Could we start again please?….

Really I should squeeze more musical related titles into my blog posts , just realised how happy it makes me (Could We Start Again Please – Jesus Christ Superstar!)

Aaannnyyway …2018 so far has just felt a bit flat. I had lots of grand plans that haven’t quite come off in one way or another . My to do list has remained frustratingly unchecked and my motivation seemed to have been missing in action somewhere.

So I’ve been being pretty hard on myself about all the things I’ve not yet done. I’m partly blaming the self loathy , mental health wobble I spoke about here for that as I’m not someone usually to fixate on this kind of thing. So in a bid to launch a much more positive state of mind I am ditching the to do list , I am restarting the year again and I am writing a new list of things I have to look forward to this year instead. I think that’s much more me!!!

So things to look forward to in 2018 :

The end of GCSEs

For a year anyway until teen girl does hers next year. I dont know if others parenting exam children feel the same but something just makes me feel really unsettled seeing how much pressure these kids are put under. Teen boy the younger seems to be taking it all on his stride but these exams seem so intense . There was a period he was in school for 13 days straight what with revision sessions of a weekend. I really appreciate the teachers putting the time in to help but I’ll be glad to see that pressure lifted of him for the summer.

A seaside holiday

It’s hard to find even a few days together these days what with the teens social lives , but we’re off to the beach for a few days in August. It’s one I spent lots of childhood time at so nostalgia reigns supreme and small girl has never been so her siblings are excited to take her particularly as there is somewhere to visit penguins near by , her fave thing!!

Glorious first born turns 18

Now obviously this makes me ridiculously old. However I couldn’t be more proud of this lad and the man he’s grown into and for him to have multiple celebrations all about him will be really great !!

Edinburgh festival

I know , I know …she’s going on about Edinburgh again. After having such a great and enriching time last year I am just so looking forward to going again. Even though this time I am.not going it alone (there is A MAN!!!) I am already excited and eagerly awaiting my programme being delivered this week!

Lots of theatre visits

The boys and I have a few stand up shows to go to before the year is out. The girls and I are going to see Matilda when it comes to Manchester and I really can’t wait for that.

I’ve some plays on my radar in some of the smaller Manc theatres and then in December , my birthday month, Wicked my fave musical comes back to Manchester!!!

That’s a lot of lovely things to look forward to don’t you think. Not to mention way less pressure than a to do list!!! I think happy , excited lists are definitely the way to go!!

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41 thoughts on “Could we start again please?….

  1. Excited lists ay? That sounds like a great idea! I too am struggling with a to-do list made months ago. I’ve recently started a bullet journal which is helping me organise my life and an excited list will be going in that!

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  2. I am right there with you about the testing in schools. My teenager is testing today and tomorrow for the state and in two weeks he has to take his finals. That’s so much testing in such a short time period and there is way too much pressure on our kids because there is all this pressure from our government pushed on the teachers to give these tests. It’s a big, overrated mess! #TweensTeensBeyond

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  3. This is a great mindset to have. You don’t have to wait until the start of the year to make a fresh start! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, we’d love to see you back again on Tuesday!


  4. What a great idea to start the year over, might try it myself!. I love the beach, so a great time for all the family.

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  5. It’s always good to reset the clock isn’t it Kelly. I bet if you look over your blogs you will realise that you have done far more than you think. It’s been a funny year this year and I’m sure many people feel that it hasn’t necessarily delivered as they were expecting. It’s all gone so fast too. I think it’s a big heave ho now and onwards to the (almost) second half of 2018. It sounds like you have loads coming up and so much to look forward to. Don’t beat yourself up. This year is a slow burn!! Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond

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  6. great idea starting afresh. Stop beating yourself up with a list of things you haven’t done and start a new one with fun positive things on it. GCSE time is hideous for the kids they have so much pressure put on them but they will survive it, as will you. And whey hey re the handsome man in your life. I’ve never been to the Edinburgh Festival – its on my bucket list x #thesatsesh

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  7. Your post has made me happy! Funny that I have never met you but I am excited for you about your return to Edinburgh AND with a romantic twist added! Congrats on the huge milestones for your oldest, my oldest is in the middle of her exams right now and she’s very tetchy – I think boys are a bit more chilled, well I hope so, not looking forward to a repeat of this! Thank you for linking up to #blogcrush.

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  8. This is a great post, sounds like there is a lot to look forward too. You’ve also made me want to see if there are any tickets left for Wicked now. I first saw it in January and loved it but missed it when it came to Liverpool #blogcrush

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  9. Oh I love the theatre too, especially a musical. I’ve never seen Wicked but I have loads of friends who rave about it!

    As a list-maker myself (and one who often gets overwhelmed by the number of items on said lists!), I love the positivity in this post and it’s a reminder to us all to pick out the good things and keep pushing towards them. I hope 2018 is a great year for you, lovely #blogcrush

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