My millennium baby is almost 18…

Yeah. Let that sink in.

He was born in 2000…. and he is almost 18!!!He likes to freak out his workmates with that fact.

Glorious first born ,please always remember he invented that name for himself, is 18 in less than 3 weeks.

Firstly . How did this happen???

How can it be true??

I mean obviously he’s been around forever . I had him at 20 so I’ve been a mum all my adult life .

My life *slush alert klaxon* is enhanced immeasurably for having him in it . Honestly he whizzed into my life , hijacked it in the most amazing way but he and I have grown up together.

I’m going to brave enough to tell our birth and pregnancy story over the next couple weeks. I have to….but for now…

I was 20 with a baby , neither of us had a bloody clue what we were doing. I had a book though. His amazing paternal grandma got me a book. I followed it to the letter because it was all I had.

My parents were gone .

My friends weren’t having babies ,they were being normal 20 year olds.

So Josh and I and a book was all we had. You know the backstory by now ,home life wasn’t pleasant . I wasn’t being supported and loved and helped.

It was just him and I .

One of us had colic. Both of us cried every night between 5-7 pm.

Now though , this man . This man who is an amazing human is almost 18. I’m biased of course I am but he’s just great. He’s interested in politics and what’s going on in the world. He is kind and thoughtful. He’s an amazing big brother – he honestly is. They’d never admit it but his siblings look up to him.Small girl…well that’s just hero worship

Anyway I’ll write a blog nearer his birthday on what a great human he is and how so bloody lucky I am to have him as a son….

But….what do you get an 18 year old who isn’t big into stuff. Who when you ask what he wants for Christmas will tell you to just do one of your “surprises” because they’re the best.

So here is my plan. …

I want to get him 18 little gifts , one to represent every year he’s been my mum tutor. I imagine Tweenies to feature , snooker and Harry Potter and all his other loves . He takes after his mum in that when he loves , he loves hard!!! Obsessively perhaps!!

Obviously if a blogger does something and doesn’t blog it did she even do it? So I’ll be keeping you all in the loop.

Also any other millennium mums out there remember any crazes or important things …would love to hear suggestions !!!

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