How my words ended up a real actual book!!

This little blog of mine began life as a secret anonymous blog.

I’ve always said I can only tell my story , I can’t speak for any other woman’s experiences . I wrote about life after domestic abuse, my emotional intimacy issues , about parenting a whole tribe of children. All the things that were specific to me.

My blog developed , it became a place to just write about what was going on in my head at my given time. It’s my little spot in the internet to talk about shared parenting woes and how teens and toddlers are similar and about how much I fancy Andy Murray *swoons*

Writing about my mental health struggles though. That was terrifying. I was so scared of pressing publish on the first post I wrote about it I did that thing were just just shut your eyes , click and squeal ? What do you mean you’ve not a clue ?

What if everyone thought I was nuts? .What if everyone thought me an awful mother ? What if my family and friends were embarrassed of me ?

I needn’t have worried of course . Suffering with anxiety doesn’t even register on the reasons people are embarrassed of me !!There are way too many better ones (yes one is the Andy Murray thing!)

I suffer with anxiety.

When I first moved away from home it was an all encompassing , debilitating condition. It was every day , it had a huge impact. As time has passed I’m lucky it’s eased a lot . Still shows up at times to bite me on the arse ,remind me I can stumble at any time but nowhere near as bad as it as that first year.

Writing about it helps.

So when I was asked for permission for one of my posts to be used in a book I was surprised but proud. That must mean my writing isn’t utter horseshit right?

My post had been published on the I am 1 in 4 website previously and now they were making a book as a fundraiser in order for them to keep up the amazing work they do to tackle stigma associated with mental health.

I’m very proud to be featured alongside some raw and heartfelt pieces by some great writers.

Also…. seeing your words on actual pages in a book feels pretty special

The book itself is here … it’s a fundraiser so I promise I’m not trying to force it on you so I can buy a holiday home in St Tropez…. that’ll be my novel!!!

The I am 1 in 4 Facebook page is here if you want to join a supportive community without any worries of stigma.

My Facebook page is here if my ramblings are your thing!!!

Reflections from me

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Bringing up Georgia

15 thoughts on “How my words ended up a real actual book!!

  1. Well done, it’s always good to have your writing noticed. Also, good for you for speaking out about your feelings, it’s a very brave thing to do. And expressing a love for Andy Murray is another very brave thing to do, hehe.

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  2. Congratulations, it must be a thrill to see your words in print. I’ll await your novel.Sharing stories like yours are always helpful to those who feel they are alone in their sufferings.

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  3. I am so proud of you! Using this space to help others and break stigmas is a wonderful thing, and to be published is a huge accomplishment! I have recently been writing about my anxiety, but I don’t talk about my abuse, I wish I could, but as my blog isn’t anon I feel worried about judgements given I know parents from my children’s school read my blog. Hopefully one day I will feel a little braver. Thank you so much for linking up with us for #ABloggingGoodTime

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