2017 – The year the ice queen thawed so much she almost melted!!!!

I know , I know I’ve bored everyone with my 2017 was great going on. Personally for me it was a game changer. I found myself content with who I am, comfier in my own skin and quite inspired!

I wrote a blog post  a few years back about I identified with Elsa from Frozen ( it’s here poss worth a giggle) She obviously has a better wardrobe than me though. She had her ice palace and snowy bouncer to keep people away. Me , I had a self built metaphorical wall built 10 ft high around myself with big KEEP OUT signs plastered all over it. (I apologise in advance for how much I’ll use the wall analogy but that’s just how it is in my head )

I’ve been called cold quite a bit in my life. I know I’ve demonstrated being a little unfeeling and harsh at times.In reality I was just numb and turned off feelings to get me through tough times. It was a very unhealthy coping mechanism I know now, but it worked to get me through at the time.

Last year though , that KEEP OUT wall fell, hopefully never to be seen again.

I think the reasons were threefold

1) years of therapy

2)This blog , writing about the feelings I can’t vocalise means I do at least deal with them

3) The main one : good people

I’m incredibly lucky to have my sister , you all know how she’s my most favourite human . The woman is so good at advice and she doesn’t even realise she’s given it!!! Even during the wall years there was always a little catflap open for her to get in!!!

Over the past couple years though I have had people come into my life and ever so very,very gently with their kindness and patience and consistency take down that wall brick by brick. Not in like a wrecking ball (sorry Miley) smashing it quickly and brutally but more removing each brick one by one quietly and calmly so you don’t even notice until the wall is no more (sorry I did warn about the wall)

When you’ve been emotionally abused you often ignore kindness and acts of friendship and love. As always I can only tell my story, but I find acts of love and kindness overwhelming.

I don’t trust them.

I didn’t feel worthy of them for so long,I just assumed anything positive said about me was a lie.

You see in previous toxic relationships grand gestures had been thrust upon me . Affection was bestowed so intensely then used as a weapon withdrawn completely and cruelly as punishment. I didn’t want to put myself in that vulnerable position again.

I guess this is why my sister is so vital. I know she loves me and wants the best for me without question. I trust that about her and everyone needs that.

So it’s easy to put compliments down as insincere, you can disbelieve nice words, that’s easy …. Only sometimes people enter your life who don’t just take the ice queen at face value and leave her be.

For someone who has been emotionally abused THESE people are vital , the healers. Consistency is key – you can ignore compliments and kind gestures initially but when they are consistent and as low key as you need then eventually you begin to believe them. That’s when you let people in…..(wall alert) you’ll begin to pull down that bloody wall yourself because you want those people in. It’s a truly special thing and I’m grateful to have enjoyed that in 2017.

That ice queen is gone , hopefully for good. The woman who couldn’t have stood a hug is now a cuddle fan , she’s a bit slushy on the quiet , her cold little heart beats warmly.

It can be a lot to take letting these emotions in . I’ve become a bit of a cry baby and I feel in 4D …. I’m still a learner with these emotion type things but I’m getting there and I’m enjoying it!!!






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32 thoughts on “2017 – The year the ice queen thawed so much she almost melted!!!!

  1. It is lovely that you have come on so much. I have been where you are, it is not easy to let those walls down, but so good when you finally do x

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  2. Knocking the wall down is hard. Knowing you can’t rebuild it is liberating, although it will allow for you to ditch some toxic relationships. Trust yourself. You have changed… others may not. Kick ass this 2018! #fortheloveofBLOG xoxo

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  3. Cheers to all the lovely people who have pulled down the wall piece by piece. But a extra big hug to the person who allowed herself to trust again. You are amazing. You are worth everything. You are entitled to love, affection, and safety. You, my dear woman, are truly a survivor. #DreamTeam

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  4. How lovely to have that relationship with you sister! Sounds like she’s been an absolute rock for you. Glad you’re starting to let people in and finding it easier to trust. Thanks for sharing this story with #fortheloveofBLOG

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  5. #thesatsesh I have to say, your writing is much more positive also…perhaps the Queen has melted? or like you stated you learn to love yourself. Such incredible skills that most humans never get close too. I loved this post and it was full of genuine love and affection. Thanks for rejoining us cherub. x

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  6. I LOVE this Kelly. If this isn’t a Triumphant Tale then I don’t know what is. I’m so pleased you’ve got rid of that damn wall! 😉 I too have a wonderful relationship with my Sister so I know how special that it. It’s precious in every sense of the word. Really so very pleased for you. Thank you for sharing this with #TriumphantTales.

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