To my amazing niece , 13 things as you turn 13

Dear C ,

Auntie Kelly is probably THE wisest person you know. Everyone knows that. Ok ….so sometimes I put odd shoes on or wear a dress inside out .

Ok , ok , I am certainly not the wisest person you know . Definitely not. Probably wouldn’t make the top 100 BUT I do know a thing or two (probably just the 2) about being a teenager and a woman. So can I just go ahead and give unasked for advice??That ok?? Good.

So here we have 13 pieces of advice as you turn 13.

1) No matter what your siblings say ,you weren’t adopted .

Trust me . I saw you being born.

It was such a lovely thing to share with you all and sorry I turned green and refused when asked if I wanted to cut the cord. I’d seen things that day and actually I’m pretty sure you owe me for a bit of therapy.

B saying you’re not one of the family. Your mum and uncle Paul have told me this soooo often it’s only that you’re so like me I feel I am part of that family!! Siblings are sooooo annoying.BUT…

2)One day your siblings may be your best friends

Your mum and I haven’t always gotten along. To tell you the truth she was a bit of a pain in the neck (don’t tell her I said that she’ll wedgie me !)

One day though it all just clicked and you know that these days your mum is my fave adult on the entire planet!!

SO heed no.3…

3) Your mum may annoy you but she’s your biggest fan.

There may be times your mum drives you absolutely nuts . Know this though , she has your back , always . Noone will ever defend or protect you like she will and she loves you so fiercely that really if you have her on your side no one else is needed.


4) You are incredibly lucky to have so many fabulous female role models

C . You are soooo lucky to be surrounded by so many strong women. Your gran , your other aunties , your mum. Use them to the fullest. If ever you have a problem you have so many people you can go to. So don’t ever sit and worry about anything in silence. We’ve all probably got our uses , so use us !! If it’s matters of the heart though I do have to confess I’m definitely not the expert there. Mum or aunties probably do a better job of that than me . I’m great on books or politics or Russian history though????

5) Please don’t be too eager to fit in

You’ve probably noticed we like being a little bit different in this family!!! I mean just look around at who you live with!!!

It’s so tempting to try and fit in. Sometimes it’ll probably work for you . We’ve all altered ourselves in one way or another to fit to the mould someone wants us to take. If ever it feels wrong though , if ever you get the bad feeling in your gut then stick with you . Do what you know is important to you and your morals.

6) Embrace the red

Call it Auburn , call it strawberry blonde ,call it ginger . Our hair rocks !!!

7) Accept that you’re just a bit like me

We struggle with getting our clothes on the right way around. We daydream a bit . You know what though we’re awesome . Some may say our head in the clouds personality is utterly frustrating but I prefer to think we’re actually just deep thinkers and the world could do with a few more of them.

8) Beware the birthday

Your mum and I go on about how odd , weird things always happen on your birthday. Unfortunately we’re kind of old these days and have forgotten many of them.

One we can’t forget though was the floods !! Hull actually flooded ,it was scary and devastating for so many people in Hull that day .

Disappointingly for you though it meant noone could get to you to bring you birthday presents!!

9) Beware social media

I’m as guilty of this as anyone but always know when people’s lives and people themselves look perfect it’s not real life. Social media allows us to filter our whole entire life but don’t let it make you ever feel inadequate because it’s simply not real.

10) Do lots of what you love

If you ask your mum she’ll tell you how I spend half my life at the theatre on my own being a bit sad. The thing is though C I really really love spending time at the theatre alone and the thought of not doing what makes me happy just because other people mind think it strange makes no sense to me. If you find something you love doing , do lots of it . Make yourself as happy as is possible!!

11) Don’t waste too much time on boys who don’t deserve you

As I said previously , I’m no love expert. There are others way better qualified here , so all I’ll say is this. You are an amazing , strong willed , moral , beautiful girl. Try to spend time only with people who make you feel that way.

12) Form your own opinions

Again social media can be a hindrance here as it’s easy to read something and just take it as the truth. If you have strong opinions (and given you’re part of our family I’m pretty sure you will) on anything then do your research. You have the whole of the internet at your fingertips you can find out anything. Research your stuff , find the facts . Know that you can have a debate with someone who holds different views to you but you don’t HAVE to change their mind and you don’t have to change yours. Sometimes it’s great just to listen to someone elses views , sometimes you can learn things that way.

13) Auntie Kelly is super lucky

Fancy getting the best niece in all of the world?? How lucky does that make me ? I also got a couple of awesome nephews too , but I only have the one niece and I was there when you were born and we are pretty similar ( even if ggggrrr you are just like your Auntie Kelly is rarely said as a compliment!!) so we have a special bond I think. I can say you are the best niece ever and not offend anyone. I can’t say that about the boys.

So there are my words of wisdom.

I hope you can find even just a couple of them.useful.

Have the best birthday yet , I love you lots

Auntie Kelly xxx


5 thoughts on “To my amazing niece , 13 things as you turn 13

  1. Love that you took time to write this for your special girl. I particularly love the ones on self-respect and not being taken in by how things might appear. Did not like number 1 – just sat a bit uneasy with me because I am adopted so hopefully you forgive me being over-sensitive as I would still love a theatre night with you one day. #FamilyFun

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loads of wise wisdom here Kelly! Your niece should be proud of you and to be like you! Being yourself is so difficult when you are young but with good guidance like this it’s pretty awesome! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    Liked by 1 person

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