When did you stop holding my hand?

On our walk to school last week small girl slipped her hand into mine as she was enthusiastically chattering about Masterchef and skipping along.

At that moment I realised that she’d stopped doing that. That what used to be an automatic response to put her hand out to hold mine had stopped.

I don’t know when it stopped, I don’t remember it happening but it had.

It made me a little sad to think that all these little habits of a younger girl were now lost , grown out of by an increasingly older girl . I can’t remember when she stopped asking for comics or when she stopped asking me to tuck her in ‘super super tight ‘ but she has. 

I wrote a while back about I’d miss all her little behaviours. It’s just here . Now one by one they’re disappearing.

On that same walk to school small girl told me in articulate , expressive detail all about how the Northern Lights were causing whales to beech themselves. I didn’t know anything about this (thank you Newsround for filling her little brain with so much knowledge) It really made me smile that she’d heard all about that and was interested and wanted to share it with me.

In the same way I’ve finally stopped whining , most of the time , about the teens growing up I think I need to the same here.

This little girl who is so interested in the world around her is developing interests and passions that the younger her wouldn’t have on the same way. I think I may have an eco warrior on my hands.

Her absolute passion for cookery means what was once rice crispy cakes has become her ability to make a roast dinner with the minimum of help from me. Her Yorkshire puddings are honestly the yummiest and put to shame her Yorkshire girl mums pathetic efforts.

Her insistence on plating up as a work of art leaves us all with teeny portions (she’s watched too many Michelin starred chefs programmes) 

It’s slightly concerning that rather than call out that dinner is on the table she shouts “service ” but we like quirky here!!

She’s begun to draw a lot , she’s always been creative but her art has brand new qualities to it . A little different to the cute little cat pictures she used to draw a few years ago.

Her book choice has changed , ever the bookworm I unfortunately can’t remember the last time Hugless Douglas got a read but we’ve been reading Little Women together of late , one of my all time favourites .

So I’ll not moan too much about my littlest girl growing into a lovely 9 year old. She’s taking me along with her on her new adventures and I couldn’t feel luckier about that 

Just hold my hand from time to time small girl….

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21 thoughts on “When did you stop holding my hand?

  1. This is so touching. It sounds as though you have a beautiful talented little lady on your hands there (even if she doesn’t hold them all that often any more.) Love “service!”. I’m going to try that tonight although I think it will be lost on my hungry hubby haha. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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  2. #dreamteam this is delightful. its weird when you realise something alters…or suddenly they’ve grown. i remember when my son went from baby to toddler and as a couple we spoke about ‘who let him in’…a precious gift though x

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  3. very sweet post. your little girl sounds like someone i’d like to hang out with, i’m also a big fan of master chef! i hope time slows down for you. Lord knows i’m not ready to let of my girls’ hands anytime soon. #dreamteam

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  4. My daughter is 12 and I hate that she is growing up. But there are still moments when she will hold my hand or give me a cuddle, thats when I know my little girl is still there x

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  5. Awwwww Kelly – the hand holding gets me every time! It’s such a small but affectionate act and my son is doing it less and less now which makes my sad so this really struck a chord. How nice to put a positive thing on things though? She sounds like she is growing up into a responsible and helpful young lady. I love that she shouts ‘service’! One for Masterchef in a few years definitely. xx #fortheloveofBLOG

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  6. Oh gosh! This hits home so hard! My oldest is 9 now and somewhere along the way I realized that I picked her up and it was for the last time. Shes to big for me to do it now. Its sad to think about the ‘lasts’ but its also wonderful to realize all the firsts that she brings too 🙂


  7. My daughter has just turned 5 and I already feel like shes grown so much. I cant imagine what it will be like to have a 9 year old. They grow so fast, I cant cope.

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