A blog life crisis!

Warning – This may end up being one long whinge!

Extra warning – it’s blog related so lovely friends and family who read my stuff to be supportive , I’ll not hold it against you if you give this one a miss!!

I’ve fallen out with my blog a bit recently . I do that from time to time , decide I’m going to pack it all in then usually get a grip of myself within a couple days .

It’s a bit different this time though. I love writing my blog . At almost 4 and a half years this is the one hobby I’ve not gotten bored and dropped after a couple months! I’m just having a bit of a blogging identity crisis!!

My blog is quite like me ( unsurprisingly )It’s a bit clumsy and haphazard . As such I don’t think I’m really a ‘proper’ blogger. I mean :

I’ve been saying for years I’m going to go self hosted but I don’t like change and tech scares me !!

I don’t post regularly at the same time and days each week (I know that’s a golden rule !)

I just couldn’t do that. I just and write or type when I feel I’ve something to say. I can’t schedule that . Hmmm brain I have scheduled 2pm of a Thursday for creative genius if you don’t mind . I am just being daft here of course . I know some folk have weeks worth of posts all written up and ready to go . For me however , if I’ve felt motivated enough to get writing about it I want to tell people about it right now!!

I don’t have a niche ( another golden rule)

I did at the beginning . When this blog was just about life after domestic abuse , telling my story. I do go back to that and I always will because women have told me reading those kind of posts comforts them that they are not the only one going through it . That’s not the sum total off my life experiences though. I cover mental health and my anxiety disorder. I write about parenting though as the kids are getting older I seem to be doing a lot more writing about rediscovering who I am when I’m not mum. My blog has evolved to cover whatever is on my mind at any given time and honestly the way my brain works that’s pretty diverse.

My kids are the wrong age . Most of the bloggers I see and read and am aware of have much younger children than me . I cannot get the teens to play ball and look cute !

So you see , I’m just not sure I fit there but if not there where then?

I’m certainly not a writer , punctuation and I have deep seated issues and I’ve noticed I’ve started using the terms ‘gonna ‘ and ‘wanna’ a lot. Not a writers behaviour . I just write as I speak and unfortunately I waffle a hell of a lot .

I sure as hell aren’t an influencer. My Insta is a wreck due to a rubbish camera on my phone and the fact that neither my house , wardrobe nor kids are insta compatible!! I’ve never done a review or a giveaway or a sponsored post so that’s influencer out the window !!

So I’m just unsure of my place .

I guess really I’ve never bothered about fitting in in any area of my life before . I don’t know why I feel I should here .

I certainly don’t want to stop wittering away on my blog. It’s soooo much cheaper than therapy and even if I never published another post I’d still be scribbling away in my many notebooks !! Maybe on this one I just have to do me . Not get too caught up in niches and schedules and just continue to write when I’ve something to say. Waffle first and worry about where it fits later ??

Anyone else have blog crisis’ ?? Just me and my overthinking brain??

28 thoughts on “A blog life crisis!

  1. Just keep dong what you’re doing … it’s been great so far. It’s just that thought that pops into our minds every now and again: what will I write about and why am I doing it anyway? The resulting posts are usually insightful and interesting. I see loads of columnists do one of those columns, and they’re usually excellent. And normal service is resumed.

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  2. Im in a similar position to you. I dont really have a niche. Although I post a lot of crochet related posts I don’t think of myself as a crochet blogger as I post too much other random shit in between.

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  3. Ciao Kelly! You are an authentic blogger because you write from the heart. 🙂 I can relate because I don’t have a niche either. And yes blogging is cheaper than therapy. I also blog to help me clear my head and to help sort out my feelings. Whenever I read my past blog posts, I cringe a little because like “ew I wrote that” haha. BUT I just try to reassure myself that during that time when I wrote it, it helped me self-reflect and I was also able to help out a couple of people who can relate. #blogcrush

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  4. I love the comments here so far. It proves that you don’t have to be a ‘niche’ blogger or have a theme, or be a great influencer, or even a great writer so long as you are readable! I’ve been doing the same as you for over 7 years now. I only went self hosted this year and I moved from Blogger to WP eeek! But I had lots of help doing it and I just carried on afterwards like nothing had changed. Sometimes I wonder why I bothered, was just doing it because it was the ‘done’ thing? This blogging malarky can mash up your head sometimes, but keep on doing what you are doing and it will all be okay. And we all fall out of love with blogging.
    Oh and I’m with Mrs A. Let’s start a club…the Random Shit Bloggers! There’s a niche for you. (and me!)

