Aaarrgghh…what is with the phone related anxiety??

I love my phone , I do!! Probably a bit too much . I wrote only last week here about how I think I could make  a few changes in my life in order to use my phone less.

My phone is my blog , it’s amazing articles fab people share on Twitter that I never would have seen otherwise. It’s chatting on Twitter about Bake Off and Strictly with folk I’ve never met but share common interests with. 

My phone is Facebook , it’s keeping connected with people who are as busy as I am and don’t always have time to catch up with personally! It’s bickering with my siblings whilst we find ourselves so unbelievably hilarious it probably should be a bit embarrassing.

My phone is my teenagers sending memes and articles they think will amuse me ,and they do. My phone is even for texts (yeah I still text! i am that old!) 

A ‘Good Morning’

A ‘How’s your day been ‘

A ‘saw this and thought of you’

A ‘good luck’

It’s a way of letting people know I’m thinking of them and that they are me too!

Do you know what my phone is not for though?

It’s certainly,absolutely not for phone calls.

No way. 

(unless it’s my sister)

I like to think on a day to day basis I am on top of many of my anxiety wobbles. On the whole I can deal with people , even strangers. I can walk into a room full of people I don’t know without feeling as though I’m going to faint or get those horrid stomach cramps or feel my face begin to go numb. It’s taken a long time to get here and I’ll fall backwards from time to time but I can do it. 

The phone though??? Making phonecalls , even answering phone calls just make me want to find a nice black hole somewhere to hide in! I can’t stand it.

It’s irrational I know that , I have never come to harm because of calling someone up but nothing strikes anxiety into my bones like the thought of having to call a stranger. 

Having to make a dentist or doctors appointment takes hours of psyching myself up . Then when I do build myself up to do it and I’m asked to repeat myself (I live away from ‘home’ and my accent can be tricky on the phone for some reason) then I’m all put in a spin and decide it’s best I never speak again.

Calling a venue to enquire after details of an event is unbearable . I will always always email if that is an option.

Seeing errors on bills has me weighing up whether it’s worth just losing the money so as I don’t have to speak to someone.

Phonecalls are my kryptonite , my Achilles heel,my weak link. 

They’re the thing that when I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my anxiety, how much better I feel ,how much progress I’ve made sniggers at me from the sidelines.

“yeah you think you’re over me ???How abouts you call up that night class you fancy doing now you’re all social then?? – loser!”

It’s really frustrating and irritating that this thing , which should be a tiny nothing is still the thing that has my tummy churning and breathing off kilter and heart racing.

Maybe I need to just bite the bullet , spend the whole day doing all the phonecalls I need to make as some kind of  anti aversion therapy. …those of us who do suffer from anxiety though are so aware that doing things that provoke anxiety are often about as easy as flying to the moon!!

I will overcome this one , as I’ve overcome so many other anxiety triggers. I just don’t know how yet is all!!

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36 thoughts on “Aaarrgghh…what is with the phone related anxiety??

  1. I have phone anxiety too! In fact, I keep my phone on silent all the time unless I’m expecting an important phone call – the sound of my phone ringing makes me nervous for some reason. I also find the constant notifications from Twitter/FB/WhatsApp stressful. #familyfunlinky

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  2. Ahh! I feel exactly the same way too….The only people I will speak to willingly on the phone is my girls, fella, my dad & great aunt!
    I have felt sick all day waiting for 2 phone calls today. One happened and it was fine the other I’m still waiting for. I won’t relax until it is over with or my fella gets in so he can answer it. #MMBC

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  3. I think this is actually pretty common. Making appointments, talking to people you do not know, enquiring about things you know little of is daunting at the best of times, for those of us with anxiety, it is unbearable.

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  4. Hi Kelly, you are not alone, we are a household of non-phone answerers, it actually does my husbands (and my Mums) head in. When the phone rings we look at each other debate who it could be then carry on as if it’s not ringing. I’d much rather email than phone anyone and I really don’t email either. Having to make a phone call leaves me feeling like you do; all jittery and nervous, which I know is silly, but I just can’t help it and often don’t bother… I am pretty difficult to contact really as my phone is usually at the bottom of my bag. I probably only have one as a comfort blanket for when I’m out and about.


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  5. I don’t have a problem making phonecalls, but receiving them messes me up. I have some mild PTSD from years of operating group homes — fielding 50-60 phone calls a day. Now, I can’t even stand the sound of a ringtone. I just keep my phone on silent 24/7 and check my voicemail regularly.

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  6. Oh god, me too! I never answer mine and do all I can to not have to ring somewhere. I worked as a recruitment consultant for 5 weeks before I left as it literally made me ill having to cold call businesses!!


  7. I hadn’t realized that anxiety could make something that is seemingly easy for most, such a hard thing to manage. I’m so sorry phone calls are hard, I get true joy in making or receiving calls. As long as they aren’t soliciting me to buy things. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  8. My phone is a bit like my world, I use it for everything and much like you I cannot answer it when someone calls, I refuse to answer to my dad and only really answer to my mum and husband and I have to build myself up to call the doctors or i just cant do it.. i fully blame my social anxiety completely xx #honeybeelinky

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  9. I get anxious about this too!!! When I’m at home or on my mobile that is. When I’m at work at the salon, I can pick up the phone and speak no problem. Which proves that it is all in my head and completely curable if I set my mind right. But, anxiety is a tricky thing to tame isn’t it? Thank you for joining in with the #honeybeelinky lovely, see you next time I hope! xxx


  10. I think the advent of texts and everything else doesn’t help. When it was the only way we had to communicate, we all did it didn’t we. We all used to race to answer the phone when I lived at home. I think a lot of it is time as well, wrong but it’s easier to text. I have to say I prefer face to face now but I do miss sitting on the phone for hours twiddling the cord!! It is the thought of it being worse than the actual act I reckon Kelly. Little and often perhaps? Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond – you are certainly not alone on this x

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  11. i find it easier to get things done via the written word, however i do love to chat and when someone gives me their number and says gets in touch then never answers the phone I begin to wonder why they didn’t just say ‘please text me only’ I’m not sure how I’m supposed to know that I’m causing someone anxiety if i dial their number, i’m not doing it on purpose #tweensteensbeyond

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  12. I much prefer to be making the call. Then I have mentally prepared myself and know what I want to say. I find receiving an unexpected phone call is much more stressful. I agree that emails and texts are a lot easier. I’m sure you will overcome it – it’s just a case of finding what works for you. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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  13. It’s so easy Kelly to get out of the habit of doing things and we are all guilty of relying on the simplicity of messaging rather than talking. I know I can easily get to the end of the week and still not have called people but just texted or tweeted – ridiculous really. Bite the bullet my lovely – make it your mission one morning to just go for it. I noticed you have problems with the badge displaying from my site – I am sorry about that – I need to look into it. #TweensTeensBeyond

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