A little beg for votes!

It’s Tribal Chat awards time! 

This year supported by the fabulous Paladone photo gifts!!
So I’ve gotta try to persuade you lovely people to vote for Daydreams of a Mum .Thought I’d write you a note….

Dear people who may possibly want to vote for me ….(succinct and to the point- nailed it!)
Firstly I’m sorry to bother you all with my vote begging post,the thing is if I didn’t write it then I’d be admitting defeat from the start and that’s not a great place to be is it? Defeat? 

I’m meant to be this brand new woman now. So surely I can manage a bit of self promotion and “look at me” type stuff. Stepping out of your comfort zone , the key to making strides forward right? After all stepping out of my comfort zone is precisely what this blog is. I’m not good at talking about my feelings verbally , I’m not good at laying myself bare (so to speak! I’m not gonna flash you for votes don’t worry , I’d not inflict that on you lovely people) On my blog though – well I can express myself here. 

Before I get to all out beggy can I just say that I am so proud of my little blog. It’s been on the go a good while now and it’s probably the only hobby I’ve ever stuck to! 

It started as a solo pursuit , anonymous, secret. Over the last two years though since I ‘came out’ and shared with people it’s taken on a whole new life. I’ve discovered the amazing social side of blogging and I love it all the more for it.

So….onto voting. Firstly the rules :

1) Each blog can only be voted for in 3 separate categories at most. Any more and votes will be void.

2) You don’t have to fill in every category,blank spaces are fine. However should you have a bit of time. I do recommend looking up some of the nominated blogs and having a read , you might discover some more for the blank spaces . I may be biased but there are some very talented writers in our Tribe!

My blog is very much like me – needs improvement, a bit of tidying up and beautifying but hopefully it reads just like a woman with a notepad and pen because that’s exactly what it is!

So onto the votes , I’ve ummed and ahhed about which categories I think best fit my blog. May I steer you towards them?

Firstly the tear jerker award.

I try not to be too miserable but I’ve found the posts I write from the heart go down the best. 

This piece I wrote about how grief can suddenly hit you in the face is an example of that.

The next is the Wisdom award.

Sssshhh you lot giggling at the back. I know I know , wise is not a word associated with me. However where I’m thinking wisdom I’m thinking more experience. I’m quite far on in this parenting journey. I’ve made the mistakes and done the worrying so maybe I can pass some of that on??

Here I spoke of how things you wrack yourself with worry over generally turn out ok in the end . I can even promise you one day there’ll be hot tea and a lie in in your future.

Lastly there’s the dedication award. I was unsure about this , if it’s one of those things only other people can describe you as , like funny?
My blog began life as an extension of therapy after I left a long abusive relationship. I hoped one day it could be a document of how there is hope , how a happy life can await you no matter how dark the situation you are currently in can seem. I am certainly dedicated to lifting the lid on abusive relationships , I’m dedicated to showing there can be a life after abuse ,I’m dedicated to raising awareness of abuse. So that’s dedication surely. 

This I wrote about how it’s possible to not realise you are in an abusive relationship and this post here was one of the most soul baring pieces I’ve dared press publish on. 

So here’s my cringey , beggy post .
Would really love it if you could spare some time to vote for me and daydreams of a mum just click on the link at the bottom.

Kelly xxx

My URL is https://kellyandthekidsblog.wordpress.com

I’m @daydreamer_mum on Twitter 

My blog name is daydreams of a mum



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