Mothers day hints for single mums

I’m not a fan of Mother’s day. It’s up there with Valentines day for making you feel a bit crap.
I don’t have a mum, I haven’t had for almost 20 years now and the whole Mothers day thing being shoved in my face does sting a bit. Being a single mum also means there’s going to be no day of being spoilt so really I could do without it.

HOWEVER the kids? They bloody love it! They love making a fuss and so for them really we have to just smile through it.

I’ve been a single mum for getting on for a decade now and I have picked up some hints along the way to share with you.

1) Buy yourself a gift

There’s only one rule here. It doesn’t matter what the gift is but it has to be something you want not that you need! (I see you there thinking about treating yourself to a new iron – No. Not allowed.)

Can be something as simple as a box of chocolates or a trashy magazine. Just have a treat. I’ve tickets to see Wicked (yes again) this year. If you’ve older kids let them wrap it, they love that, it just might take all day day to get through the whole roll of sellotape that’s been used!

Extra handy hint:If you do go down the chocolate route buy two boxes, you’ll have to share the first one with the little people, have a box B for when they’re in bed!

2) Breakfast in Bed

The kids love the idea of breakfast in bed. Obviously as a single mum this is not going to be a full English brought on a pretty tray after a lazy lie in until 10am. That’s OK, we are adaptable.

Buy croissants and orange juice. After you’ve gotten up at ridiculous o clock and seen to the kids, put on the laundry and more than likely watched more cbeebies than is mentally healthy you can make a big deal out of going back to bed and let the small people fetch pastries and juice. If you’ve older ones you can push the boat out to tea and toast, though you’ll probably have to remake the tea when you ‘get up’ as tea made by children is rarely good. In saying that I’m a bit picky with tea as it is and there’s probably only a handful of adults I’d trust with that job!

3) Take 10 minutes

I know this is way easier said than done but it’s Mother’s day, we’ve got to try and make ten mins peace happen. Let the kids have a bit of extra screen time (do not feel guilty about it) take the Sunday papers and a coffee and just sit for a little while. If you’ve a whole tribe of kids like me you can suggest to elder ones that doing a jigsaw with their sibling while you flick through a magazine would be a huge mother’s day treat and sneak a cup of (well made) uninterrupted tea.

4) Speak to a non single mum.

This may sound mean but make it one with a partner who’s not great. Don’t talk to the woman whose perfect husband let her lie in until lunch before waking her with their children clean and dressed before having a great family day. That woman is really lucky and we’re happy for her but being a single mum on mother’s day can feel a bit flat. You see happy families everywhere you turn, letting a mum who does have a partner but the only mention of Mother’s day she’s heard is him asking her what she’s got HIS mum rant will make you realise you’re not alone in your Mother’s day misery.

5) Take social media with a pinch of salt

For every #soblessed perfect family picture there’s rows and bickering children and too much washing and not enough hours in the day.

As single parents we may not have someone to to share the chores or help with parenting duties or even ask how our day’s been and that can be really tough and lonely. Really though all us mums, single or not, are just trying to do our best and not mess up too badly. Don’t let social media be a stick to beat yourself with.

Have a lovely Mother’s Day
You’re doing an amazing job.
You are enough.
You are irreplaceable.
You are entitled to a hot drink and a solo loo trip today!

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39 thoughts on “Mothers day hints for single mums

  1. This is lovely. I remember when I was on my own I only celebrated my own mum. My daughter was tiny and we hardly had any money. I take social media with a pinch of salt anyway!


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  2. This is so full of wisdom. Especially in the sense that you know how important it is to look after yourself. I hope this mother’s day your kids will entertain each other a bit like you suggest and give you some extra peace. TBH though I just about never feel guilty about screen time! Thanks for linking to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you can come back next week.

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  3. These are certainly some good hints and tips for those single ladies out there who are doing a fab job! social media is full of people attempting to make out their life is perfect but dont believe everything you see!
    Happy mothers day! #PostsFromTheHeart

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  4. Happy Mother’s Day lovely lady! Having spent the first five years of Number One’s life as a single mum, I totally agree with all of these points. Sometimes we all need to be spoilt, even if only by ourselves. Sending love and hopes that you got that cup of tea in peace, thanks so much for linking this post up to #PosrsFromTheHeart

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  5. Happy Mothers Day lovely. It’s ironic that celebrations like this in the calendar can so often isolate and exclude the very people that they’re designed to celebrate the most. Hope that you get the rest and the hot cup of tea you very much deserve . Enjoy that second box of choccies. Excellent idea! 💖 Thanks for linking up x #DreamTeam

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  6. I love these ideas and how great that you’ve shared them so that others can take them on board too. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, please do come back on Tuesday to celebrate our 1st Birthday, we have a surprise in store!

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  7. I am with you—I don’t particularly care for mother’s day, but I suck it up because my daughter’s now at an age where she gets it. I love the idea of buying yourself a nice gift. I’d add maybe find a babysitter for a couple of hours—i would love to see wicked or any non-animated movie

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  8. Great tips. We don’t really make a big deal of Mother’s Day but I do like to get out the house and have an outing of some kind. We’re thinking of heading to the coast for a walk tomorrow. And I’m all for buying myself a box of chocolates and waiting till the kids are in bed before opening them!
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

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  9. Lovely post! We didn’t celebrate mother’s day much, never really have done (nor when I was a kid). But I did get my hubby to deal with bathtime, and we did go for a nice long walk around town, sat down to have chips in the lovely spring sunshine, and hubs put up Penguin’s trampoline in the garden. So all in all a pretty good day with my little family, Mother’s Day or not 🙂x

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  10. My mom was a single mom and I could tell how tired she was. She worked super hard to keep up fed and happy. Hats off to all single mothers! #itsok

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  11. You’re absolutely right Kelly and I hope you had a nice day. I try to play it down because it is a bit like Valentine’s Day in that there is so much pressure for it to be perfect. And you do start to compare yourself to the other mums around you. I am happy just to spend it with my girls having plenty of cuddles. I did get two handmade cards covered in sticky tape, feathers and glitter so I think I did pretty ok! #itsok

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