Tell me a story….

To me , one of the most attractive qualities another person can have is the ability to tell a good story. It’s a skill that not everyone possesses , but it draws me to a person.

I’m an avid reader. I fell in love with books at a very young age . Getting my first library card at about 3 or 4 is a really vivid memory . Progressing from picture books and moving onto books with a real story I discovered Enid Blyton . Whether it was the famous 5 (though I did used to sometimes get a bit scared of the smuggler types and not read in bed) or The Wishing Chair or the Faraway Tree these fabulous stories leapt out at me from the page . I put in many requests to go to boarding school on the back of Malory Towers . I got swept up in the magic of a story and have been seeking them out ever since.

Now as I grown up I get so much satisfaction from a good book.

Feeling down ? Cheer myself up with a book!

Feeling anxious? Calm down with a book!

Feeling happy ? Yay celebrate with a book

You get where I’m going here? To have that skill , to be able to create characters , made up characters, that strangers will take to their hearts must be an amazing thing. To be able to ,via the written word, make people feel. To laugh or cry or empathise is like magic. I’m very very grateful to all the talented writers who gift is with these stories.

So yes stories are my vice . I seek them out at any opportunity . Books are a portal.Authors as storyteller’s are magicians .

People though , who you can sit with and verbally tell you a story. They are golden. You know when you’re just chatting away to a person and they start to tell you about something that happened when they were young or dates they’ve been on or school stories and they just enthrall you. They are my people. The ones who’ll say “oh sorry am I going on ?Am I talking about myself too much” no no you are not ,I love listening to your stories.

Round friends and family and potential beaus I think it’s part of my all or nothing personality. I don’t have many people. I don’t have loads and loads of friends . I haven’t dated much in all the years I was single . I just have a pretty small inner circle . I don’t love often but when I do I love hard. I want your stories because they help me know you . I probably come across kind of bunny boilery at times because I do ask a lot of questions , but yeah in all honesty if you’re close to me I’m going to need to see your actual soul I’m sorry!!!

I luckily have some great storyteller’s in my life .

My siblings tell hilarious stories. These are often tweaked to enhance comedy value I’m sure but they are very very funny people (don’t tell them I’d said that)

The kids obviously abundant with stories , they might not always be talking about anything you have any interested in but they do it with such enthusiasm you find yourself drawn in .

You may remember ‘tells a good story ‘ made The Boyfriend List …my current crush definitely ticks this box !(and most of the others as it goes but I’ll not start with the slushing!)

The girls night in is always a great place for the story swap too . Story swapping I think is definitely a female bonding thing.

The thing is , everyone has fascinating stories to tell . Everyone. We’ve all had the conversations with pensioners on the bus , with the work colleague , with the person sat in the Doctor’s waiting room. Complete strangers can blow your mind with their life anecdotes. Those you are really close to can surprise you with a little nugget that you didn’t know about them. I guess that’s why I love blogging so much too. Yes I can tell my story (I’m not great at the verbal anecdote ,I get too flustered) but more importantly I get to read other people’s stories,get a glimpse into other people’s lives . Maybe I’m just nosy?!!

I read a book not long back. The Break by the amazingly beautiful and talented Marian Keyes and in it she mentions a woman going to a reading club where you go get all snuggled with cushions and blankets and someone reads out loud to you. This to me sounds heavenly . I think I need to start this group. I absolutely love being read to I find it the most calming relaxing thing ever .

Storytellers of the world I adore you , keep telling your tales they make the world go round.
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42 thoughts on “Tell me a story….

  1. Oh, we could be twins! I adored reading as a child, longed to go to boarding school and have side-splittingly funny sisters. A great post: I’ll watch out for future blog posts as I enjoyed it so much. #thesatsesh

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    1. Yes I realised a few months ago I’d kind of stopped reading and was just laying in bed on social media and since I switched back to books I’m sleeping much better!!! #familyfunlinky

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  2. Have to say I’m not the biggest reader, though if I find an author I like I tend to read all their books.

    I can also read a book in a day if it’s one I really like, though doesn’t happen often. My dad was an avid reader, reading anything cowboy, so I understand how some people really do enjoy reading.

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  3. I totally agree that hearing someone’s story is so uplifting. I’m not a great verbal story teller- I much prefer writing it down. That’s why I also love blogging! This post really resonated with me. Really enjoyed reading it #dreamteamlinky

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  4. I am definitely with you on this one. I always turn to books for everything and always have done. They can be calming, thrilling, inspiring or even help you cry when you have some pent up emotions you haven’t properly dealt with and give you a cathartic experience. The storytellers of this world are truly amazing.
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x


    1. Yes !!!That’s the kind of person I can love , telling about things that have happened to them and really drawing you in!!!It’s a real skill!


  5. I am completely with you on this. I’m fascinated with people who can tell a really good story. I think podcasts are my new best friend. #blogcrush

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  6. I love this and i completely get it but from the other side. I am a story teller and always have been. I love watching peoples faces change as they get into my words and it is not about being the center of attention because i actually hate being the center of attention. It is about being able to take people to that moment in time with me or to take steps together on a new adventure. I also love reading, i love being able to read and have it play out in my head like a movie. I am desperately trying to pass my love of reading on to my DD, she had her first library card at 6mths 🙂 #BlogCrush

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    1. Oooo you must be one of the gifted ones !!! Must be fab from the other side I never thought of it that way !!! My lot were all huge readers ,has slipped a bit as they became teens but the 10 year old is even more avid than me , she’ll go to the library then just happily sit on her bed devouring books!!! I’m so pleased!!


  7. Oh I love this post! I love a good story, too. I love to read stories, hear stories, and tell stories. I have been told that I can tell one heck of a story! I do like to inject a sense of humor even into a dark story. Stories create memories and keep them alive forever as well. There is so much power in a great story! #BlogCrush


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  8. Oh yes. I’m with you on this one! Hubby always teases me because I exaggerate when I retell stories, making them extra funny or extra dramatic. I don’t do it on purpose – it’s just the storyteller in me! #blogcrush

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  9. I am the same, I have a particular friend who has had a really interesting life, filled with challenges, and she’s such a gifted story teller. I’m trying to pursuade her to write about it. So true that books provide such a wonderful escape, the famous five were my first ‘proper’ books and I still love them. When we travel long distances I like to bring audio books for the car. There’s something about listening to a narrated story that’s far more enthralling than watching a dvd. #blogcrush

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