When 4 become 1…

You’re thinking of the Spice Girls now aren’t you?? ….yeah me too,  but this post is kid related not a 90s throwback. Although I might start giving them Spice-esque nicknames : Grumpy kid , Stroppy kid , gob almighty kid , perma-hungry kid ??Might catch on!! 

Anyway , I digress….(that’s going to be the title of my autobiography by the way)

When you have a whole tribe of kids and only 1 of you the all important one on one time can be tricky. Well when I say tricky , 1 into 4 simply does not go. It can be impossible.

Now the children are older it has become easier. I’m now able to do something with one child without everyone else wanting in! In fact these days they generally like being left alone to rot in front of a screen.

Recently there have been a few occasions though where indulging the individual children’s interests and passions has made me appreciate even more just how good it is to have those one on one times. 

My children all have very different interests. The one thing they have in common though is that when they love , they love hard. Much like their mother when they have a passion they are very enthusiastic about it!

This is how I found myself joining hundreds of people in a queue at 9 am in a Waterstones in Manchester. 

Eldest child has been into F1 since he could point and make zoomy noises on the TV whilst men in cars drove super fast (look I’m not the expert here!)

As with many things (Doctor Who , Hull City…) I got sucked in by my children’s enthusiasm and ended up being way more interested in it than I would have been. So I have found myself getting up at stupid o clock to watch races with him , I was happy to see Lewis Hamilton win the world title again and I do have a basic understanding of the rules (well except they seem to change every season!)

Anyway eager to please mum here saw Jenson Button was doing a book signing in Manchester so I told him about it. I’ve been to a few book events and signings here myself. Always very civilised affairs you buy your ticket, arrive 10 mins before the event and have a lovely time. 

This was different. I didn’t realise this was different until I had passed on the info and accepted his invitation to go with him (I’m a bit needy and they rarely want to hang out with me these days) 

This event though , involved queuing. 

Lots of queuing.

4 hours of queuing.

We were total amateurs though, the guy in front of us had travelled all the way from Northern Ireland and the man at the front of the queue had been camped outside all night! Our 15 min train ride and 4 HOURS OF QUEUING was pretty minor relatively speaking.

Despite the queuing. It really was a lovely thing to do together. I learnt a few things about my son that morning. Mainly that his F1 knowledge is almost encyclopaedic. Also though that he is a lovely ,polite , funny , chatty ,  young man (of course I knew this already but it’s quite a special insight into the kind of human he is and I just felt proud )

So the boy met one of his heroes , I know they say not to do that but Jenson was lovely and chatty and unrushed and just look at the boys face? He may be 17 but that is a look of joy … they’re rarer those moments as they get older , you’ve got to work harder for them. So what’s 4 hours between friends!!!

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17 thoughts on “When 4 become 1…

  1. That is so exciting. Bit of eye candy there for the ladies too!! Hadn’t realised JB was such a dish. But seriously Kelly, what you describe here about the different relationships and sharing that come from one on time is so very true. Obviously, I have the one daughter so I get to do more of that (no choice really!) for her!! Yes, the interests – it opens us up to a whole new world as they grow, doesn’t it. Your son is in his element there and I love that there is no rush and time spent. There’s nothing worse than queuing for these things and being rushed off with a few platitudes. You must be a mine of information with 4 lots of shared passions. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond


  2. Kelly I know what you mean about relishing that one on one time with each of your children and it’s so wonderful to be able to have a shared interest and you don’t get much better than JB – even with the queuing. What a moment. He will treasure that for a long time to come. Wonderful story. #TweensTeensBeyond

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  3. Aww he looks utterly delighted! What a lovely thing for you to do together. I know what you mean about them developing interests. Daughters 2 and 3 had a conversation about netball yesterday and I didn’t understand a word! Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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  4. Can I say Jenson looks so hot!? I love this post, it really made me smile, especially seeing how happy your son looks, he truly looks thrilled to be there. I love that you get up with him to watch the races you are an awesome mum! I have 3 children and yes one on one time is hard, but I agree it is nice doing things they enjoy and getting to know them as individuals is so lovely #thesatsesh

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  5. #thesatsesh I adore this and love the fact you left out how blowing gorgeous Button is – thats a true fan. I’m an only child with an only child, so family life with cousins is crucial but time for each other we have in abundance and its something I feel blessed to have…hope my son picks good looking icons. Thanks for joining us.

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  6. awwww those four hours queuing must be worth it just for that moment to see a 17 year old teenager be truly happy?? So adorable and a memory you will both treasure! I’ve heard great things about him – he seems super genuine with fans!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!


  7. Well worth queuing for Jenson Button – I would say – a hottie of note. Rightfully so as our kids grow older their interest change. Glad that you could share in this experience with your son and that you could see how passionate he is about the sport. It’s still a couple of years to go when my kids will probably no longer want to accompany us on outings or when they become independent and start doing things totally on their own.#fortheloveofBLOG

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