taught me

Things have been tricky at Daydreams HQ of late (I love Daydreams HQ…going to start using it more often just sounds cooler than saying my brain!!)

I’d come to a point where I felt my blog and social media had been violated and my cosy blog space invaded and I just felt like laying off from all of it was the only option I had available to me.

Thing is it’s not even been a whole month but I need writing back. In such a short time going without my trusty old comfort blanket I’ve learnt a few things . About my blog , my motivation to blog and about me as a person.

This is the best hobby I’ve ever had

Even better than roller skating or birdwatching (my sister made me do that but if you ask her she’ll flat out deny her Bill Oddie obsession)

People talk of the blogging community , how friendly it is and how welcoming and this is the sole experience I’ve had with blogsville . I love the linkies I join in with and that I host (Fridays #blogcrush Twitter join us !) I like the regular bloggers I interact with from week to week. I love the freedom that comes from putting your thoughts out into the world and seeing what comes back at you from that.

I had some Twitter unpleasantness…see point 3. A few weeks back and my fellow bloggers (and Twitter folk as a whole actually…I must follow kind people) were very supportive , despite the fact in my whole blog/Twitter world I’ve probably only met half a dozen of them in ‘real life’

There’s a bit of a community vibe in blogging and I really like it.

My blog matters to me , as do what other people think of it

I always say that if no one ever read my blog ever again I’d continue to write it . I think this is true too , back at the start I could have blog posts published that not one person would read but just getting it written and out there was enough for me .

If I’m being honest I’m not sure that would be the case now. In fact if I wrote a post that went unread by anyone it’d probably end in me weeping in a corner. That’s not to say page views are king , bloody hell my blog is too small fry to get caught up in that it’s just I enjoy feedback these days. Even the slightly negative stuff if I’ve worded myself wrongly or gone at something too hard I’m willing to listen to that feedback.

Thankfully it’s majority positive and to know by banging a thousand words on a page you can I could have helped someone feel less alone , or made someone think or made someone laugh then I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel good. If that makes me a needy egotist so be it !!

I won’t be silenced

I was , for a little while over these few weeks. I became wary of my blog , my writing , my social media.

When I began my blog it was solely to document life after abuse. It was sooooo anonymous as I said virtually no one read it and anyone who did I was no one to them. My idea of hell back then would have been the people involved in my life back then …people REALLY involved in that time finding my blog.

My blog is still pretty anonymous. I very rarely use the kids names if at all. I’m vague about where we live and schools and surnames and anything that’s too distinguishing. Yet that earlier scary thing of being found that would have floored me back at the start happened a few weeks back. Unpleasantness on Twitter occurred and a name I had taken care never to mention – primarily because this blog is my blog , my space , my thing . This blog was not about another person yet that name was plastered all over.

Back at the start I’d have shut down all my social media , I’d have deleted my blog . I’d have disappeared.

This is now though , and I’ll not be silenced and not dare use social media again. That’d be a huge mistake.

So here I am . Scribbling again. What’s that’s wise old quote “when the going gets tough – the tough get…… blogging?????” Something like that I’m sure of it !!!

Mission Mindfulness

22 thoughts on “What a mini break from blogging taught me

  1. I blog as a hobby only, I don’t earn an income from it,I suffered a massive stroke many years ago which has left me disabled, so I started blogging as a way to fill the time and share the knowledge that I gained from working as a registered child minder for 14 years#triamphanttales@_karendennis

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  2. You’ve been cryptic about what’s being going on for your recently, and we’ve got to respect that, or maybe I’m just thick, but which or whether I am glad to see you alive and blogging. And really, some idiot, even idiots, on Twitter should not put you off. Easily said, I know, but, just keeping doing it is the ultimate revenge. It’s not easy when discretion comes into it. I have to be careful about what I put out, but it’s fun finding ways to do that! #DreamTeam

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  3. Good for you for keeping it going! My blog is very much still a hobby and the little interaction I get is a bonus for me. I, like you, am keeping things fairly anonymous but that suits me right now. You got this!

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  4. Blog long enough and someone will upset you, but remember most are friendly, want to read what you have to say and be part of that blogging vibe with you. Good to see the fighting spirit for what you want to do. #DreamTeam


  5. I’m so glad you are not letting it get the better of you. I totally understand though, sometimes walking away for a short period can do your head good and leave you coming back stronger!

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  6. This is a lesson well learnt. We all go through upset at some time, that’s the problem when you are dealing with a lot of people like you can do online. Not everyone is nice, but there are enough nice people out there to compensate. Blogging is addictive, I can’t live without it. I could live without Social Media, but I think they both come hand in hand. Just keep your spirit going, don’t let anyone bring you down. Remember you have friends, and keep blogging it out x

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  7. #thesatsesh you were missed. I love ou honesty and understand the anonymous thing, I also don’t post too many specifics or names etc. When you’re happy with the balance its the best hobby in the universe – ignore the losers babes. Stay you.x

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