A love letter to mum bloggers…


Dear Mummy Bloggers ,


After the vileness of THAT ridiculous article by Anna May Mangan about how we are bringing the country to its knees with our gin soaked potato waffles ( oo wonder if that could work!) in that horrific newspaper that the devil would be proud of I felt compelled to tell you all how much I bloody love you.



As a mum blogger I love my little blog. I like having a little corner of the internet that’s mine. I’m proud of my blog too. Blogging makes me brave enough to share my thoughts in public . I’m grateful to my blog for being part of a really helpful therapy.



Do you know what I like more though?


Your blogs.


I love reading your blogs , I love sharing them , I love finding a brand new blog then bingeing ( that spike in your views where you panic someone is reading everything you’ve ever written …that’s probably me!)



My favourites being those of you who bite the bullet and write really honestly about the realities of motherhood. Strangely I take it as a given that you all love your kids to pieces , I take it that we all know how lucky we are to have created actual humans who get to share our lives with . I don’t assume unless I see #blessed on your social media you’re just not that fond of them!

Reading your blogs full of love and joy and happiness is uplifting . Finding an idea for a new day out by reading reviews on your blog is really helpful.

When you share with us though , quite often in a raw manner , that sometimes you struggle. When you comment on how bloody hard this parenting lark can be. That some days it all feels impossible. That’s so very important too.



Parenting can be isolating . It’s terrifying. It’s so much harder having to deal with the constant feeling of being judged whether that’s by the woman tutting in the supermarket , your mother in law , your ex partner or a bloody national newspaper.



For an ordinary mum having one of those impossible days. Maybe she’s not seen another adult in a week. Maybe she’s exhausted and desperate and feels like this mummy gig is just too tough for her. Maybe she feels like a failure and is too worried to reach out in case everyone else agrees she’s a useless mother.

Well your blogs help save their sanity.

Maybe this tired mum comes across your blogs on an impossible day. Reads that other mums out there have had impossible days , that it’s normal , that she is not the only one. That she is not in fact a failure but a member of a massive club. A club full of women who have impossible days sometimes fish fingers and gin and all. That can feel like the biggest relief , the weight of the world falling from your shoulders. It’s a comfort to know that sometimes impossible days are followed by magical days. It’s a comfort that there are women out there who you can identify with and communicate with and that it’s ok to find it tough.



You’re not just a sanity saver though mum bloggers. You’re entertainment.


There are some supremely talented writers out there.


Blogging is not merely a load of self indulgent mums having a moan. So many topics are covered in this umbrella of the ‘mum blog’ Inspirational , moving writing covering heavy topics. Racism , mental health ,divorce, politics , feminism , abuse , grief all covered in various of your blogs I’ve read and written well. These are not just fluffy headed women half drunk on their 11am gin indulgently bleating about how shit it is to be a mum despite what the Daily Mail think. I’m unsure the writer of this particular piece has ever really read much of your work.



You’re funny too , so funny!! Your witty , intelligent writing can cheer up a miserable grey day!



So sneer all you want Daily Mail. You hate women as it is , of course you’ll feel threatened by a group of them who don’t behave as you think they should. Who build women up, who stand in solidarity with one another. Female empowerment was never really going to be your thing though. We’ve seen your poking fun at unflattering bikini shots and your misogynist headlines. To be frank some of the pieces I’ve been unlucky enough to come across from your ‘newspaper’ are nothing short of a hate crime .


Well love wins over hate.


Mum bloggers I bloody love you!!!


Kelly xxx




          Mummy Times Two




Naptime Natter




Hot Pink Wellingtons





Mummy in a Tutu









64 thoughts on “A love letter to mum bloggers…

  1. Love this post! I adore reading other mum blogs and would certainly feel so much lonelier without knowing there’s other mums out there with the exact same highs and lows! Don’t understand why some people (who most likely don’t read the blogs) are so offended by honesty! #sharingthebloglove

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  2. Love love love this! Very well said, finding all these amazing mom blogs to read saved my sanity and then starting my own and being welcomed into the community has made me feel more connected than I have in years. Thankfully, no-one gives a flying hoo-ha what the Daily Mail think! And yay to BlogOn, one day to go, so excited!

