My favourite book of February… 

I’ve had such a great reading month this month. During half term I had 3 days and nights child free. I absolutely maximised the quiet in this house and read a lot. 

It got me to realising that reading, for me, is more than an indulgence but a necessity. A good book or even just half hours peace reading keeps me balanced and restored. It keeps my anxiety at bay and my mood relaxed. A good book does me as much good as a good night’s sleep for replenishing the spirit. So reading surely isn’t just an indulgence but healthy. My story and I’m sticking to it. Anyway, I digress. per. . 

My favourite book of the month was one I read in one day. Now I can rarely do that in a 4 child household! My fellow bookworms will know the book you can consume in one day is a good one. 

The book is All I Ever Wanted by Lucy Dillon.  

I must confess to being a big fan of hers. One of my favourite ever books was A Hundred Pieces Of Me which inspired this blog post. So I had high hopes for this one. 

All I Ever Wanted tells the story of Caitlin, a very recently separated mum of two. After her marriage breaks down her youngest child, Nancy who has always been a chatterbox,  stops speaking. We see how Caitlin and her ex Patrick deal with this whilst navigating separation and parenthood. Though at times throughout the book you just want to shake the pair of them it’s easy to identify with their attempting to parent whilst separated. 

We also get a glimpse into the life of the children’s aunt Eva. The widow of a famous man , the diaries of whom  are about to be published. Eva was my favourite character in the book (I’d certainly like to read HER diaries…it’s OK she’s a book character, normal non diary reading rules don’t apply!) As secrets from her marriage come to light you feel such empathy for her. This is why I love Lucy Dillon’s books, her characters are so rounded you can feel irritated by them and heartbroken for them in the space of a couple of chapters. This story drags you in from the start (and in my case keeps you there for a whole day, under a blanket only pausing to make more tea) 

It’s a really beautiful book which would make a lovely Mother’s day gift I reckon. 

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