Dear Blog…..

Dear Blog,

Just a quick note with a few promises from me to you for 2018. I know I didn’t give you the attention you deserved towards the end of the year. In fact it’s fair to say that you were totally abandoned. Sorry about that. I also know that you are a bit clumsy and haphazard,that’s my fault you see I’m a bit clumsy and haphazard myself at times.There’s no structure to when and how often I post , no scheduling,no real plan.

My blog is basically me just droning on when I feel like I have something to say. It works for me , but my little blog you deserve better. Soooo in 2018 I promise that I will……

1) I will finally go self hosted

I started the process of this LAST May. I read every blog I could find about how to do it. I researched hosts , I even signed up and paid for a service I didn’t use for 6 months… because when it came to it I totally bottled it!

Not , you see, that I think my words are as precious as diamonds I was afraid to lose or anything like that. It was more I had that “who do you think you are?!” feeling. Like by going self hosted I thought I was a ‘proper’ blogger now – not just some odd girl who can write stuff she can’t verbalise!

Anyway this year I shall do it!!!

2) I will write at least once a week

If you read much of my blog you’ll know some weeks I can bang out 3 or 4 posts yet others I recycle old one’s in quite a lazy fashion – no more.

3) I will begin the series I’ve been planning for months 

I want to write a series highlighting fab , inspirational women. Not ones that make you feel like a total underachiever though. Just ordinary women who are doing something great .

I’m really excited about this one!!!

So I’m sorry for the abandonment my little blog. I’ll be much more attentive in 2018. Now I’ve written it all down I have to stick to it right?? 
Love Kelly xxx


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog…..

  1. Blogs are a lot of fun, but they are also a ton of work. I wish you luck in getting your blog moved to self-hosted. I switched from Blogger to WP and it wasn’t too hard, but I didn’t bring my content with me. My husband works for a hosting company – they are who I use – if you’re looking for a host. Feel free to contact me!

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