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  5. Oh my goodness! I am in the same boat on ALL of this!
    Especially lately, I have gotten out of my blogging schedule and the drive has fallen away.
    My instagram is tragic while I look at the other “mom bloggers” who have professional photography, seemingly put together families, and sponsors that are paying them tons to advertise.
    I have zero niche and decided a while ago to stop trying to stick to the cookie cutter that the “pro bloggers” were telling me to stick to.
    I don’t care about my numbers of income. My blog is something I can use to get out all of the millions of thoughts in my head, keep a log of myself and my ideas, and have something to be proud of.
    I adore reading your posts and hope you stick with it even if it’s not on a completely repetitive schedule.
    Cheers to you and your fabulous blog!

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    1. Yes I think maybe we’d do ourselves a lot of favours by not comparing ourselves to other ones and just carry on using our blogs to get our thoughts out of our head !!


  6. I think any blogger who says they haven’t and haven’t felt like jacking it all in is, quite frankly, telling pork pies! It can get so overwhelming in so many ways. But you just keep doing what you do at your own pace because you’re obviously happy with that and you blog will do just find for it. #BlogCrush

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  7. Oh hunni i think we all have weeks when we have our blogger issues you certainly aren’t alone there. The beauty about blogging is that you can be you and you can be as much of you as you want to be, you have built a following by being you – waffle away and don’t worry about trying to fit in somewhere you fit in by simply being a blogger. #BlogCrush


  8. Pah, I don’t have a niche, don’t want one. I don’t post at the same time everyday, I’m not that organised. I blog because I love it, it keeps me sane, it allows me to give my son things I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, it has given me experiences and friends and things I could have never dreamt of.
    Blogging because it makes you happy means you are a real blogger. Blogging as a business means you are a business.
    That’s my opinion anyway. Xxx

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  9. Your blog is fab and I like it just the way it is! I would say you DO have a niche of life after domestic abuse, but you don’t have to write about only that – you just write about it enough so that if someone has a friend who needs help on that subject, people automatically think of you (which I do!). And writing doesn’t need to be about what everyone else want’s anyway – do it the way that makes YOU happy (I need to practise what I preach on this one too!) #blogcrush

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  10. Kelly, don’t ever EVER stop! Seriously. I love your posts. I love your humour. I love your strength. I don’t have a niche, I just go with the flow. I don’t feature the faces of my children and I definitely have an overactive comma key from time to time. I love writing on my blog though and I can only hope that my enthusiasm comes through for my readers as clearly as yours does xx

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  11. Absolutely understand where you’re coming from. My blog has evolved over time, developing to match my life changes. It’s nothing like I envisaged it when I started, and I write as and when. No specific time each week, I’m not creative enough to drag a post out at a predetermined time. I’m starting to try to write a few posts to have ready to publish, but this only lasts as long as the ideas last! Keep on going, I enjoy reading your posts.

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  12. I think everyone goes through this Kelly, I certainly do now and then and I understand how you feel about not having cute instagrammable babies – missed that boat as that boat didn;t exist when mine were babies! I feel like sometimes you have to throw all the conventional blogging wisdom out of the window because not everyone fits within the mold. I like reading your blog because it’s just like sitting down and chatting with a friend and I reckon people will follow you if they like your personality. They are following YOU and not what you try and be if you try to be like all the others.#blogcrush


  13. From reading through your post and nodding the whole way through and then reading the comments so far that others have left you I think you can see you are not alone! At first I struggled trying to find this niche I was told we had to have, I followed blogs that turned from sweet things to read into power, money making machines and got completely turned off by them. To me the blogs that feel like I am listening to a real person with no agenda are so much better, I just relate more. As you know last week you were my favourite blogger. I sometimes am a mummy blogger, then I am writing about feminism, then anxiety and mental health and then some inspirational piece. My blog changes all the time, I mainly want to help others and inspire them by just being me, writing whatever comes into my head. Even though I am self hosted as I just did that day one, I refuse to advertise (even though products and money would be helpful) I never have a post scheduled, I never sit down and say I am going to write this and do it. I just let what flows out, flow out and then hope it makes sense or helps someone feel less alone. Honestly this is our space for a reason, we wanted to write because it helps us, because as you say it is cheaper than therapy, and if someone relates along the way, enjoys our writing, feels less alone, feels happier or has a laugh then that is just a bonus. Much love to you! I’m glad you opened up! #Ablogginggoodtime


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