Things I’ve learned watching the Winter Olympics……

1) Teen boy the elder will watch any old shite if you wrap it up as sport.

2) As will I!

3) My dream to compete in the Olympics still has a shot!

It’s a source of mirth that I am determined to compete in the Olympics in something. Yes I am 38 . Yes I do not excel in any sport. This is a prob…..

HOWEVER I keep hearing in these Olympics how people have only been doing these sports a little while. Curling has my name on it? Surely .

4) Figure skating has changed!

I was sooooo into figure skating 20 plus years ago, obsessively so. I think it started when Torvil and Dean made their comeback…..oh the heartbreak. Then I fell in love with Steven Cousins….

I actually made an ex boyfriend come to the British Figure Skating Championship so I could throw roses at Steve!

However when I watch figure skating now I don’t really recognise the scoring or the method behind it or anything and TEAM events now. I must regroup with figure skating !! Talking of figure skating love…

5) Have a bit of a Christopher Dean crush

Makes no sense , I saw that documentary they did during their comeback and he was a bit of a dick to Jayne , making her cry…..but whilst he’s been commentating I seem to have gotten a bit soft on him!

7) Curling is gripping

Hooks you in ! Before you know it you’re there shouting ‘great shot’ like you know what you’re talking about.

Also though , the female curlers are bloody stunningly beautiful! Almost distract me from the game such is their beauty… almost. So yeah bit of a crush on Eve Muirhead too!

8) I’m a total coward

90% of my Winter Olympics viewing is spent saying ‘oooo I could never do that!’ 

Snow cross???? That’s bloody mental !!! 

Snowboarding? Ski jump? These people are so amazingly brave and talented ,I am in awe!

9) I’ll never get into ice hockey

I’ve tried , honestly I have!! I just can’t get involved. You an barely see the puck and it just looks like a load of people barging about with no real skill.

Disclaimer: I obviously am aware there is a lot of skill in the game , It’s just not going to be a sport I can get behind !

10) Sport causes tears

Sport in general has me shedding as many tears as Doctor Who does and you all know how much I weep at that!!! Something about an Olympics though , all those hopes and dreams that have been 4 years in the making . Hits me right in the feels!! I mean poor Elise Christie that poor ,poor woman. Heart broke a little for her!!!

See you in 4 years for more Winter Olympics fun and games!!!Can’t wait!!

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