A brief whinge about January….

January, you suck.

Christmas was great – everyone knows there are no rules at Christmas.
Chocolate for breakfast? Go ahead.
Baileys before noon? Ah it’s Christmas!
Consuming twice your body weight in cheese ? No judgement here!

Then it begins….back to school comes around and all of a sudden you have to go back to normal life. Getting dressed and having to communicate with adult humans and everything! That glimpse of the sloth life you always craved was teased to you in a pj -athon festive period before being cruelly snatched right out of your grasp by the utter arse that is January!

You’ve got to cook proper dinners again rather than just allow the children to fridge raid their way through 9 different joints of meat paired up with pasta salad and crusty bread and all the cheese!

You’ve got to parent AND adult (often simultaneously what the hell?),its just a soul destroying time for all concerned.

When I rule the world the first two weeks of January will just be a write off. By law you’ll be required to get cosy on a sofa or bed with all the blankets and soft plush cushions and just stay that way with books and chocolate.

It’ll be a simpler world…

On top of all the aforementioned woes there’s also the fact it’s cold and dark. There is little more torturous to my soul than having to motivate 4 children to get up and clean and ready for school whilst it’s still dark outside! Crap I can barely motivate myself – 3 teenagers and a duvet loving 10 yr old and I , my friends , am screwed.

The other annoying thing about January is the pressure to be better. Well to be fitter , to be healthier , to be thinner. Of course these are admirable being healthier in particular.

I gave up resolutions a few years back now. They just used to make me feel like a failure so I stopped. What makes me feel even more of a failure in January though is that the rest of the world is pulling on their gym kit and I can’t even find my dressing gown belt *

I don’t think my cosy book fortnight plan will likely take off when I am leader of the free world – though it’s a lot less batshit crazy than the kind of thing the current leader of the free world is coming out with so maybe worth a shot after all.

January you make me sadder , you make me colder , you make me lazier .

I’m simply just not a fan ….so hurry up be done and let February show its face. That way I can lock horns with my nemesis and old foe Valentine’s Day…..this year I will triumph with a solo dinner date , a slushy movie and not a soft toy or garish love heart in sight!!

* small girl had used it to tie her feet to her bed in a one woman protest at not wanting to get dressed…like mother….

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60 thoughts on “A brief whinge about January….

  1. My birthday is right in the first week of January and that just makes me agree with you all the more. Everyone is over gift buying and giving. I am over it too. So my birthday is often a bit of a sad affair, just adding to my annoyance with January in general

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  2. I hate January too. It is such a long month after payday in December. I am not a great fan of February either. I always get very cynical around Valentine’s Day. I doubt I will conquer this year. By March things start to get a little better. We’ve a while to wait! Pen x

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    1. Ha I also get hugely irritated by Valentine’s but I’m determination this year I shall just ignore its garish smugness!!😂


  3. Well we’re through the first 2 weeks now and the end is hopefully in sight! It’s getting lighter every day 😝 ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  4. Hi Kelly, this did make me laugh. There is nothing like a good mini-rant to make us feel better and I do hope this one worked. We are lucky that nothing gets back to ‘normal’ here until after the 7th January as the Greeks celebrate the 6h and 7th too, but it still hurts when reality strikes. Last week I thought I quite liked it. This week I’ve changed my mind. It’s been cold and blowy, so bad that on Tuesday when I didn’t have to work I stayed in my PJs all day and felt like a rebel!… I hope February comes round soon.

    Thank you for linking up with the ‘#MMBC.


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  5. January is a fab month in Australia (sorry) we have loads of lazy summer days and the kids have the entire month of school, so we swim loads and sleep in. But don’t worry I feel like August drags on forever, so cold!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us for #ablogginggoodtime Just to let you know that sadly Catie (Spectrum Mum) will no longer be a co-host for #ablooginggoodtime, we will have a new co-host this Thursday and you can still link up through Katie or myself reflectionsfromme.com Thanks, love Mackenzie

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  6. Yes to all of this! Such a challenging time of year with SAD Syndrome at play, all the festive light gone and yet more pressure to try to b #Ble perfect on all fronts. This year no resolutions were made for the first time ever. Sick of my drive to perfection which only results or guarantees failure. This year I will live, learn and laugh and that will do and if a bit of love turns up, that would be cool too. My challenge as a home educator is to decide on a #backtohomeeducation date when we are loving the chilled and duvet days. Happy New Year to you and yours and your last couple of lines made me chuckle – someone takes after their Mum and that is a very good thing! #BlogCrush

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    1. I’m so glad you’re taking that pressure off yourself this year. I think sometimes we are our own worst enemy with the expectations we put on ourselves


  7. Hello Kelly,

    I’m with you here! I became literally sick leading up to the new years. It amazes me how happy people are leading up to the holidays but miserable after. Hope we all survive January!



  8. You made me smile. Ooh if only you could take charge and write off those first weeks for us! February is short too, then spring is round the corner.. On a plus it is my birthday month; or maybe that is a minus these days 🙂 #BlogCrush

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  9. I am not a January fan and I don’t really make resolutions but this year I am trying harder to be a ‘proper adult/parent’ It is more about making the effort to do things I always had an excuse not to do last year! So far so good, I give it another week before we are back to our usual habits #blogcrush

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  10. SO, Lucy had me think about the one word affirmation for my year, and I chose JOY. Very hard to do in January, in the cold and dark, with the news so awful and the, well, you know! So after some thought, I am JOYful that the days are beginning to get longer and hope is on the way. Wishing you the same! #blogcrush xoxo

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  11. This! Uuurgh! We always make sure we’ve got a nice trip or mini break booked for January so that there’s something to look forward to in this miserable, cold, dark month. #blogcrush

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