My BFF boys…

There’s just 18 months between my 2 sons. They’re the eldest of the four children and have been one another’s playmates from the off.

The minute my eldest met his baby brother he was besotted. Brother became his new favourite and most used word. He couldn’t quite manage to pronounce Luke so Guke he became – unfortunately for Luke this has stuck and we do all still call him Guke from time to time.

Now at 15 and 16 they’re proper friends. They really do get along and enjoy one another’s company. I can’t tell you how giddily happy this makes me.

What was once playing with the wooden train set together has become playing X-box together.
What was once playing in the garden as toddlers is now going off to play tennis or a kick about in the park!
What was once sat on the sofa with snacks watching Cars… Well actually that’s still the same they bloody love that movie!!

When they were pre schoolers playing together in their room I’d sometimes listen in from behind the door, so curious was I to know what kind of conversations they had(I know! I know! needy mum much?!!)

Now when I’m pottering about I’ll pick up snippets of conversation they’re having.

Chatting about football or mutual friends they share.

I’ll hear eldest giving his brother advice about his GCSE options or helping him with homework.

I’ll hear plans being made for cinema trips or a Star Wars marathon in their room.

They both go to the football for home matches of the local team. They don’t go together but the eldest decided he was going to go to an away match. When I asked who with his answer was “I’m going to see if Luke fancies it”

My initial thought was aaaww that’s the loveliest… It was speedily followed up with nooooo you guys can’t catch the train to a whole other city alone. They’ll get lost and end up stranded and.. .breathe .. How nice they want to do it together.

I’m just so full of joy that these boys brought together by genes and circumstance get on so well.

As someone whose sister is my best friend and favourite human in the universe I just hope their lovely friendship continues.Having a sibling as a best friend is a special thing. On top of really enjoying one another’s company there’s so much shared history. There’s someone in your life who you can rely on wholeheartedly, who has your back, who genuinely wants the best for you. I feel lucky that my relationship with sister survived teenage years when we didn’t much like one another because now I have the best friend ever.

I’d love to think in years to come my boys will feel that in their brother they will always have a friend, a refuge, an open ear and a positive influence.

Of course the boys argue as siblings do. The ‘Stupid Football Game’ seems to be at the root of most of their quarrels. There’s a whole etiquette regarding when you can and can’t save games that goes way over my head.

All in all though, these young men I’m lucky enough to be raising are a close little duo.
I think that’s just the most special thing.

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9 thoughts on “My BFF boys…

  1. Aaaaw this is lovely! I think sibling friendships are super special. My girls are really close at the moment, and I hope their friendship can survive the teenage years! I love watching them play together and the elder teach the younger 🙂

    P.S. I agree – cars is a GREAT film! #blogcrush

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  2. This is such a truly beautiful post. I’m so glad your boys have such a wonderful relationship, it’s one of the things that always makes me wish I’d had mine a little closer together. Don’t get me wrong they adore each other – just in a different way. I hope your boys have a lovely time at that away game, and that you don’t worry too much whilst they are away #PostsFromTheHeart

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  3. I love this post x my boys are only 15 months apart and are just going into toddler ages together. I just love watching them play and love to see how they communicate like you taking a little sneaky peak through their bedroom door on a night when they are chatting away. I hope my 2 have a bond just like yours. Lovely xx

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  4. Ah it’s so nice that they are ‘proper friends’ now they’re older. I have 11 months between my two and one of my biggest wishes is that they grow up to be proper friends with each other! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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  5. awww this is just adorable! I’ve always wanted to be close to a sibling, unfortunately, I have a very distant relationship to my closest relatives due to a difference opinion in lifestyle choices.
    I really hope Ben and the twins get along well as they grow older, with 23 months between them, there is hope!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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