Being a single mum on Father’s Day

This may be a bit of a whiney post I’m afraid,but I am certain I am not the only person to feel this way so it may resonate.

When you don’t have a dad of your own , Father’s Day is always going to leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth anyway . It’s been a long time and I’m not going to be weeping in a corner but it is an in your face reminder of what I don’t have .

The tricky bit I find though , as a single mum is the kids are all away this weekend spending time with their fathers. I’m not going to put a spanner in the works there and the kids being away is nothing new . The elder 3 go to their grandparents regularly and small girl’s dad and I have shared residence so she has always split her time between the pair of us . It’s her , and our normal.

This weekend though they’re all away and it’s just me home alone.

A few years ago an empty house used to really get to me . I’d get all upset and whingy and miss them but just sit in pining and moaning and comfort eating. One day I decided this was ridiculous and I was wasting the child free time I longed for when there are 4 kids all needing me at once here! Since then I’ve started filling my child free time with nice things . Cinema , theatre , dinner just something to distract me and that I’ll enjoy whilst they’re not here.

So I’m over that horrid feeling that some of you will be all too familiar with where your house doesn’t feel right because there are no people in it . Or I am most of the time. I’m actually already sulking about a weekend home alone and it’s not even here yet!!

If I look inwardly a bit it doesn’t take much to pin point what I’m in a grump about. Small girl is very lucky and has a daddy who is very hands on who she absolutely adores and who love her back just as much. I hope she has a great weekend with him.

Elder 3 though , well I’m a bit resentful. I’m resentful at a celebration of fatherhood that I don’t think he deserves . That’s where this all doesn’t sit right with me . I’m happy for the kids that they get to have a dad they can visit for Father’s Day as this hasn’t always been the case but I guess I’m also just a bit wobbly and uneasy about it.

Let’s not make this post a total downer though.

I’m sure some of you are in similar positions with the kids at their fathers or that you’re home alone so let’s turn this around and think of nice ways I/we could spend the weekend.

Take yourself on one of my much hyped solo dates !! Go see a movie you want to see , go eat a Sunday roast in a nice restaurant whatever you fancy.

Go for a walk , fresh air is always good for the head I think , nice long walk alone with your thoughts can soothe the soul a little. If you tire yourself out you can come home and nap! Treat yourself.

Make yourself a little sofa picnic , get under a blanket and Netflix the day away.

I think I’m going to do the last option. I haven’t seen The Good Place yet so I might try that….unless you guys have any recommendations for me . Something I can binge on all weekend???

It’s just one weekend, this house will be full of chaos and noise soon enough as it should be .

Have a good weekend everyone and for those homes with a super daddy in …don’t forget the breakfast in bed *


*Disclaimer : Don’t mean to be passive aggressive but if you didn’t get breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day , feel no obligation for the breakfast in bed thing!!!

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11 thoughts on “Being a single mum on Father’s Day

    1. It just gets to you doesn’t it !! When my elder kids stopped seeing them for a few years I did just feel for them!


  1. Oh this is a tough one. I can completely understand why you are worried about the older 3 and this is why you are feeling frustrated about the weekend. You just want to protect them. I hope it all goes well and the children are happy and you get a break. Good luck!

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  2. I love your idea of ‘solo dates’ and remember reading about them in previous posts. I also remember reading about the father of your 3 eldest children and so can totally understand your uneasiness about the day with regard to him. I hope you were still able to fill your time with some nice activities and breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over for this year. #thesatsesh xx

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