It’s not just ‘the school run ‘….

I moan about the school run , quite a lot.

I moan we live so far from school when there’s a lovely one virtually in our back yard . When we first came here I started the big ones there and everyone settled so well I couldn’t stand to move them when we began to live further away. So for 10 years almost we’ve been getting the train , then doing the 20 minute walk to school. In the winter I really moan. When the train is crowded or late or cancelled I grumble .

The last few weeks though ,there’s been a realisation that time is ticking on our school run together. One day it’ll no longer be part of our routine .

You see I realise that the school run isn’t ‘just ‘ the school run.

It’s the only time of day that it’s just me and small girl and she has my total undivided attention.A rarity with 3 siblings.

It’s the time of day she leaps and twirls ands bounds with total abandonment , a freedom she has that she is oblivion what anyone else around her may think of the girl dancing her way to school.

It’s the time she practices being other animals ‘just in case ‘ We read AniMalcolm recently , I blame that.

It’s the time we make plans for the next day , or week or school holidays.

It’s the time she invents recipes to make when she gets home.

It’s the time she fills me in on what she’s been up to at daddy’s when she’s away from me .

It’s the time she tells me if she’s fallen out with friends and is feeling lonely or upset.

It’s the time I tell her stories about when I was at primary school.

It’s the time we sometimes hold hands ,something which has become less and less something we do.
It’s the time she loves her current book so much she’s reading on the train , stood up on the train platform she’s so engrossed and I giggle at my cute little bookworm

It’s the time we discuss our disagreements when mummy has been snappy mummy during the morning chaos when she’s asked a dozen times to “please put on your tights”

It’s the time we then hug out those disagreements and I buy guilt pain au chocolates …..what a sucker !

It’s the time that not only does she have my full attention but I have hers and that’s such a precious gift.

I’m going to stop whining about the school (or try certainly) and be grateful for those moments that start and end her school day. That we enjoy one another company and have conversations that I am certain I would not have with any other person in the world.

The clock is ticking .

1 year and  and counting…

Then there’ll be no school run , no sneaky hugs and random school run chats .

I’m going to miss them.


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31 thoughts on “It’s not just ‘the school run ‘….

  1. It is all those things you describe, and more this waiting for the school bus, and variations therereof. We don’t do it anymore with our now secondary school kids, and i sure miss it! #GlobalBlogging

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  2. I look forward to doing the school run every other week or so. I work shifts so try and do it when I’m off. I know in a few years it will all end and I’ll miss it.
    It seems you have a great bond with your daughter and she will cherish these times in the future. Great post.

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  3. Oh I thought we had it bad with a 3 mile round trip to school, but it must take ages if you have to catch the train! But yeah you’re right – these times are what we make of them, and we’ll miss them when they’re gone. #blogcrush

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  4. Sometimes what is an effort to do becomes a treasured moment, like sharing a bath with little man… its my little haven and I hate sharing baths, but then little man does something hilarious or we both giggle genuinely for some reason and it makes me realise that sometimes what seems a burden can be the best thing at that point in time!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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  5. Sometimes with all the chaos and amount of things that need get done, we forget how time flies by so quickly and we complain. A great reminder to cherish every moment while they still need us to hold their hand because time will come when we will miss it. #DreamTeam

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  6. I’m a few years away from doing the school run but I guess when you have such a long journey with trains and walking it is easy to let that get to you rather than think about the moments you have with your daughter on the school run. Enjoy the moments you have left with the two of you 😊 My baby moved into his own room at the weekend and I’ve felt quite sad when I’ve gone to bed and his crib is gone and I no longer hear his breathing. 😢 I thought I’d be glad so I could get our bedroom back to normal. Xx


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