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  3. Absolutely love this! There is nothing like finding a blog that just sums up exactly how you’re feeling, and just picks you up and makes you feel like someone out there gets it, that you’re not alone, and that you’ll get through whatever you’re struggling with at that moment. I think it’s so important that we’re honest about our lives as parents – it’s so easy to compare yourself to others and worry that you’re doing it wrong, or not doing a good enough job, but we all have good days and bad days, and we all struggle at times. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  4. Oh wow what a lovely post! I really needed to read this today too- ever have a ‘wobble’ day when you imagine everyone thinks you’re a narcissistic idiot for blogging all your innermost thoughts and feelings? I know I do and this has just reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place. Thank you and right back atcha!! xx

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    1. Yes!!! Those days are tricky ones! I decide I’m going to shut up and delete all my work at least every couple of months!! Soon snap out of it though


  5. Yes yes and YES! us mummy bloggers are bloody brilliant, I am so glad so many people have stood up and expressed their opinions for the piece of trash that was published last week! we are doing something amazing and she’s probably just jealous of our success haha! #ablogginggoodtime

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  6. Yes to this! That moment that I read a blog post that I’m nodding along to is a golden moment. People that share their lives give so much more than they will ever know to others. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  7. I love this! Such a great post. Mummyblogging has saved my sanity and given me something to do that is just mine and that I love! Screw the rest of them!

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  8. Gin and fish fingers?! That does sound like a good idea. See we do inspire each other! Dear Daily Mail you are far more narcissistic than any Mum blogger. P.s love this post and your blog. #ILOVEMumblogs!

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  9. And I bloody love you Kelly. This post sums it all up perfectly, the Daily Mail is a load of rubbish anyway and all that article did was make our wonderful blogging community stronger than ever. xx #BlogCrush


  10. Well said! Mum.blogs ayve got me through a lot of days when Iv questioned everything. Carry on mummys! #BlogCrush


  11. There are so many talented bloggers out there and without them I wouldn’t have decided to start my blog. I never read the Dailyfail so I only saw the article through reading The Unmummsy Mums response to it lol #PostsFromTheHeart

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  12. Has the Daily Fail said something? I never read it. Stop funding hate. I love the blogging community. I only started in March and I have loved reading, writing and getting to know bloggers. #BlogCrush


  13. I am so in love with this post! Well done, we should be empowering one another, there’s been enough putting dow of women throughout history and still going on, when really we should support each other. I wish I knew about blogging when I had Aspen, I felt so alone when she was born, it would have been so nice to know other mums felt like me. I love my blog, it has been so good for me and when I get comments of how something I wrote helped someone it is what keeps me going. #blogcrush

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    1. Thank you so much, yes I always think had blogging been part of my life when my elder 3 were babies it would have been a great help xx


  14. Wow what a fab post! I think you’re right – I first starting reading blogs when I was sat up in the middle of the night, crying my eyes out because my baby wouldn’t sleep. Blogs were great because they were instantly accessible (even at 4a.m.) and they gave a me a real mum’s perspective on life. I realised I wasn’t alone. That’s what this movement is all about. Go us! #blogcrsuh

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  15. This post is fabulous. I had the misfortune to read the Daily Fail article and it knocked my confidence to write a blog, then I thought sod them and their bitchy, bitter journos so I rebranded my blog to The Tantrum Times and got writing. I’m going to save your post here for the next time I’m having a wobble, will keep it right next to the gin. Thanks a lot!

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  16. Hehehe! You’ve just reminded​ me of the lady who asked the *Kitchen Cabinet* panel how to combine fish and gin, because she liked both. Someone suggested she should cook and eat the fish, and drink the gin! 😂

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  17. Hey, I just stumbled upon your post by accident, and what a lovely, happy accident it was. Parenting is hard and no one is harder on us mums than ourselves, we’ve all lain awake feeling guilty because we snapped after Tom didn’t listen to us the third time we asked him to take his shoes off and now there’s mud all over the bloody floor. Or that time when Dick wouldn’t put the baby down and dropped him on his head and you went ballistic in a “oh my god he might have brain damage” terrified rage. Or finally when you just thought sod it and drank too much gin.
    The fact that we worry though, that we care enough to, makes us great Mums and Anna May Magnan can bugger off…
    Thank you for writing this, it made me smile, we should be building each other up as women, as mums, not tearing each other down!!

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  18. I love this . I just started writing and honestly it is because as a new mum I need an outlet. I love my baby but I need a
    grown up space ! Also she was bloody tough to get so why not share the ride. Good on you babe . Xx

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  19. Love this! That article was ridiculous.
    You’re spot on with all your points here. Blogging is a fantastic creative outlet for us mums who want to help and inspire other mums, and let them know they’re not alone.
    Great post x

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