Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman – a rant

Its been quite the week for female rants in our house . Quite a collaboration too , all 3 of us females here have each had a whinge about one thing or another .

Share you say ? Unburden yourselves ?

Dont mind if we do….

Earlier in the week teen girl came home with a touch of the outrage about her. This is nothing unusual but this time she had something pretty meaty to get her teeth into. 
An initiative in school had been launched to encourage more elder girls back into sport and exercise . Teen girl is the sporty type and was happy to have something new to try. However …this initiative Fit for Prom was a lunchtime fitness class for elder girls a brilliant idea with an awful name and message. Teen girl and her friends found the Fit for Prom message to be nothing more than a dangerous message that actually if you weren’t slender , toned and ‘fit’  then you shouldn’t really be going to prom. It gives me hope that this group of girls saw fit to take it up with the teacher.
Thankfully the girls PE teacher agreed with them wholeheartedly and said she felt uncomfortable with it too! Apparently this initiative was funded to allow school to put on these extra fitness class. They agreed to keep the funding ,drop the name and keep the class. Worryingly when researching Fit For Prom I found hundreds of articles on how to lose weight quick for Prom , how to tone up for your dress (all aimed at girls of course the boys just need to show up) 

I’m all for encouraging teen girls into sport but using the kind of body shaming that stops them participating in the first place is beneficial to no one.

So….we’ve dealt with this best we can. 

Then comes….lady Doritos….

*Sigh , tut, eye roll , bang head against wall*

If you missed it there was much talk of a new kind of dorito being launched , just for us ladies. Handbag size bags , they wouldn’t crunch loudly or leave ‘dorito dust’ on your hands . Us feminine ladies do not like crunchy crisps or licking our fingers don’t you know!!!

As you can imagine this went down a storm in our house. 

Me : Bloody patriarchy trying to literally silence us.

Teen Girl : Well I’ll just get crunchy ones and crunch triply loud.

Small girl : Licking your fingers is the BEST bit!!!

We don’t want lady Doritos here!

It transpired that these were not going to become a thing , everyone involved denied all knowledge and it was all a big misunderstanding (of course) I’ve read maybe it was a publicity stunt ,get us girls talking about Doritos. I’ll not be getting them again.

Sigh…..let’s see what this week brings in the way of female rants…

PS Dear Doritos,

If you really want to improve your product I’ve a few suggestions:

a) Make it so your razor sharp edges don’t dig right in your gums.

b) Add a slight curve to aid salsa dipping

c) Ditch the BBQ rib flavour

d) Don’t big yourself up with your noisy crunch. Wheat Crunchies blow you out of the water.

Thanks , a lady x

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32 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman – a rant

  1. Enjoyed this. As the father of a 14-year-old girl, I would love her to re-engage with sporting activities of some kind — any kind — as she has given it all up in the last couple of years. I would love her to do something active, and agree those exercise classes were a great idea but very badly presented!! She is also the kind of girl who would have told her PE teacher what she thought of that initiiative! #BlogCrush

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  2. Oh my goodness, what is this Fit for Prom bit?! How awful! I agree completely that it carries a horrible message and I am so glad that you were able to shut it down at your local level at least. I may need to look into this further and perhaps send out my own rant! And the lady Doritos bit had me chuckling in my coffee! That is a ridiculous stunt for sure. And I have to agree with small girl that licking your fingers is absolutely the best part! Thanks for this wonderful post with a bit humor and an important message…that is right up my alley!
    Shelbee on the Edge

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    1. I’ve set teen girl to ask school those exact questions , I did try to research and what I did notice just typing it into Google was the hundreds and hundreds of pages of ‘lose weight quick for Prom ‘ articles. Really shocked me!


  3. Oh my word – I nearly fell off my chair when I read “fit for prom” – that is AWFUL! I am so glad your daughter and her friends stood up to that. It sends completely the wrong message and also, as you say, the boys just need to show up. Grrr! That has got me all worked up! And yes I’m totally with you on the Doritos too – what is happening to the world??! #blogcrush

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  4. Fit for Prom – bloody hell. who’s idea was that? Not a wonder some girls develop an inferior complex about their body image. Then regarding the Doritos – I heard about this and I’m sorry but I like my Doritos with crunch – the best part is flipping my head back and putting the packet to my mouth to get the last bits out. Does that make me less of a woman for eating my Doritos like a man – I think not.#blogcrush

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  5. I love your daughter, she sounds totally badass! So glad she and her friends took it up with the PE teacher and got the name changed!

    And congratulations, someone loved this post so much they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! feel free to collect your ‘I’ve been featured’ blog badge 🙂

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