Show yourself the love this Valentine’s…

I admit I dislike Valentine’s Day.

This year it’s not just single woman bitterness as in the Kelly life story there just happens to be a little bit of a love interest currently.

I don’t like Valentine’s but I do really like the idea of love and romance ,of thoughtfulness and little gifts and letting other people know we’re quite fond of them!

So rather than sit like the Grinch of Valentine’s I’m going to go for “If you can’t beat them join them” school of thought this year. Let’s hijack this celebration and use for a whole lot of self love.

Here’s a few ideas of Valentine’s treats you can spoil yourself with.

Have half an hour with a book

Have someone else cook dinner
Be that a partner , children that are old enough or the lovely chef at the local takeaway.

Have a bath , in peace

Take a magazine , soak in bubbles alone.

Watch an old favourite movie

Probably when the kids are in bed.

Get in touch with someone who makes you smile

Practice gratitude

Make a list of things you are grateful for today.

Buy someone a little gift , just because.

Finding the perfect little gift for someone I care about is instant happiness for me!

Organise a night out with old friends

Buy yourself something you want not need

Even if it’s just an old copy of a favourite book from the charity shop.

Tell someone how fab you think they are

I did this recently it’s here if you want inspiration!

I know for some of you with little kids some of these ideas will sound like the stuff of fantasy. “A bath in peace ?” Is this woman batshit crazy I hear you cry! I know. I empathise. I remember.

You may have to tweak my suggestions a little! Bloody hell I may have to tweak my suggestions a little – a 3 teen household with also a 9yr old Lush addict and I’m banking on a long soak in the bath ? Maybe I am batshit crazy!

Do something nice for yourself this Valentine’s. If you’re loved up and happy then enjoy being spoilt by another grown up with likely better suggestions than mine – enjoy!!

If you’re the single type just think back to Valentine’s past and be grateful you don’t have to go through someone presenting you with the world’s most garish underwear (wrong size obvs ) and assuming this means their luck is in tonight !

Enjoy love week , I personally think Valentine’s should end at Primary school when the handmade cards and question marks do……although I could do a V day turnaround if handmade cards and question marks made a comeback!!!


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35 thoughts on “Show yourself the love this Valentine’s…

  1. I don’t necessarily dislike Valentine’s Day but this year me and my fiancé aren’t doing anything for it. So I think watching a movie on the sofa is as good as it’s going to get for me! Thanks for sharing! x

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  2. Great ideas, we all should take time for self love. We don’t do Valentines day here, although the kids have been involved in some crafts and V day baking in the past. I’m not sure they are interested this year. But cake, cake is good for any celebration!

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  3. This totally sounds like my kind of Valentine’s Day, me and my husband don’t really bother with it but I’m thinking maybe we could manage to help each other do a few of these.

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  4. This Valentine’s Day I’m going to buy myself a huge bouquet of roses. I always tell my husband to buy me flowers for Valentine’s- sometimes he does, sometimes he forgets…so this year I will love myself and buy the flowers I want. Lol! #BlogCrush


  5. I loved the cards with the question marks! Although I’m pretty sure it was probably my mum! Love your suggestions! I’ve been in tha same relationship for almost 10years now and we don’t really bother with valentines anymore, I could totally get on board with a long bath and the company of a great book though xx #blogcrush


  6. I am with you on this one Kelly, I am not a fan of it either and never was. Probably just because it is very commercial and for that reason I always ask my husband not to buy me anything. I love your suggestion of buying someone a small gift, just because. I much prefer that – to be given a little gift or surprise when I am least expecting it. And I love doing it for others too. Much nicer. Still if he arrives with chocolate of some sort on the day I won’t refuse!! #blogcrush

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  7. I think we all need the reminder to spend a little more time and attention on self love, and being kind to ourselves. And I love that you’ve incorporated that into Valentines Day #blogcrush


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